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New Mexico gains its third SAG franchised talent agency


New Mexico gains its third SAG franchised talent agency


In February the entertainment industry learned that New Mexico would lose one of its just three SAG franchised agencies. With film, television and new media productions booming all over the state, and scores of local talent coming up in the ranks of experience and training, many actors were understandably concerned with the fate of their potential for gaining representation.

While Mitchell & Presley Talent Group (Albuquerque/L.A.) and The O’Agency picking-up many of the working actors across New Mexico, many more are waiting in the wings to sign with an agent in hopes of furthering their career. Today, in a move that most industry insiders have been waiting for, MGR Talent owner Melissa Morehead announced that her agency is now officially SAG franchised.

What this means to the local film community and more information about the new agency to follow. Stay tuned…

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