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Posted by on February 18, 2010

Update: McCormack gives back – and the bulk of the IPS cast & crew have come out in support of their host state. Nichole Hiltz? Eh…this clip of her still really chaps my hide, you?

The above videos have recently been circulating of In Plain Sight ~stars Mary McCormack and Nichole Hiltz bashing the town that feeds ’em.

©Sindication is launching a campaign to urge USA Network and the reps for both Hiltz and McCormack to do something positive for the community in which they’ve been lucky enough to be working.

In stark contrast, AMC’s Emmy winning series Breaking Bad gives back to NM all the while they are here: fundraising, featuring local wares and literally giving their life’s blood for their work.

Starz series Crash works feeding & clothing the homeless.

Megan Fox and Shai Lebeouf even look out for our area animal friends. (So, bite it Chelsea)

Join our Facebook group to speak out for your town.

Hear the controversy and feedback from McCormack herself on The Peak Morning Show today: 100.3 KPEK

UPDATE: Mac has taken to her twit account to ask her new friends at the Peak to play this two year old clip of her talking to a local t.v. station sans trash talk.

We say actions speak louder than old words and we’re asking Mac & Co. to donate to JTD’s upcoming Radiothon benefitting UNM Children’s Hospital and furthermore put some time in with The Storehouse ABQ.

USA TV Stars ABQ Smack Down on Facebook

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  • Funniest thing is I couldn’t pick that second chick out of a lineup of untalented, ungratefully employed actresses. Go back to L.A. and wait tables.

  • The only time Albuquerque sucks is when these two D-list “actresses” (and I use the term loosely) are in town. Frankly, those two are lucky they even have a job, considering their lack of true skill.

    Shame on them for talking trash about the town that welcomed their sorry asses here.

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