AXIOM: Albuquerque Welcomes New Mexico’s Newest Talent Agency

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By Carol Skipwith

Met up with brothers Kirk and David Thompson today, co-owners of Axiom Talent Agency (ATA), New Mexico’s newest SAG Franchised talent agency. ATA has kicked into gear already signing on some great talent over the past month.

Kirk has six years experience in this business as co-owner of the Wayne Agency in Los Angeles, California. Kirk, a Marine (no such thing as an ex-Marine), and his brother David (MBA educated Army Veteran) have been in Albuquerque for a little more than a year – in that time they have developed big dreams for our local film family.

When asked about his business ideas for the state, Kirk says, “All people have talent and deserve an equal chance.”

Visit their website, and you can find ATA on Facebook here.

Portrait photos by Carol Skipwith Photography