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Situation New Majico

Posted by on May 27, 2010
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Unfortunately it is not yet on the call sheet for an actual leading man or woman to helm NM government – though we came close with my beloved El Majico but alas his tenure is up.

There is a hotly contested run to take up the reigns of our state on the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) side while our resident Lt. Governor, Duchess Diane Denish will run unopposed for the Dems.

In case you don’t know who any of these candidates are here are the two Republican front runners and your Democratic choice:

Diane Denish (D)

Allen Weh (R)

Susana Martinez (R)

On June 1 you have the privilege of casting your vote in the primary election to decide who will run against the Dutchess in November to become the leader of your state.

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