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Illegal Firearms Off the Street – Cash/Goods Incentive for Weapon Surrender

Posted by on December 4, 2008

Some crime prevention organizations have held local events giving cash or gift certificates in exchange for guns – no questions asked.
It is somewhat difficult to find such programs NOW in progress. The above video and following links are from previous weapons exchanges. YOU can contact your local Crime Stoppers to inquire about starting a program in your area.
The combo of rampant illegal firearms and the very poor economy can only up the incidents of gun violence – already OOC, out-of-control. The NRA has nothing to fear – It’s the illegals (guns/not peeps) that are most used in violent crimes. Let’s get ’em turned in. Hell, call your local police dept. or crime stoppers and ask straight-up, “What’s the exchange rate on guns today?” Abq., NM Police Dept. offers cash for crime TIPS….
Previous Programs:
Chesapeake, VA
Orlando, FL
Akron, OH
Compton, CA *with video
Brooklyn, NY

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