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Easy Rider at “Taos Summer of Love 2009”

Posted by on April 29, 2009 | Comments Off on Easy Rider at “Taos Summer of Love 2009”

Taos Summer of Love 2009

Actor, Director, Artist Dennis Hopper continues his love affair with Taos, New Mexico.

Hopper commemorates his time spent there over the past forty+ years, since he first rolled into its dessert when directing and starring in the legendary 1969 film Easy Rider.

As part of the Taos Summer of Love there will be two exhibitions of “Hopper at the Harwood” May 9th to September 20th, 2009.

Taos Summer of Love/Hopper at the Harwood

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Bigger Fish Smaller Pond, Audio New Mexico

Posted by on April 28, 2009 | 4 comments

Big Fish

The New Mexico audio landscape is being touched by the pandemic of job losses – maybe due to some job hog$.

It seems our BIG broadcast media outlet is wielding the axe. One of our fave. afternoon, Adult Contempo. jocks is off the air today. It’s a shame…

Maybe he can be the spokesperson for Accent Windows following the retiring Howard Morgan or do the promos for Bob Turner’s Ford.

We raise a glass to those of you affected.

UPDATE: More news of Deep Cuts, some of their most loved talent :(

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Absolutely Superfluous

Posted by on April 28, 2009 | Comments Off on Absolutely Superfluous

Empty Calories

OMG/WTF Fanatics will eat this up – ICYDK

He’s still real mad – Business Mirror

Biopic sensualities – E!

A celeb. family – InfosJeunes

This never ending train wreck – Contra Costa Times

The rich to teach us about loads – EURweb

Texas bred to captain America? – EW

Duh! – Esparsa

More Absolutely Superfluous

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On the Cheap: Sonic’s Strive for 5’s in the 505

Posted by on April 28, 2009 | Comments Off on On the Cheap: Sonic’s Strive for 5’s in the 505


$1 Value Menu Indeed – When Sonic can get my obnoxious order of 1 Chicken Strip Sandwich, no lettuce, with pickles, and light may-o right when I’m only forking over a buck ‘seven – I appreciate that. And when they ask that we call in and give them a positive review – will do.

We are all extended the offer of a free beverage for answering our area Sonic’s survey with every purchase – good review or bad. That’s nice, right? Especially when some establishments that rhyme Schmarbucks don’t offer so much as a frequent buyer card for the $4.11, 18 oz. hot nonfat milk, 1 tbl.sp. cocoa, sugar & 2 oz. espresso – surely dusted with crack that we’re all addicted to. But they do offer “inspirational prose” on the cup so that we may be enlightened and inspired, like  a failed, vice-presidential candidate so I guess that’s fair.

More On the Cheap

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Another Oscar Contender Headed to NM

Posted by on April 27, 2009 | 7 comments

Hilary Swank
Photo by turtleaut

Another Oscar Contender Headed to NM…

Frightfest filmmakers Hammer have tapped New Mexico to shoot their upcoming film, Invasion of Privacy (retitled The Resident). Set to star Oscar Winning actress Hilary Swank and the gorgeous Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Filming begins late May through mid-July. We will be following this one closely…Ha

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Will There Ever Be Vindication for the Svedka Vodka Girl?

Posted by on April 27, 2009 | Comments Off on Will There Ever Be Vindication for the Svedka Vodka Girl?

Ali Larter

I have always wanted to write a post about this picture. It’s from waay back in ’07 when Ali Larter was hosting being paid to party at the Svedka Vodka 2033 “book” launch.

But forget all that – the reason this pic is a modern-day Ansel Adams is because of the sheer beauty in the subtle yet fierce, involuntary stink-eye that Svedka Vodka girl is shooting the Hero.

I hope Svedka Vodka Girl is okay this weekend – while Larter has somehow landed herself in the number one movie currently in theaters – despite craptacular reviews.

Surely this is her inner dialogue:

Hang in there Vodka Girl – You’re hot and you’ll get a big screen role one of these days. NM appreciates your beauty and sure abilities to stand out in the pack of otherwise undiscernable pancaked face, prop girls and triffling, redi-whipped bikini wearing chicks. Hollywood, New Mexico awaits.

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Hello NASA, it’s the Amish calling…

Posted by on April 27, 2009 | One comment

The Amish Connection

What goes together like PB & J, Hand & Glove, or Horse & Buggy? Why it’s space age Tempur-Pedic® , TEMPUR® material as developed by NASA and Amish furniture.

