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Respective Perspective

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KPEK Radiothon

Kicking a vice? Take your lenten savings and give.

Perennial do-gooders, a.k.a. JTD are on the j-o-b, lending their voices to spotlight UNM’s Children’s Hospital. For the sixth straight year the KPEK morning crew, Jackie, Tony & Donnie is holding their annual Radiothon to benefit UNM Children’s Hospital.

JTD are now broadcasting live through February 26, from 6-6 bringing you an inside listen to the courageous fight for life & recovery from within UNM Children’s Hospital.

Take this time to give for the care and recovery of children in our community and beyond.

Click here to learn more, listen live & donate.

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Get Your Fed’ On, ABQ

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Via White Turtle Casting
Season three of USA Television series, In Plain Sight currently seeking locals to play FBI “types”, with their own suits/dress clothes.

Applicants are needed a.s.a.p. for filming Thursday.

FB Georgenea Horting Galaviz for consideration.

First timers only please. Those who’ve previously worked on the production need not apply.

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Starlight Star Bright, ABQ

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As regularly featured here, here and here, the cast & crew of New Mexico production Breaking Bad give to the community.

Steven Michael Quezada is adding another act of service to his resume by boosting New Mexico’s own film, stage and crew talent pool. Through his partnership with YDI Quezada is lending his talent and experience to a workshop for NM youth.

The Actor’s Core Program will be holding industry workshops three days a week. To participate and/or to donate to the program contact Quezada at abqjoker@yahoo.com.

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Sexy Sophisticates In Plain Sight, NM

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NMNow FilmingTV

UPDATE: As speculated, it is now confirmed that Donnie Wahlberg will appear in the season premiere. Steven Weber and Josh Cooke will also make appearances this season.

The upcoming season of USA Network’s series In Plain Sight boasts a list brimming with amazing guest stars.

The incomparible Allison Janney (The West Wing, Hair Spray, Weeds) will play a U.S. Marshall at odds with the star of the show. The gorgeous Rita Moreno (Law & Order, Ugly Betty, West Side Story) guests as the feisty aunt to Cristian de la Fuente’s character and the sultry Tess Harper (No Country for Old Men, Silkwood) will play a federal prosecutor.

The trio join IPS cast veteran, the amazing Lesley Ann Warren, supporting cast and crew (and those other two actresses).

Another amazing lady is tapped to provide the series’ soundtrack – listen for the rockin’ Liz Phair (90210, Swingtown, The Beautiful Life) when the show premieres March 31.

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On Location Creation

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Backlot adjacent, or under roof in studio this compilation of Stargate Studios ’09 green screen magic shows just how readily the stunning use of technology transforms a set shoot into a realm of infinite possibilities.

New Mexico is at the ready to tread into that realm and beyond. Encanto, the third largest supercomputer in the world housed in Rio Rancho, New Mexico – is tapped by eight different colleges and universities in the state so far, including digital film students at Santa Fe Community College.

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Will Fo do Mo’ ???

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Albuquerque native Fo Porter was visibly peeved upon her departure from the ongoing dram-saga known as America’s Next Top Model…

However there’s an ever growing list of off-the-top finishers on these competitive sur-reality shows that end-up out working and out earning their ‘superiors’.

Here’s Fo struttin’ it in a national ad campaign for Payless.

Though Fo has absconded to the coast she hails from the Q.

Let’s follow and support our girl whether she’s peddling pumps, chasing her Brady, or heading back to the newest, best place to work in entertainment.

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Update: McCormack gives back – and the bulk of the IPS cast & crew have come out in support of their host state. Nichole Hiltz? Eh…this clip of her still really chaps my hide, you?

The above videos have recently been circulating of In Plain Sight ~stars Mary McCormack and Nichole Hiltz bashing the town that feeds ’em.

©Sindication is launching a campaign to urge USA Network and the reps for both Hiltz and McCormack to do something positive for the community in which they’ve been lucky enough to be working.

In stark contrast, AMC’s Emmy winning series Breaking Bad gives back to NM all the while they are here: fundraising, featuring local wares and literally giving their life’s blood for their work.

Starz series Crash works feeding & clothing the homeless.

Megan Fox and Shai Lebeouf even look out for our area animal friends. (So, bite it Chelsea)

Join our Facebook group to speak out for your town.

Hear the controversy and feedback from McCormack herself on The Peak Morning Show today: 100.3 KPEK

UPDATE: Mac has taken to her twit account to ask her new friends at the Peak to play this two year old clip of her talking to a local t.v. station sans trash talk.

We say actions speak louder than old words and we’re asking Mac & Co. to donate to JTD’s upcoming Radiothon benefitting UNM Children’s Hospital and furthermore put some time in with The Storehouse ABQ.

USA TV Stars ABQ Smack Down on Facebook

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Pony-up if You Got the Skills

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image via 54KA.ORG

Renowned local casting agent Elizabeth Gabel is once again partnered on a NM/Coen Bros. production.

