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True Grit Casting, NM

Posted by on January 29, 2010

The Coen Bros. film True Grit is currently casting the following, speaking roles for the upcoming NM Shoot:

  • “Scrawny”, 10-14 year old Native American males
  • Thin, 55-70 year old Native American male w/horse riding skills
  • Chinese man 70+ years old

Send photo and contact info. to: sidesfromjoedna@yahoo.com

via NM Film Office

FYI: The submission process for the “star making” role of Mattie have just closed.

If you are being considered you will hear from them by Feb. 15. Go NM!

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  • True Grit. new film by The Coen Brothers. starring Jeff Bridges. ’nuff said. trailer looks good. cannot wait !… Let’s hope HAILEE Steinfeld ably performs her role in the True Grit remake. futurecrosswordfill.

  • would like to know when and where other casting calls will be.

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