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Longmire: Will they or won’t they?


Longmire: Will they or won’t they?

Around here, we like to say that nothing is official until someone yells, “that’s a wrap!” In this case that’s where the uncertainty begins.

“Longmire” lovers may have to wait until September for a hit of all new episodes of their beloved Absaroka county posse, but there’s no shortage of drama in the here and now. From leading news sources such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, buzz abounds.

Pictured: Set slate Facebook photo from local cast member Andrea B. Good, on location Instagram shot from @cbreck916, and a Tweet direct from Longmire star Katee Sackoff disputing our report about season 6 being a certainty.

As speculation and extrapolation run rampant from social media to the mainstream media, “Longmire” faithful anxiously await official word on the latest fate of the show. It may lay in the hands of those faithful, who are largely credited for getting the show picked-up by Netflix after it was unceremoniously axed by A&E back in 2014, to revive the #LongLiveLongmire rally cry to ensure its longevity.

No one disputes that season 5 has wrapped, leading to an astute question by @JSoloHache who asks, “Was a series ending filmed just in case?” Hmm…intriguing.

‘Longmire’ Season 5 Could Possibly be the Last for the TV Series; Fans Still Optimistic of More Seasons for the Show!

If this particular line of speculation smacks of any truth at all, “‘Longmire’ season 5 will be the last of the mystery series based on Craig Johnson’s work”…does that simply mean that season 6 will be divergent from the book series?

Stay tuned…

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