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Speaking of the Back-end

Posted by on July 7, 2010 | Comments Off on Speaking of the Back-end

“Oh yeah! For every dollar Shutter Speed makes, one penny of it goes right in Joey’s pocket.” – Joey Tribiani

A role is a role, is a role – even (sometimes esp.) the non-paid ones. But, please do always take care in showing-up or even submitting for any role unless you are confident in or better yet can verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the posting party – and never, ever pay to be considered for a part or to register with a so-called “casting” site or agency. More here.

NM’s Own trusty Film Office currently lists many casting calls including the following “reverse end” and for “copy, meal and credit” roles:

1.The Stuart House Recordings“ will be holding auditions for principal and background roles.

When: July 10, 2010
Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Where: Rohovec Fine Arts Center
New Mexico State University

Looking for various people to fill required roles with line reads also accomplished on same day. Lines will be available on Thursday for the following:

Principal Roles (four spots)

Matt – Over 40 years of age
Elizabeth – Early to Mid 30’s
Heather – Early to Mid 20’s
Miyuki – 30 to 50’s of Japanese/Asian decent

Secondary roles (twelve spots)

3 Females – Mid to Late 30’s
1 Female – 40 +
2 females – Early to Late 60’s
1 Male – Early 30’s
2 Males – Mid to late 40’s
1 Male – Mid to late 60’s
2 Children – Ages 9- 13

Callbacks will be announced on Tuesday following the auditions

This is a low budget project; all contracts will be reverse end agreements.

For more information, Headshot, Resume Submittal, and Line Reading Material Request

Please Contact:
Rich Gill at richgill@ymail.com

2. “The Bigfoot Election” is seeking roles for upcoming feature film.

We are going to make a feature film from the very funny scribe and comedian, Marc Shuter. A comedy about a small ski town that is being taken over by the current Sheriff until an unlikely hero steps forward. With the beautiful Angel Fire New Mexico serving as the backdrop, this is going to be a great shoot.

Principal Roles

Amer: Male – 20 to 30
Carlin: Male – late 40’s to 60’s
Grant: Male – 30’s
Jordan: Female – 30’s
Fenner: Male – late 30’s to 50’s

Supporting Roles

Johnny Lee Martinez: Male (Hispanic) – 20 to 30
Farmer: Male – 40 to 50
Floozie: Female – 20-30
Man: Male – 30 to 40
Woman: Female – 30 to 40

We will be shooting in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Principal Photography will begin July 26, 2010 and wrap August 9, 2010.

Compensation: Copy, Meal, Credit (Accommodations will be provided for roles shooting more than one day).

Please send Headshot and Resume to ryanturri@turripictures.com

Also, please make note of the following, fellow-blog-spot of particular focus on roles for Native American Actors nationwide:

Native American Hollywood – http://nativeamericanhollywood.blogspot.com/

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World Peace

Posted by on July 7, 2010 | 3 comments

Woefully left off your Sindicator’s published list of must reads is this classic that I believe should be ranked at least number three on the list of most promoted and read books of all time (which are #1 The Bible and #2 [ironically] The Purpose Driven Life).

I’ve made mention here and there of knowing the THREE components to world peace.

Now, for the first time will I declare/suggest the full list:

1. Birth Control
2. Religious Ambiguity
3. The realization/acknowledgment that EVERYONE POOPS!!!

Seriously, here are a few simple applications:

Birth Control ≠ Spencer Pratt, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore progeny
Everyone Poops ≠ Gweneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, etc.
Religious Ambiguity + Everyone Poops ≠ War
Birth Control + Religious Ambiguity ≠ Famine, Poverty, Disease
Everyone Poops + Religious Ambiguity ≠ H8

Put a think on the most annoying people/things in your life, recurring problems you face and see for yourself if any combination of your Sindicator’s Three Components of World Peace can work for you and yours.

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