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Nash Bridges Had Profits?

Posted by on July 8, 2010 | Comments Off on Nash Bridges Had Profits?

In another fine example of why you keep working toward the work, do the work and have a good contract – today a supremo, syndicated superstar award goes to everyone’s favorite pastel suit wearing, huarache sporting, frosted tip donning, Don ‘huevos’ Johnson for winning his (law) suit against the co-creator of Nash Bridges and Rysher Entertainment which produced the show during its run from 1996-2001.

Don was awarded $23.2 million, being deemed entitled to half the show’s profits from royalties and global airings. YOWZA!

I bow-down to you “Sonny Crockett”!


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NM’s Own Women of Radio Direct to TV

Posted by on July 8, 2010 | One comment

In a grating exercise of what seems to be futility (much like listening to Kelly Ripa speaking) you can log-on to the Live With Regis and Kelly website and vote on a temporary replacement for that dehydrated bag of chicken bones (i keed, i keed).

Two of NM’s Own are hedging forward as contenders, but the field remains wide-open. Git’ on-it NM et al. Send one of our girls to take the stool next to and school the cutest little leprechaun to ever yell at you from daytime television.

Reg has often made quips about NM, like whether or not he’d need a passport to perform at one of our Casinos (hardy, har, har – how Grand Torino/Arizona of him). Well, now that and so many more national and Canadian questions re: Nuevo México can be answered if we send ’em one of ours.

Jackie James and Dana Cortez are deep in the race, but there’s still time to pick your pleasure or poison, e.g. red, green or Christmas. The freshly hyphenated Janae Herrera, Leah Black Attack and Lady Erica Viking have all been known for their good tail game.

Vote now through July 16 here. There’s also some giveaways or sweepstakes or something for voters…blah, blah, blah.

And p.s. Reg & Kell are owned by Buena Vista, which is owned by Disney and air on ABC which is owned by Disney and we lurves us some Disney in NM so, we should have dibs.

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