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Meet MGR Talent Agency


Meet MGR Talent Agency

MGR Talent Agent Melissa MoreheadMelissa Morehead at Casting Coffee Group in Albuquerque on February 27, 2016, photo by Rodger Burt

MGR Talent Agency aims to guide and connect people who are serious about pursuing their career in the entertainment industry. CEO/Founder/Agent, Melissa Morehead has many years experience and is well versed in every aspect of the industry. She has had the opportunity to work alongside top casting directors such as Cathy Henderson. She has been featured in the TV series Breaking Bad, worked as a stand in for Jessica Simpson on the movie “Employee of the Month” as well as much more on set experience. She moved from background work to featured background, to principle work where she became SAG eligible as an actress. Now Melissa is ready to work for you, New Mexico.

We’ve been keeping up with the now SAG franchised talent agency owner, founder and agent, Melissa Morehead, since she started making waves in the New Mexico film industry, early this year, as the latest key resource in fostering our growing talent base. Here’s a little Q&A she and co-owner/husband Otis Morehead took the time to provide for all of you.

OHI: What type of person would be an ideal candidate to get signed up with MGR Talent Agency?

MGR: The type of person who would be an ideal candidate? Anyone with a legitimate passion for the film industry. Also someone who is willing to be on top of their craft and take care of the necessary requirements needed to be successful (pursue proper training, expand on types of industry experience).

OHI: What are your hopes for your agency’s role in the booming New Mexico film industry?

MGR: Our hopes are that the actors continue their due diligence. We would like to see the talent so on top of their craft that they begin to book co-star or starring roles in New Mexico.

OHI: What should talent do in advance to be most prepared for representation before contacting you?

MGR: What talent should do to be prepared? They should have all the necessary tools ready before their interview. For example a current professional headshot. Not a photo taken in your bathroom. Updated resume, video reels and monologue. Make sure to have a flexible schedule.

OHI: How would you describe your representation style?

MGR: Our plan is to put New Mexico on the map. Be known for the freshest faces. A talent pool that is professional, passionate about their craft. Tier one talent – Actors who are serious about working hard on their craft so they can book roles. Our quote is all it takes is the faith of a mustard seed. Without vision people parish. Your dreams have no expiration date.

MGR Talent Agency joins the short list of now three SAG franchised agencies in New Mexico.

Thumbnail photo by Carol Skipwith


MGR Talent Agency
100 Sun Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Melissa Morehead, CEO/Founder/Agent
Otis Morehead, Owner


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