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Film Transparencies

Posted by on September 12, 2009

NM Film Industry

Yesterday, Commerce Secretary of Hearts a.k.a. The People’s Governor, Bill Richardson announced a new public reporting system for New Mexico film productions that qualify for the state’s generous Tax Incentive program.

Eric Witt, Governor Richardson’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Film Policy Advisor said, “As a government entity, we have a responsibility to provide to our legislature and taxpayers information which substantiates our belief in the film industry as a major economic driver, and which meaningfully relates to the citizens and businesses of the state the benefits received in return for offering production incentives…”

The full report and detailed information breakdown can be viewed here.

Bravo Signore, and now we have a few more suggestions for you and our next Governess. Green film transparency, e.g. where are they getting all their water for wet downs. We can’t water our patch of grass but once a week so what kind of water is being used to slick down a shoot day in and day out?

Premieres! Where are our red carpets??? Gamer opened yesterday and there are at least four other big name, big screeners hitting the theaters very soon. Amendment 101 to the tax credit bill – bring your press junkets, stars, fans, media and premiere soirees to the 505 = even more state revenue and more promotion and anticipation for the production.

Pappers – New York and especially L.A. grapple with papparazi control vs. supply & demand. We’ve long said some proactive measures are warranted and only become more important as the industry grows here – and grow it must!

Thanks “Mac”

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