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Sick and the City

Posted by on November 28, 2009 | Comments Off on Sick and the City

Your ©Sindicator is out.

A word to the wise I probably caught this wretchedness from an ill advised holiday BUFFET party. Seriously, who serves finger-foods, buffet style during flu season (oh, everyone does)? Sure there were serving utensils and party toothpicks, but someone must have sneezed on my cocktail weenie ’cause momma is DOWN.

This is not the kind of illness that bodes well for a mild-hypochondriac like myself – tis’ just gone on far too long…visions of hiney-flu and death bed dance in my head.


Happy Thanksgiving Babies

Posted by on November 26, 2009 | Comments Off on Happy Thanksgiving Babies

Yesterday, Today & Mañana

Posted by on November 24, 2009 | One comment

Yesterday – The wartime, thriller, drama Brothers starring Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire which filmed entirely in New Mexico hits theaters December 4th.

Today – X-Men director Brett Ratner is currently tailoring Rakesh Roshan’s film Kites, which was simultaneously shot in Hindu and in English for its highly anticipated global release.

Mañana – It’s being speculated that Kat Dennings may be slated for the role of Marcy Lewis in the upcoming NM filming of Thor.

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Year ONE

Posted by on November 23, 2009 | One comment

This is what a one-year-old does on her birthday! This is what we’re doing.

As we all get set to usher in the holiday season, ©Sindication is celebrating one year on the web with an online raffle to benefit Best Buddies, NM.

So far we’ve assembled some great Swag for the first ever NM Swag Bag. You can enter in $10 increments to win the entire prize pack. One winner will be drawn and announced on Jan. 1, 2010.

100% of the proceeds go to Best Buddies New Mexico!

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Super Show Casting Call, NM

Posted by on November 20, 2009 | One comment

UPDATE: Crew New Mexico has posted full casting call deets for this Dec. 5

Reality calling, try-out if you need some help with baby battles, toddler wrangling and general kid rearing.

Reality Wanted dot com has announced ABC’s hit reality series Super Nanny is casting seeks to cast New Mexico family for its upcoming sixth season.

Log on here to register and apply.

Producers are looking for, “producers are searching for families with unique interests; parents who have ordinary and extraordinary circumstances; teen moms; parents with mean girls or bullying boys; culturally diverse parents; and blended families where both sides are seeking help. Producers want families from every type of background who are ready for the opportunity of a lifetime—a visit from America’s number one nanny, Jo Frost!”


Your Albuquerque Thunderbirds

Posted by on November 20, 2009 | Comments Off on Your Albuquerque Thunderbirds

-Fan Video Via YouTube

Opening night is Friday November 27!!!

Help YOUR Albuquerque Thunderbirds “pack the house” for opening weekend. FREE kid’s ticket with paying adult ticket purchase = parent AND child in the Bonus zone for $10, in the Box Seating section for $15 or on the FLOOR for only $30.

See what the T-Birds have been up to in the community on Facebook.

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Rest In Peace Governor

Posted by on November 20, 2009 | Comments Off on Rest In Peace Governor

Bruce King by Walt Johnston

“Former Governor Bruce King will lie in state at the NM State Capitol on Friday, November 20, 2009 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Funeral Services will be on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at the Moriarty High School Gymnasium at 10:00AM, with Reverend Dr. Russell C. Lee, Lutheran Pastor officiating.” – Office of Attorney General
Gary K. King

Made In Pakistan/Post Production, NM

Posted by on November 19, 2009 | Comments Off on Made In Pakistan/Post Production, NM

Santa Fe-based Indus Valley Productions and Talking Filmain, the team that produced cult classic, Kashf: The Lifting of the Veil, bring their groundbreaking feature length documentary Made In Pakistan to the Santa Fe Film Festival.

“Made in Pakistan is an insider’s look into “The Most Dangerous Country in the World” as the cover story in Newsweek (October 29, 2007) called it. The documentary follows the lives of four Pakistani working professionals during the ‘declaration of a State of Emergency.’ These four individuals represent a multifaceted Pakistan – a country where politics, fashion, religion, debate and tradition intermingle – where one definition of an Islamic State no longer holds true.” – Synopsis, Indus Valley Productions

See the film on December 4th at 8:30 pm at DeVargas Cinema and on December 6th at 2:45 pm at the New Mexico History Museum. Made in Pakistan has already won the Audience Choice Award at the South Asian International Film Festival in New York earlier this month.

