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Six Scoville’s of Separation, NM

Posted by on January 3, 2010

As the sun begins to set on the office of El Majico (formerly known as The Commerce Secretary of Hearts, a.k.a. The People’s Governor), we’d like to start the new year and a new feature by naming him our mas caliente, numero uno, scorcher on our Scoville’s Scale of Separation.

Governor Richardson easily takes the top spot highlighting the heat of a prominent, public personality who promotes and furthers the entertainment industry in New Mexico.

You cannot get hotter than being a New Mexican, living in New Mexico, holding its top public office and driving the entertainment industry train lo these many years.

Below is a chart for your reference where you can see that on the Scoville Scale of Heat the mighty Bhut Jolokia chile ranks just under U.S. Law Enforcement Grade Pepper Spray – that’s our Majico.

The mighty-movie-star BP would reach his Scoville ranking via the following equation:

Brad Pitt + Goerge Clooney = Ocean’s 11-13 + George Clooney = Men Who Stare at Goats = New Mexico

Brad achieves 3 Scoville’s of Separation to Nuevo México – and we will strive to show you that nary will the “human web” take you further than 6 Scoville’s from NM.

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