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Unemployed on the Web, NM

Posted by on July 31, 2010

UPDATE 11/28/10: Benny’s nabbing gobs-o-jobs and to date our Manwife needs a gig! Hmmmmmm….

Much like Hollywood of old, NYC of all time, and Cleveland as of late, being a free agent can lend to the extremes of being either very lucrative or stringless y penniless (como moi).

Here in New Mexico I found two contemporaries in the latter category both striving to make their way while ~reveling in their disenfranchisement in two very different ways:

Amassing thousands of cross country hatemongers followers with usually impeccable grammar and unbridled rage the Manwife indiscriminately bashes the desert in which his been transplanted, famously listing his location alternatingly as either ” sand hole hell” or a “cross between the face of Mars and a cat’s litter box” complete with vlogs and snarky posts of his unhappiness and misadventures as a self described “Manwife”. Both his blog and tweets alike seem to entertain many as we’ve been able to follow along while he literally counts down and comments on the many days he spends between jobs.

Conversely, NM Radio’s Big Benny runs a tighter ship and an upright one. Appealing to a local base he regales his followers, friends and fans with timely quips, observations and advice-lite. In a mix of spanglish and contempo lingo Benny relates with peers and community alike. The positive and contemplativeness in his output has led the radio DJ back to the airwaves, a virtual campaign he led after becoming chopping block fodder of ‘the man’ over a year ago.

Big Benny’s positive and amiable disposition has brought him gainful employment, through the professional and social network contacts he’s maintained but the Manwife does have his own Ads by Google under his “Pay My Bills” section as well as a Donate button.

So what ever your flavor either of these two New Mexicans have much to say for sayings sake.

And if either of these two b*tches get a book or movie deal à la that Julia Child blogette I wanna git’ ma cut for noting them!

But, p.s. the most reluctantly prolific writer, poet and philosopher of our time better get his book an’ movie deal before anyone else!

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