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Today’s NM Film Fix

NM Film Fix

Today’s NM Film Fix



Filmmaker Matt Page talking the new streaming series he stars in, “B-Movie Couch,” created by and co-starring fellow filmmakers Alejandro Montoya Marin and Ian Perez.

Keep up with Matt’s original, wildly popular youtube series, “Enter the Dojo” and find out when and where to take his next “How to Youtube” workshop here.


NM Film – Business & Industry Committee Hearing HB 192

Lend your support to the New Mexico Film Industry by getting involved at the legislative level – lawmakers hold the fate of the state’s number one job creator in their decisive hands. House Bill 192 aims to raise the cap on our existing film incentives and shore-up residency requirement to ensure even more New Mexicans will get to work.

HB 192 will be heard Friday, February 3 in House Committee Room 317, at the state capitol, 490 Old Santa Fe Trail.


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