The film will also screen at the Cancun International Film Festival, and will be released theatrically in the UK in December by Mara Pictures. UK based company Indigo Film & Television has picked up the worldwide sales rights.

Ayesha Khan, head of Indus Valley Productions will moderate the Cinema Activismo Panel at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

For full Festival schedule and tickets click here.

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NMXposé: Jaimey B., Jaimey B. Wherefore Art Thee?

Posted by on November 19, 2009 | One comment

Blue Rose Photography

Months ago we were preparing to write the first NMXposé, a new Sindication feature that would highlight a New Mexican for their contributions to the community and their industry.

Our first choice was Jaimey Barreras, better known to so many of us as Jaimey B or just Jaimey for his smooth voice and sweet, entertaining sentiments that poured out over the NM airwaves. Well, before we could meet with Jaimey and put together the angle of the feature he was unceremoniously axed.

Luckily Jaimey is approachable and giving as ever and we were able to catch-up with him so that we could inquire as to our beloved baritone’s goings-on as of late:

Sindication: What have you been up to???
Jaimey B: …well I’ve been enjoying the time off with the wife… I’ve been locked in my studio writing music and networking with other musicians.

Sindication: What have you been doing?
Jaimey B: Doing voice over work from my home studio. Business is slow but I’m remaining optimistic about the future.

Sindication: What do you hear most from fans lately?
Jaimey B: I do keep in touch with fans on Facebook and Myspace and appreciate all their support.

Sindication: How are you feeling about the current state of ABQ (politics, economy, atmosphere)?
Jaimey B: ABQ is is still a amazing town to live in and I would not think of leaving. ABQ radio on the other hand leave’s a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t even turn on the radio without a commercial in-progress or the so called talent going on and on about trifle (bleep) contests and they play the same crappy music for those stupid enough to think (they’re) getting something “NEW”. Thank goodness for my iPod!!!

Sindication: You were always doing so much to promote worthy/charitable causes, are you still able to be active in that?
Jaimey B: Still helping out ACS and the Breast Cancer Walk.

Sindication: What do you want to say to fans missing you daily?
Jaimey B: Thanks for the Love!!! Hugs and Kisses….
If you’re not already linked to Jaimey and you’re missing his warm-funny, connect with him on Facebook or Myspace.

But better you can hear or hire Jaimey. Take a listen here, here and here.

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Posted by on November 18, 2009 | 2 comments

Post8: For Shame?

Posted by on November 17, 2009 | Comments Off on Post8: For Shame?

While looking for the priceless footage of Tom Joles defining ‘sexting’ and even better, ‘tramp stamp’ for us as new Oxford English Dictionary words for 2009, I found instead that a certain leopard is showing his spots.

It seems that our own christened Paris Chavez will leave office with almost 40K of ABQ cash lining his pockets. In a blaze of un-glory former mayor Chavez is getting your dough as a workman’s comp payment for jumping a fence during the ’04 Bosque Fires.

Hey yo’! My back is JACKED! Where’s my monies marty?

Better yet, GIVE IT BACK! Here, here or here.

Awww, good ol’ marty prolly will give it back via thousands of 5×7 glossies of himself, dropped over the city in the chartered HOT AIR balloon he’ll ride out of town in à la:

New Mexico IndependentVia The New Mexico Independent

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Companion Books

Posted by on November 17, 2009 | Comments Off on Companion Books

Long touted here as a great resource, This Is Why You’re Fat dot com is now a book and makes a great companion gift paired with Men’s Health publication Eat This Not That.


Simple Pleasure of The Day

Posted by on November 17, 2009 | Comments Off on Simple Pleasure of The Day

Not knowing who this guy is (left), not knowing the name of that guy (right).

Bonus pleasure: Not vying for New Moon tix


Tis’ the Season

Posted by on November 15, 2009 | Comments Off on Tis’ the Season

Gluttony – Our holiday cooking oil can be recycled into bio fuel. If you deep fry this Thanksgiving or Christmas, or you’re a frying restaurant please contact your area Oil Recycle Depot.

