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Today’s NM Film Fix

NM Film Fix

Today’s NM Film Fix

Today’s NM Film Fix



A short by AMM: Life of an Actor

Get Shorty is AWESOME
Watch Episode 1 here.

Midnight Texas
Now streaming at

T@gged, seasons 1 and 2 streaming at

Go to the Shoot NM Film industry mixer on Tuesday, August 1 at the ABQ Press Club. Learn about the New Mexico Film & Television Hall of Fame – where the Academy Awards meets the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


1.) The Brave- Russian/Ukrainian men and women needed for roles on upcoming episode.

9 yo African-American girl, 4′ 7″ 75lbs, to work the rest of the week as a photo double…. Email photo and contact information for applicable role to

2.) Indie Short Film Speaking role, Albuquerque:
Male age 18-33
$15/hr for two mid-August days.
Send headshot, phone number, and a good time to call to talk about the film to

3.) Meal & Reel: Harry Potter-themed 30-second promo spot for “Spoken For”
Spoken For, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking in New Mexico (, is organizing a Harry Potter themed mystery dinner entitled, “Murder at Malfoy Manor.” These dinners will take place October 12-14, 19-21, and 26-28.

ElleC Films is producing a 30-second promo spot for social media distribution to help advertise the fundraiser. All positions are volunteer.

Director: Lauren Myers
Producer: Laquie Campbell
Genre: Commercial

Roles: Harry Potter (male, 15), Hermione Granger (female, 15), Ron Weasley (male, 15).
Seeking teen actors to the play the roles of Harry, Hermione, and Ron from the Harry Potter series—particularly during their 5th year at Hogwarts. You do NOT have to look exactly like the characters, but rather, embody their inner life. All ethnicities and ages welcome to audition.

Shoot Date: August 13th, 2017
Shoot Location: Private Residence in North Albuquerque

COMPENSATION: 1) catered craft services, and 2) credit/copy

CONTACT/AUDITION INFO: If interested in auditioning, please contact Lauren Myers at Be sure to include resume and headshot (or a very recent photo that looks just like you!). You will be sent sides and requested to self-tape your audition.

4.) Crew Call for horror/thriller.

Judgment is a horror-thriller about five hard-partying friend who after a long weekend in Vegas, find themselves stranded in a small desert town. When they are taken in for the night by a local pastor, the group quickly discovers his church and its followers are a fanatical cult with a bloodlust. Set on eliminating the unworthy from the earth, the friends’ fun weekend turns into a desperate, bloody fight for survival as the cult — and their terrifying leader — sets their sinister sights on them.

Director: Salim Samouh

Producer: Bob Meyers, Ben Brouillette, Cambria Edwards, Jared Phillips, Sierra Barton
Genre: Horror

Crew Needed:

2nd AD: (paid)

Key PA: (volunteer, can offer small stipend for gas) -Office PA (volunteer, can offer small stipend for gas) -Set PA: (volunteer, can offer small stipend for gas) -2nd AC: (paid) -BTS photographer: (paid) -Key Grip: (paid) -Boom Op: (paid) -Prop Master: (paid) -Set Costumer: (paid)

Beauty Makeup assistant: (volunteer, can offer small stipend for gas)
– Spfx Makeup assistant: (volunteer, can offer small stipend for gas)

Shoot Date: October 17-November 3rd

Shoot Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Contact: Sierra Barton Contact information:


Casting Background and Featured Background for an Albuquerque Public Safety Video filming locally on July 28th & 29th.

Working Title: City of Albuquerque Traffic Safety Video
Logline: A fun and quirky traffic safety video for the City of Albuquerque starring an eccentric host

Casting Call: Submission/Taped Audition

Featured Background:
Crossing Guard I MaleIFemale I 28+ I Any ethni ty
Looking fora friendly face to be our endearing crossing guard.
Older character I Male/Female I 15+ I Any ethnicity
This character will need to appear frail and believable to be pushed around in a wheelchair.
Siblings (2) -1 older 8. 1 younger I MaleIFemale I 7-16 I Any ethnicity
Need two kids to play siblings. One just needs to be younger and one older. Accepting all submissions
{real or fake siblings). We can pair folks together based on submission.
Bicyclist I Male/Female I 13+ | Any ethnicity
Needing someone to provide themselves and a bike.
Dog I Male/Female I Any Age I Any breed
In need of a well-behaved dog that can lick on command. Needs to be small enough for a young girl to walk.

Kids I Male/Female l 9-13 IAny ethnicity
6-8 Kids to bring our scene to life! They will simulating a typical morning before school.
Crossing the cross walk and/or playing on the playground etc.

Adults I Male/Female I 23 . 45 I Any ethnicity
2-3 adults to bring our scene to life! They will be our pedestrians and/or parents of the
children attending school.

If interested, please send your headshot, resume 8. reel (if applicable) to Please
place in the subject line: “Traffic Safety Casting”

7.) Feature film casting photo double to work this Saturday, July 29 to portray this amazing and well known actor, Omar Leyva., 30-50, 5’9’5’11, roughly 180 pounds. If this is you or someone you know, email a current photo, sizes, and contact info to with “Omar” in the subject line.

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