The Bros. adaptation of True Grit is currently seeking local ladies and gents with horse riding skills for paid film roles.

Register with EG Casting here or mail riding experience deets & vital stats and pics to:

Elizabeth Gabel
304 Washington SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

The film is scheduled to shoot around the Santa Fe area in March and April, with a release date projected for Christmas day.

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Valencia County Honors Wounded Warrior

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At just 22, Valencia county native Mike Malarsie is a decorated war veteran. Senior Airman Michael Malarsie received the Air Force Combat Action Medal and the Purple Heart Medal, WIA last month.

On January 3 Airman Malarsie was critically injured when an IED (improvised explosive device) exploded near his patrol. Malarsie lost his left eye, the sight in his right eye and sustained multiple head and neck injuries. Four servicemen were killed as a result of the explosion.

Michael has valiantly served his country and like so many of our esteemed servicemen and women has demonstrated strength that knows no bounds. As described by Michael’s father above, when told of the permanence of his injuries and asked if he had any questions – Michael, unable to speak due to his jaw being wired-shut for treatment simply scribed, “I just want to thank you all very much.”

On March 13 the community of Bosque Farms is rallying in support of the veteran airman. There will be a fundraiser at the Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena from noon to 7 p.m. that will include:

* Live Auction * Raffles * Door Prizes * Little League Exhibition * Car Show * Kids Jumpy *Patriot Guard Riders +

Click here for the updated list of all the events, business donations and participation details. Including your chance to donate funds toward Malarsie’s medical expenses with the purchase of your own Michael’s message tee shirt.

Keep-up with Michael in his courageous recovery and contribute to the care he deserves on the Malarsie blog.

Michael’s Message via his sister Lisa

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NM Film Yesterday, Today y Mañana

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Okay, so we’re back. We have no big, breaking info-tainment haps for you other than the news that that VD movie took #1 at the weekend box office. But here’s your all important dose of NM Film Yesterday, Today y Mañana…

Yesterday – Filmfest feature film fave Coyote County Loser shot in Roswell, NM. Billed as a “romantic comedy for the loser in all of us”, the film is currently in limited release and features NM’s Own Nelson Martinez.

Today – As we’ve been reporting, Knockout starring the pectacular Channing Tatum + is currently in production.

T’was just last week that Channing knocked Avatar out of the top spot with Dear John.

Above – a quick clip of the film shooting on the streets of Dublin last week. (Via OLV)

Mañana – Nicola Peltz (The Last Airbender) is slated to work w/ R. Patz in the upcoming indie The Unbound Captives. Start the novenas for homegirl’s safety now. There’s probably already an entire line of voodoo dolls in the little lady’s likeness à la crazed Twilightiacs.

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Valentine’s Day is for Suckers

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”My angel, the love of my life.” –Brad Pitt on (eww) Gwyneth Paltrow

“You’re my backbone. You’re a blessing. “You’re a piece of my heart. You’re the air I breathe. And you’re the strongest person I know…” –Kobe Bryant

“Making love to Angelina was like making love to a couch.” –Billy Bob Thornton

“Can You Doubt We Were Made for Each Other?” –Lyle Lovett on Julia Roberts

“I cheated on her with Kim, but it wasn’t cheating to me.” –Sean Combs on Jennifer Lopez

“I broke up with my Italian boyfriend and two weeks later he was sent to prison for fraud. I mean, we’ve all been there. Am I right ladies?” –Anne Hathaway

Blood & Bone Rings – BBC News

A really “shitty” way to say I ♥ You – Red Lasso

Say it, don’t engrave it –Molly Kalafut

Shop longer for your partner than for the dress –Forbes

Don’t stress it – have a lolly, give a lolly.

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Big Valley NM

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Hit television western The Big Valley is getting a 20-10 reboot as a big screen, feature film set to begin filming in New Mexico and partly in Michigan this May.

Sexy dogooder Susan Sarandon is reportedly in talks to play Victoria Barkley, the role of the family patriarch made famous by Barbara Stanwyck in the late ’60’s tv series.

Daniel Adams (The Golden Boys) will write and direct. Kate Edelman Johnson, daughter of Louis Edelman the original series creator will produce.

Keep it here for the latest.

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New Mexico Moon on the Block

Posted by on February 11, 2010 | 2 comments

Polaroid’s bankruptcy woes are slated to lend to an epic auction of its original photography at Sotheby’s in New York this June.

Included in the controversial “disposal” sale is the mural-sized Ansel Adams print “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico,” expected to go for $350,000.

Also expected up for auction are entire collections by Andy Warhol and Chuck Close, portraits by William Wegman, Robert Frank, David Hockney and Robert Mapplethorpe.

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From Eli to Akira

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Directors of the New Mexico production The Book of Eli, brothers Allen and Albert Hughes, have announced they will undertake the live action adaptation of the graphic novel “Akira”.

Scripted by Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby (Iron Man) the post-apocalyptic saga centers around Kaneda, the leader of a biker gang who must stop his friend, the deadly Tetsuo from his own insanity to save the lives of all around them.

