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New Mexico Talent Agency Announcement


New Mexico Talent Agency Announcement

Mitchell Presely Talent Group New MexicoCarissa Mitchell & Tina Presley-Borek

From Mitchell & Presley Talent Group:

We are happy to announce that there has been a change in the structure of the company. Tina Presley Borek has been granted Sub-Agent status by SAG-AFTRA and will represent her roster of clients in Los Angeles. Carissa Mitchell will continue as SAG-AFTRA Franchised Agent for the New Mexico roster and her clients in Los Angeles.

As owner of the company, I feel that with the unprecedented success that we have been experiencing and the fast pace continuing, our best decision was to focus on individual client needs to streamline communication and help clarify responsibilities within the agency. We feel this will help facilitate the highest of standards and greatly benefit our clients.
-Carissa Mitchell

We are excited about this change, as it will allow both agents to focus on our individual clients to provide the boutique service that we are committed offering our clients.

Tina intends on continuing to be a voice for New Mexico Film, its Actors, Producers, and Casting Directors with her long standing Film Festival partnerships, friendships and relationships that she has fostered during the past 10 years.

There will be assistants and interns supporting each agent, with the acknowledgement that their responsibilities will fall correctly under SAG-AFTRA regulations. Their responsibilities include email notifications and confirmations of auditions, taped audition uploads, client care and accounting, website maintenance and general upkeep.

If you are an actor on the New Mexico roster, Carissa Mitchell is your agent. If you are on our California roster, you will be contacted shortly by your individual agent. Discussions regarding which agent will be representing you are welcome.
505.262.9733 (NM)
818.856.0355 (CA)

Mitchell & Presley Talent group is one of the three SAG franchised talent agencies in the state of New Mexico.

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