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The Good the Bad and the Ugliest of Words

Posted by on June 22, 2010

UPDATE 06/23/10 3:00 p.m. MST “After hearing from Kilmer and those upset by his remarks, commissioners approved a permit that will let him rent guest houses at his ranch.” – Associated Press

AP Photo Kilmer attending Dennis Hopper’s Taos Memorial Ceremony 06/02/10

UPDATE 06/22/10 – Where to go to voice/vox on matters outlined below:

Via San Miguel County Website

If you’re not working, auditioning or volunteering mañana perhaps you can take the scenic drive (aren’t they all) over to San Miguel County to ☮ peacefully support Ma Huckleberry in his bid to use his own damn property in any damn way he sees fit – (esp. when it WILL bring tourism to and promote NM) as it and he are dragged-out in front of the County Commish. + angry locals.

There’s this whole ☭ hullabaloo still a brewing over controversial remarks, “dangers” to the community, even racism, etc. etc. et ACLU.

Stop the H8 people. What is this really all about? I know racism, esp. when I’m often the only chocolate cookie on a plate of white bread sandwiches at the country club.

Some people love chocolate, other people give it the side-eye like it should be relegated to the kitchen or the nanny’s quarters (Camilla knows – For shame Harvey Levin staffers, that’s Camilla’s moms! Granny not Nanny).

Now these are incendiary remarks – this out of the mouths of babes (an angry, yet ~informed, diatribe of logorrhea that holds some valid points in its simple oft/sometimes offensive remarks) This Chicky is mad – but she knows how to spell freedom of speech.

More here from the National Ledger and here from Sky News

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