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Tele, tele, on the wall…

Posted by on August 21, 2010
NMRadioTVVoteYour Momma

UPDATE: 8/25/10 Upon further…reflection this is a very valid example of how/why we love our newsies:

Right?!? A pay per view of these smart, handsome men+ saying such things. It would make a FORTUNE!

ICYDK Your Sindicator is a bit of a local news junkie and radio show groupie…soooooooo this lil’ contest is right up my alley.

Now, NM has enough newsie cuties to fill-up multiple years worth of camp-calendars, but this here is the current line-up of news beef-cake for your voting consideration as presented by JTD of KPEK.

No, I don’t know if they’re taking write-ins, but I do know that there is a plethora of behind the news scenes goodness including a certain a lil’ sexy and a Saint just to name a few…but for now these are your contenders for The Peak’s “Hunkiest Man Hunk” of NM t.v. news:

(g’on git’ yir vote on! It’s good practice for NOVEMBER)

News Menslideshows

and p.s. here’s a lil’ somthin’ your momma learned last night…

Regarding the mic, a male DJ might say, “swallow it” where a female DJ will say, “eat it!”


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