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Posted by on August 24, 2010

As we told you here the hugely popular, classic novel Bless Me Ultima by native New Mexican Rudolfo Anaya is big screen bound.

And as promised current casting deets (extras+ will have diff. specs) are as follows…The long and the short of it is this; SAG actors only and said SAG actors MUST be registered on Actors Access and have “Red Agency Las Vegas” added to their account.

If you’re SAG and Access ready read on for the specs on the currently listed roles…

email: deborah@redagencylv.com

Your actors access name & the role(s) you want to be submitted for & your
contact info so I do not have to hunt and look all of you up. Thanks

BLESS ME, ULTIMA (New Mexico release)
Feature Film
Must submit through a SAG Agent or Actors Access direct.

Director/Writer (Screenplay): Carl Franklin Writer (Novel): Rudolfo Anaya
Producer: Mark Johnson
Producer: Jesse B. Franklin
Producer: Sarah Dileo
Casting Director: Jo Edna Boldin C.S.A. – New Mexico Casting Associate:
Hannah Macpherson New Mexico Start Date: September 20, 2010
Location: New Mexico


tiny, weathered old woman may be small in stature, but she radiates immense
dignity and power. Although some in her superstitious community consider her
a “bruja” (witch), she’s actually a curandero, a healer with a formidable
knowledge of herbal remedies. Ultima shares a special bond with little
Antonio, the grandson she helped bring into the world, and she schools him
to have respect for the earth and all its living things. All her life,
Ultima has done battle against illness and the forces of evil, and she has
many magical tricks up her sleeve — but as Antonio later learns, her
ultimate power derives from her purely loving nature…LEAD (2)

[ANTONIO] LATIN MALE, TO PLAY 7-9 YEARS OLD (Please do not submit anyone
under 10 years old. PLEASE DO NOT RESUBMIT) This bright, thoughtful little
Latino boy has understanding beyond his years. Antonio shares an almost
mystical bond with Ultima, his elderly grandmother, who comes to live out
her final days with his family in rural New Mexico. Through Ultima, Antonio
learns a keen appreciation for the earth and all living things. When bad
things happen to the good people around him, Antonio starts to question his
Catholic faith, and ponder the nature of evil. But Ultima’s sympathy and
tolerance help him on the sometimes rocky and often sad road to
maturity…LEAD (1)

[THE VITAMIN KID] This wiry, nervous, super-speedy boy with rolling eyes
prides himself on being the fastest boy in town. He persistently beats
Antonio in their race across the bridge, but Antonio is just waiting for the
day he can finally win their contest…14 lines, at least 15 scenes (15)

[ABEL] Another vato from Las Jaros, this schoolboy is even smaller than
Antonio. Always getting smacked around by the other boys, he’s constantly
threatening to sue whoever pesters him. Later, he causes consternation when
he loses control of his bladder at the school’s Nativity play…3 speeches &
11 lines, at least 9 scenes (15)

[ANTONIO’S GRANDFATHER] This gentle old Latino man is in a state of suspense
and despair over his son’s mysterious malady. He places his trust in
Ultima’s powers — and his faith is richly rewarded…1 speech & 16 lines, 5
scenes (24)

[DEBORAH AND THERESA] Antonio’s older sisters, these young Latina girls are
obedient daughters who help their mother out around the house and accompany
her faithfully to Mass…2 speeches & 5 lines, 9 scenes; 2 speeches & 2
lines, 9 scenes respectively (2)

[MISS VIOLET] This sweet Anglo teacher takes a special shine to Antonio, her
brightest student. She helps organize the school Nativity play, which takes
an unexpectedly hilarious turn…4 speeches & 15 lines, 5 scenes (80)

[FATHER BYRNES] This no-nonsense Catholic priest catechizes the school
children. He punishes Bones for making fun of his lesson…2 speeches & 8
lines, 5 scenes (51)

[CHAVEZ] Gabriel’s friend, this distraught Latino man runs to Gabriel for
help when the insane Lupito kills his brother. Vengeful and grief-stricken,
he whips up the crowd to shoot down Lupito like a mad dog…6 speeches & 4
lines, 2 scenes (7)

[LUPITO] In his early 30s, this pitiable, obviously insane Latino war
veteran has shot Chavez’s brother, believing him to be an enemy Japanese
soldier. Cornered on the local bridge, he’s mowed down like a mad dog —
despite Marciso’s heroic efforts to save him…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene

