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Bonanza on the Pecos

Posted by on June 12, 2010

Though the San Miguel county commish & his posse are holding Ma Huckelberry back from creating resort style lodging on his Pecos Ranch property pending a showdown at the not-okay corral (a.k.a. court) later this month, fund raising is in the cards.

You can Cartwright-up for the day or the 1/2 day by donating $125 – $500 to the Santa Fe Film Festival. Your tax deductible donation opens the gates of this modern day Ponderosa to you where like Hoss and the gang you can enjoy a real homestead experience while helping the local film making community.

The more you know New Mexico – This showcase of our land and the enchantment therein…priceless. Now let ma dogooding Huckleberry make his property as prosperous as possible! We’re looking like burros in assless chaps bucking a homeboy who does so much for his adopted home state.

And p.s. this story is going global as the ACLU is getting involved to show us how to treat a brother – global asses, just what NM needs…

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