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You Oughta Know – What Have You Done for Me Lately Marty?

Posted by on February 17, 2009

No Marty 2010

Not just a catchy little number by Alanis Morissette – Today the race for Mayor of Albuquerque begins. Yet to throw his bolo tie into the ring is our own current Mayor Marty Chavez.

After petitioning to become eligible to run again and being granted the right to do so, he’s so far reserved that right – it seems Marty may have his sights set on a run for Governor or better yet awaiting an appointment in the cabinet of our new President – Don’t hold your breath.

All New Mexicans esp. those of us in ABQ. should be asking ourselves one question today and many, many questions from this day forward. Today’s question: What have you done for me lately Marty?

Taking a cue from the nation which is now mulling over every BM of our Commerce Secretary of Hearts we oughta educate ourselves as to who this elected official is, has been and will be. Who elected him? Did you? Will you again?

Here are two bits o’ news on Mayor Marty as of late: Have YOU been pinched by Marty’s pet red light cameras? Well, Marty was popped for speeding late last month. Not to be overshadowed by the glaring mess of a gang registry that Marty signed into law nearly two years ago that sits astonishingly EMPTY, for lack of enforcement.

The web is such a beautiful thing to waste. I hope you too can use it to uncover, investigate, and verify as much useful info. on Marty, Alanis and other people whose hands reach for your bank account and/or are responsible for your safety and leadership.

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