The ’82 novel has already been a cult success as a feature length anime film directed by author Katsuhiro Otomo in ’88. The new film is already set to be one of two installments.

Now who does post-apocolyptic better than NM? Here’s hype-perbole, hoping the bros will be back with their Akira.

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New Mexico a Globe-go

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Zum Film “Passion Play” ist nun ein erstes Bild von Megan Fox (“Transformers”) und Mickey Rourke (“The Wrestler”) erschienen. Es ist zwar keine große News, aber zeigt zumindest dass die Dreharbeiten in New Mexico voran schreiten. –Movie Reporter

Ad un certo punto della pellicola il musicista salverà la bella Megan dalle grinfie di un gangstar, ruolo affidato a Bill Murray. Il film è attualmente in lavorazione, le riprese sono ancora in corso in New Mexico, e momentaneamente non è stata alcuna notizia ufficiale sulla data di uscita del film nelle sale. –One Cinema

Basato su una sceneggiatura di Gary Whitta e realizzato in New Mexico, Codice Genesi, titolo originale The Book of Eli, è il nuovo film di Albert ed Allen Hughes, i registi La vera storia di Jack lo squartatore. –Viva Cinema

”I was confronting the fact that at that time I lacked a little bit of spirituality, I’d neglected that side of my life.” He began meditating and spending more time at his ranch in the middle of the desert in New Mexico. ”Nature is the place where I can usually feel that kind of connection to the universe. That’s where I’m probably the most comfortable of all, being alone – I’m not someone who is particularly social, even though you wouldn’t know that.” -Tom Ford via The Age, Australia

Entre Luna Nueva y Eclipse, que filmó Remember Me, una película romántica dramática. En febrero voy a empezar en Budapest Bel Ami, con Uma Thurman y Kristin Scott Thomas. Y el próximo verano los cautivos Sin consolidar en el oeste de Nuevo México, con Hugh Jackman. Mi personaje fue secuestrada por los comanches, y no hablaba una palabra de Inglés. Son diferentes películas, yo no quiero ser un vampiro para el resto de mi vida. –Imortal Love

Musicien pour Bob Dylan, producteur pour Roy Orbison ou Elvis Costello, compositeur d’ O’Brother, T- Bone Burnett filera pour l’occasion en studio et produira la bande originale de Crazy Heart, qu’interprètera de sa plus belle voix Jeff Bridges. Le tournage débutera le mois prochain sous le soleil de plomb de Santa Fe, au Nouveau-Mexique.
Tout le cin

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Workin’ it w/the ‘Topes

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Your Albuquerque Isotopes will be holding a job fair this Saturday with Ovations Food Services offering a wide range of positions for seasonal work.

From Bat Boys, Ticket Takers, Vendors, Ticket Sales, Game Day Crew, to Cooks, Concessions, Beer Vendors and more…

The fair is open to the public and will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Isotopes Park.

Full deets and downloadable applications here.

The Albuquerque Isotopes and Ovations Food Service are Equal Opportunity Employers.

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♥From: NM ♥ To: Fashion Week w/Love♥

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New Mexico is home to fashion icon turned Oscar nominated film director Tom Ford and now a new designer darling is barreling through Fashion Week NM inspired.

Pamela Love jewelry will show at Frank Tell, Twenty8Twelve and at least three more surprise shows, then she’s off to Paris for a showing of her own at Colette.

“I’d like to go back to New Mexico for a year”, the New York based Love told Elle magazine of our state which inspired her latest collection after a recent visit here.

via Elle/paristexascopenhagen

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NM Shows at the Super Bowl

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UPDATE: Kendra Wilkinson is “reportedly” in hysterics over the Colts loss, even halting production of her show today. Editor’s note: Players on the winning team get a $73,000 bonus. Players on the losing team receive a $38,000 bonus – Hello, Reality? Perspective calling. Says, “Look at me!”

NM’s Own Hank Baskett alters the course of the Bowl in this moment when the former UNM Lobo had a tragic Colts encounter with the Saints onside kick.

Hank recently starred in the E! television network reality show “Kendra” with his wife, former Girls Next Door Star Kendra Wilkinson. The second season of the show is currently in production.

On the less humbled side of the field, fellow reality tv star Kim Kardashian (ashamed I know who she is and how to spell her name) places a staged, for the cameras impassioned kiss on her publicity stunt beau, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush after the win.

via Huffington Post

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Get Your Kasa Fox Face On!

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More ops for local talent to shine: This time as the new Face of Fox.

Kasa Fox 2 is looking for “the Face” to represent our Fox affiliate under a one year paid contract, wherein you’ll make statewide appearances, televised, online promos and commercials and appear in other media.

Create your own 2 minute audition video showcasing your “enthusiasm, personality and originality, energy, and charisma…” –kasa

Click here for full deets and instructions. And always click the ©Sindication Casting tags for the latest on New Mexico talent ops.

A peek at the shoes you’ll be filling, outgoing Face of Fox Mark Underwood

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