Critters – National resale clothing boutique Buffalo Exchange is holding its annual Coats for Cubs drive Nov 14, 2009 through Earth Day, Apr 22, 2010. Bring in your furs and accent pieces to be recycled into bedding for orphaned and injured animals.

Humanity – Homeless shelter needs go way beyond canned goods. Toiletries, clothing and blankets are in short supply. Donate your extras, pick-up some good buys, to help those in dire need served by community shelters and organizations this and every season.

Energy – HURRY into the Home Depot to trade-in your old incandescent holiday lights for a $3 coupon toward energy efficient LED lights. Offer ends TODAY!

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Mañana, y mañana, y mañana, NM

Posted by on November 14, 2009 | Comments Off on Mañana, y mañana, y mañana, NM

For Reelz, NM – As we’ve been reporting here, more deets on the NM shoot of Marvel Comics/Disney’s Thor movie are coming to light. Filming will begin in L.A. and roll into Santa Fe March through April 2010.

As announced in October the third season of USA network’s series In Plain Sight will once again film in & around ABQ. beginning in January.

While shooting continues for Fox and Rourke on Passion Play through this December, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Broken Horses also starring Rouke is slated to film in NM next year as broken stateside here.

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Viva la Raza

Posted by on November 13, 2009 | Comments Off on Viva la Raza

Lopez Tonight debut on TBS

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Mornin’ Gov’na: ISONM

Posted by on November 12, 2009 | 3 comments

When I was but a girl whiling away the hours of the corporate segment of my life, amid all the multimillion dollar conglomerate BS that took my stock options from nearly $100 a share down to a steady and holding $19, the most effective advent in efficiency I saw implemented was the ISO AUDIT concept.

Among the now poverty stricken, unemployed geniuses like myself who wish to aid your administration in closing the state’s budget deficit, perhaps the first tapped should be the person who tripped over the APS bundle in excess of $16M.

This ISO concept partnered with the already booming film industry you’ve structured shows great promise for our overall economic, civic and status recovery. Heck, @Muggle505 has a great public fund raising idea.

Lastly, here are the two Bobs and Peter with their two cents on effective business management – so that’s already four cents more than you started out with on this day of your administration. – xo

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So Funny It’s Serious

Posted by on November 10, 2009 | 3 comments

AMC series Breaking Bad doing more good for the community when NM’s Own Steven Michael Quezada headlines a night of comedy benefiting Youth Development Incorporated.

Buy your advance tix online here. Enjoy a night of laughs, chance to meet the cast, help kids in your community. (21+)

All proceeds benefit YDI – a NM youth service organization providing intervention, treatment, prevention, education and so much more to local kids.

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Veterans Every Day

Posted by on November 10, 2009 | Comments Off on Veterans Every Day

AP Photo

85 year-old Keith Little of Crystal, NM will be joining his fellow Navajo Code Talkers in tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day Parade in New York City.

Today and every day we salute all the men, women and their loved ones who stand for us.

Originally posted May 25, 2009

KRQE 13 News/coverage of The Bataan Memorial Death March.

The annual trek is a tribute to the tens-of-thousands of World War II Veterans who were surrendered to enemy forces in 1942, thousands lost their lives under the torturous conditions which they were marched through the Philippine jungle. Only over 500 soldiers were eventually rescued as POW’s in 1945.

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Pint Matters

Posted by on November 10, 2009 | One comment

A good glass can be hard to find. Some too short, thick or tall, too narrow, shallow, or fragile. To remain a friend to the environment and be grown-up about it, cheap & disposable is out and a quality, cost effective set is in. (you know, it’s all about recovering from the 90’s)

Well, we came across these great mixing glasses and picked-up a good sized load of ’em for a party. To my surprise the boys went for these in a big way! The male vote was a resounding, ‘yes’ to the clinkers that presented a measured tally of their intake.

Cute. Boys are cute, I guess I had forgotten how much they like to measure “stuff”. Anyhoo, they were a hit and that may be worth remembering come gift giving time – visible graduations.


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