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NM Short Film: “Leslie”

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NM Short Film: “Leslie”

The latest project by New Mexico filmmakers 4.5 films, 82|92 productions and Cheza Jouer Films is a very personal one for director Alejandro Montoya Marin who says, “”Leslie” is an homage to artists everywhere and a reflection of the pain, sacrifices, and the condescension we can get from other people because we’re following our passion. It’s a film about the obstacles we face every day and the decisions we make whether they are right or wrong.”

The film is led by Kika Magalhaes fresh off of her starring role in her critically acclaimed Sundance Film Festival debut “The Eyes of My Mother.” Local favorites Amy Baklini, Samson Snell, Daniel Pattison, Sabrina Garcia and Marty Lindsey star. The soundtrack includes music by Yo La Tengo, The Magnetic Fields and Peppita.

Visit the film’s website,, for a look behind the scenes and for more information on the full cast & crew.

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