At the corner of irony and commercialism in ‘Q Town’, New Mexico you can mix your desire for old-timey, handcrafted wood furniture with your need for orthopedic sleep – the likes of which your craftsman can never or will ever experience.

The DP/SO/SE says, “Maybe they use some Amish approved method for preparing the TEMPUR® material that keeps it authentically Amish.”

Come on, even Baconnaise is Kosher – This just isn’t. Kosher, no. Funny, yes.

The Amish Connection2

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Miscellaneous ~Fact of the Day

Posted by on April 26, 2009 | 2 comments

During a full term pregnancy a woman produces more hormones in her body than a woman living 120 years would otherwise

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Can You Say Frivolous Law Suit? Ah-ha!

Posted by on April 25, 2009 | One comment

Mutual of Omaha Execs

Okay, I know this is two posts in a row featuring Mama O, but this story is just too-too. We’ve all seen what happens when you fool with Mother Nature. Well, now Mutual of Omaha is battening down in preparation to do battle with The Mother of Media.

Because M of O chose an Oprah associated phrase, being the “a-ha moment”, to resuscitate an insurance co. I thought deceased, along with the awesomeness that was Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom show of the 70’s, they’re readying to go all out to wield the term by making an actual Federal Case out of it.

WWGD? (What would Geico do?) – They have slogans spewing out their media blow-hole. I’d sooner kiss the Geico Gecko, comb the Geico cavemen, or gladly take-up with their oft hyped stack o’cash I “could be saving with Geico” than get wit a co. that will poke the gentle giant.

Beef didn’t win – so won’t M of O.

Hey, my baby son (circa 1993) couldn’t correctly exclaim, “Voila!” It came out, “Wall-E!” Can I sue Disney/Pixar?

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What Your Momma Learned Last Night

Posted by on April 22, 2009 | Comments Off on What Your Momma Learned Last Night

Earth Day 2009

Happy Earth Day yesterday, today and tomorrow – if geologically speaking you wish to have one.

On Mama O’s Earth Day special she didn’t exactly teach me a lot – but she preached and hopefully opened some eyes in Oprah Nation with riveting footage of the “Texas Swirl” in the ocean made of our decades and decades of plastic waste.  Sad seals, turtles and birdies all going the way of the rest of us, just much quicker in that specific locale. 

It’s our planet people, NOT a disposable cup – our ONLY planet.

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Posted by on April 22, 2009 | One comment

Young Guns

The Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau has ~launched a new ad campaign urging locals et al to take a “Santa Fe-cation”, more like a fakecation.

As Las Vegas’ family friendly campaign fell short a few years back, prior to the revert to mo’ ~perverse actions with their winning “What happens in Vegas…” slogan – so will die the Fe-cation.

Vegas-ationers didn’t dial-up the tourism dollars to visit Circus Circus or ride the New York, New York coaster sober. L.V. went the route of the “cocain”-ation and is sustaining all that “…stays in Vegas“.

The Santa Fe tourism dept. needs to focus on the very best thing the “City Different” has to offer, and that is – Like Las Vegas, a great escape. Santa Fe offers Fanta Se like no other lil’ city. The Capital city could stand to capitalize on its Peyote image.

Now, I know about as much about drug culture as I do about space travel – I don’t do either, but there is much knowledge and opinion on both in this one.

P.S. Curb it.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in VegasFunny video clips are a click away

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Casting, NM

Posted by on April 22, 2009 | Comments Off on Casting, NM

SJP Hugh Grant

As we told you here back in January, SJP and Hugh ‘loves a trick’ Grant are filming parts of their upcoming flick Did You Hear About the Morgans in Santa Fe, NM.

The film is scheduled for release on BP’s B-Day. Your chance to be featured in the movie is this Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at The Lodge at Santa Fe, 750 N. St. Francis Drive.


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What 33 Mill. and a Bag of Chips Buys in NM

Posted by on April 18, 2009 | 6 comments

Pecos New Mexico Ranch

Orvis/Cushman & Wakefield have listed the 5,970 acre New Mexico property of robust, Roundhouse hopeful, actor Val Kilmer for a mere $33 million.

The Pecos Ranch includes a near 6,000 sq. ft. main house, 1,464 sq. ft. caretaker’s home, other multiple guest houses, barns, etc., etc.

