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Today’s NM Film Fix

SCAM ALERT: Some businesses out there are getting away with charging thousands of dollars for “workshops”, etc. Don’t be fooled. Do be very mindful of what you’re paying for. Legitimate training, representation, management and services (such as headshots) are one thing, but you should not be paying upfront costs to be “seen” or to participate in any sort of “casting”.


Feature film OUT OF THIS WORLD – Holding OPEN CALL this Sunday, Sept. 6 from 1-6 p.m. and Monday, September 7, from 9 a.m – 2 p.m. at the Mesilla Valley Mall, 700 S. Telshor. Looking for men, women and children of all ethnicities to film a scene at spaceport America, mid-month. Space & Time Travel, Sci-fi/Thriller.

Also looking for a 5’10” male photo double, 160 lbs or less, for Gary Oldman email a photo with height, weight and phone number to Title your email, “Gary”.

EG Casting is looking for a male with a full set of gold teeth to cast in the feature film, “Out of This World”. If this is you, send a photo of a big smile to Don’t forget to include your phone number. Title your email, “Teeth”.

Looking for very attractive, tall CAUCASIAN & HISPANIC LADIES 30s early 40s. To be considered, submit your photo and information to Include your name, contact number, height & weight, availability & location i.e. Albuquerque. Title your email, “Tall”.

EDGE? – STAND IN CALL – Looking for a 5’8″ Blonde Female to be a stand in tomorrow. If you are available and have experience please send a recent photo and telephone number to

PRICELESS – Julie Barbarito is taking submissions for a 45-55’ish ASIAN MALE to be part of a FEATURED ASIAN COUPLE to be available for film shoot tomorrow in Albuquerque for Film “PRICELESS” James Stevens, down on his luck, agrees to drive a cargo truck across country – no questions asked. When he realizes he has inadvertently become involved in a human trafficking ring, he vows to save the girls from the dark world of trafficking before it’s too late.


GRAVES – Early October – Late December
Former U.S. president Graves has an epiphany, realizing that some of his policies have brought damage to the country. He embarks on a quest to right the wrongs while his wife is pursuing a career in politics.

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