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Another One Sticks-it to the Duke City

Posted by on March 18, 2010

C-lister Donald Faison spits on the Q in some whiney remarks he made on his Twit page. Didn’t anyone teach a boy, “if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say…”. Hasn’t bro seen all the news headlines re: These Tough Economic Times?

Criminy, if only we had a buck for every time that tired ol’ phrase was used in the past calendar year we’d be back in the black and then some. The actor should stick to the script whilst he’s still got one in hand.

Shiz, Oscar winning NM Actor Jeff Bridges pimped for Hyndai and is currently hard at work in NM on True Grit. Now that’s how you do.

I guess the only way these ungrateful crybabies will learn to do instead of yap is by taking a look around – Cranston=Emmy, Bridges=Oscar.

We’ll go ahead and put out another “Open Call”: Stars ask plenty from the public in the way of support for their work, their industry and for personal and global causes. I’m sure a donation of Faison’s time or funds would be greatly appreciated by any number of deserving and much in need Community Service Organizations. Cast and crew of NM productions that regularly give back shine as fine examples for any and all who wish to get started on their giving way…

Faison is in town shooting the CBS television pilot The Odds.


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  • So, basically, everyone has to like Albuquerque, or at least pretend they do? All I read from the tweets you quoted was that Faison wasn’t exactly having a great time. Writing a full-blown article just to call someone a whiner and a crybaby over a few innocuous tweets is pretty hypocritical. Faison probably typed those few sentences without hesitation, in-the-moment, apparently with a fight going on outside adding to his stress. You wrote this article with intent, forethought, and careful consideration of your words. One is obviously more “whiny” then the other, and I’ll leave it to you to guess which is which.

    I don’t even use Twitter, and I still understand how it works. Twitter functions best when the messages sent are instantaneous, real and honest. They are reflections of “moments” in a person’s life; not the sum total of their experiences. If you have to be “on the clock” and politically correct at all times, then the concept is destroyed. Then you’re just tweeting commercials.

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