“For over a decade, I searched for a property that embodies the alluring natural majesty and splendor of the Southwest. My search finally ended here, at the Pecos River Ranch. It’s impossible to put into words the beauty and power of this land.” – Val Kilmer


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Foxy New Mexico Son Goes Bullish in NYC

Posted by on April 16, 2009 | One comment

Cody Willard

New Mexico native Cody Willard takes-up global financial issues from the Big Apple as co-host of Fox News Network’s daily business show “Happy Hour”.

The Bogie-faced, Bateman clad economeister skipped out of the little New Mexico town of Ruidoso same time as Doogie.

While NPH launched to fame as a fictional prepubescent MD Willard earned his degree in economics from the University of New Mexico, where he was also a B-Baller and musician.

Fast forward through his American Psycho years, sans the insanity, to his hot seat on the panel with Rebecca Diamond and Eric Bolling – he’s a regular small town boy done good.

You’d might never hear of it via the local news & gloom, but you New Mexican’s can so far boast proud of the self-proclaimed Cowboy Cody and his cattle dog in the City.

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Absolutely Superfluous

Posted by on April 15, 2009 | One comment

Cream Puff

So if you put yourself on Funny or Die and are not funny?

Bird walking – GossipGirls.com

Wisteria still winds – 6ABC

Nanny sequel sign on – AHN

Latest Twitter spat – The Canadian Press

From realty TV to the movies? – MTV

Jail time for songbird’s transmittal – guardian.co.uk

Big man, little car – The Insider

More Absolutely Superfluous

Washington, Chan, Quien Mas? Stars Highlight Local Civics on a Global Stage

Posted by on April 14, 2009 | Comments Off on Washington, Chan, Quien Mas? Stars Highlight Local Civics on a Global Stage

Denzel Washington

In Europe they’re buzzing or huffing or whatever French and Italian people do with their gossip over Denzel Washington’s generosity in rescuing the financially broke New Mexico Boys & Girls Club of Roswell, New Mexico.

Closer to home ol’ Mexico is talking about it too – much like when fellow action star Jackie Chan’s NM film donated to the Rio Rancho Chapter of the organization.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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K’ Now How’bout Abolishing Crimes Against Children?

Posted by on April 14, 2009 | 9 comments

Pope Rome Gov

Commerce Secretary of Hearts, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, is in Rome today to be celebrated by Emperor Palpatine Pope Benedict XVI for making his state the fifteenth in America to abolish the death penalty.

Meanwhile much of the world is still roused by the heroic rescue of U.S. Captain Richard Phillips via the lethal, triple Navy Seal sniper fire unleashed upon his pirate captors.

In FLA. prosecuting attorneys announce they will seek the death penalty against the mother of 3 year old Caylee Anthony for her murder, a CA. woman is under arrest for the murder of 8 year old Sandra Cantu.

The lists and meager penalties of crimes against children continues to grow and grow.

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Post8 – Birthplace of the Over Inflated Ego

Posted by on April 14, 2009 | 7 comments

Remember when you were nine and your mom spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your clothes and an opulent arena for your hobby?

Here is the less-than-demure Dancing for Relevance poster child Cheryl Burke on the Bonnie Hunt Show clarifying for us the birthplace of her tremendous ego.

Jump to 3:45 to see the professional grade ballroom built especially for Burke by her momma.

Gwennie must have grown up with about 12 of these built for her poop annually.

More Post8

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SPOTD – Simple Pleasures of the Day

Posted by on April 11, 2009 | One comment

Rainy Saturday Morning

Simple Pleasures of the Day – Synchronicity while driving in the morning rain, people holding doors open for each other, lending patience and courteousness to one another.

It’s a regular Easter miracle.

Regular Miracle – see above for recipe.

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PSD – Public Service Duh, Statement of the Millenia

Posted by on April 9, 2009 | Comments Off on PSD – Public Service Duh, Statement of the Millenia


Jump to 1:35 (-1:20) to hear Michael Wolkowitz drop some sense on all of us.

It doesn’t mean you can’t go hunting Earl, but puh-lease.

Elisabeth Haterbeck hasn’t had spinach or tomatoes since the first two reports of salmonella illness.

Our pistachio and peanut farmers are going out of business, but virtually anyone in America can get ahold of a semi-automatic in under an hour.

ABC News will air the full report, “If I Only Had a Gun” on 20/20 this Friday.


Lesson Learned: Hello, Reality calling. Action, please pick-up.

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