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Our Picture of the Day: NM’s Own Edition

Posted by on May 16, 2010

UPDATE 090410: Erik has really been workin’ it NM style. As the list of NM productions continues to grow so does his resume. Basically he’s kicking butt, taking names and has managed to pick-up one of NM’s most highly sought after numbers!

New Mexico Actor Erik Alfonse Hausmanis (a.k.a. EMoney) is our latest pick of the litter from the ever expanding NM talent pool.

Hausmanis strikes a riveting Jean Claudeesque pose, only new and improved and contemporary. You may have caught a glimpse of Eriks in the recent NM big screen production Did You Hear About the Morgans?, he’s also worked on the upcoming films The Loop and Let Me In.

You can get the Kalamazoo, MI transplant for your NM film and television projects through his agent Vince Pulli, A & M Agency. Follow the budding NM star on Twitter here.

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  • my brothers unlces cousins niece…! hausmanis needs to get his ass to facebook…

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