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Who’s on Myspace

Posted by on August 4, 2010

Actor, Composer Val E. Kilmer is that’s who…and me and YOU don’t lie!

General interests include Cate Blanchett hmmm, inneresting.

You can take a listen and download his music, there’s nary a Doors song to be found so don’t even go there for that.

But you can watch clips of movies he’s working on and stuff. You can also buy a personally designed horse blanket or something.

I’m glad to see the creative flow and really dig on the music myself, it’s very Pear Jam Just Breathe meets The Eagles Desperado.

Go Mah Huckelberry!

Hommie is also on Twitt if that’s your bag.

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  • I wish to get in contact with, directly, Mr Val E. Kilmer. Please inform him that it is I, Ferrin. It’s time more than ever to be together with me.

    I appreciated whomever forwards this his way…

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