[LEON AND EUGENE] Gabriel’s hard-drinking, restless and confused sons, they
have also just returned from fighting in World War II. They bitterly
disappoint their father when they inform him that they are moving away, and
won’t be joining him in California. Suffering from the “war sickness,” Leon
is tormented by terrible dreams until Ultima helps him…3 lines, 6 scenes;
1 speech & 5 lines, 6 scenes respectively (37)

[MISS MAESTRO] Antonio’s teacher, she escorts him to the principal’s office,
where he has an unexpected and pleasant surprise in store…1 speech & 5
lines, 4 scenes (42)

[AGNES] Antonio’s schoolmate, with a hard tongue, she is strong and has an
edge to her. She plays “Confession” with Antonio as priest. The game takes
an unexpectedly vicious turn…2 speeches & 7 lines (52)

[RITA] Antonio’s schoolmate, she plays “Confession” with Antonio as priest.
The game takes an unexpectedly vicious turn…6 lines, 2 scenes (52)

[PRINCIPAL] This big, broad, bespectacled school principal delights Antonio
with the news that he’s skipping ahead a grade…3 speeches, 1 scene (53)

[BLAS MONTANO] An honorable member of Tenorio’s mob, he demands the life of
the “witch,” Ultima — but agrees to abide by Narciso’s trial…3 speeches,
1 scene (64)

[CRUZ SEDILLO] Another honorable member of Tenorio’s mob, he agrees that he
has seen Narciso’s trial performed before, and that it works…3 speeches &
1 line, 1 scene (66)

[UNCLE MATEO] Antonio’s lively, laughing uncle, he’s the storyteller of the
family. However, tonight, he has a dire tale to tell about a recent death in
the village…5 speeches, 1 scene (71)

[UNCLE JUAN] Another of Antonio’s uncles, he is pleased with Antonio’s work
and invites him back for next summer. Later, he warns of approaching
danger…1 speech & 5 lines, 3 scenes (72)

[RED] Another of Antonio’s schoolmates, he narrates the school Nativity
pageant. Red-headed Red takes a lot of heat for being one of the only
Protestants in a mostly Catholic school…3 speeches & 7 lines, 4 scenes

[BARTENDER] This bartender tries to break up a fight between Narciso and
Tenorio — but he can’t avert impending tragedy…2 speeches & 2 lines, 1
scene (86)

[ROSIE] This heavily made-up woman is the madame at the local bordello. When
Narciso tries to warn her customer, Andrew, about impending danger, Rosie
roughly tells him to get lost…2 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (88)

[VIGIL] This state policeman is called in when Lupito kills Chavez’s
brother…1 line, 2 scenes (9)

[A MAN] This Spanish-speaking man whispers rumors about Ultima as she passes
him near the church…1 line, 1 scene (14)

[ONE OF THEM] This nervous Latina woman whispers to her friend as Ultima
passes by…1 line, 1 scene (14)

[A WOMAN] While others in the crowd denounce Ultima, this reverent Latina
woman kneels to touch the hem of her dress…1 line, 1 scene (35)

[ANOTHER MAN] Another member of Tenorio’s drunken mob, he also demands the
life of the “witch,” Ultima…1 line, 1 scene (64)

[NEEDLES] This man, who sports needles through his lower lip, assures the
mob that the needles, which are to be used in Ultima’s trial, have been
recently blessed…1 line, 1 scene (66)

[MAN IN CROWD] This Latino man yells in awe as Ultima passes her trial…1
line, 1 scene (68)

[MATEO’S WIFE] This Latina woman protests her husband Mateo’s horrifying
prediction…1 line, 1 scene (72)

delight as the Nativity play goes hilariously awry…1 line, 1 scene apiece
(83) & (84)

[ONE OF THE MEN] This Spanish-speaking bar patron also tries to break up a
fight…1 line, 1 scene (86)

[JUNE] This schoolgirl girl is shocked by Florence’s sacrilegious
statement…1 line, 1 scene (99)

[ONE OF THE PARENTS] This proud parent excitedly awaits the First Holy
Communion service…1 line, 1 scene (103)

[LIFEGUARD] This lifeguard works valiantly but hopelessly to revive a
drowning victim…1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene (110)

[TREMENTINA DAUGHTERS] 30s to early 40s. Tenorio’s daughters, these evil
witches wail as they ride through the town with their sister’s body, which
must be buried, shamefully, in unholy ground…no lines, at least 1 scene

STORY LINE: Set in rural New Mexico circa the mid 1940s, this story
chronicles the coming of age of young ANTONIO, who witnesses sad events that
make him question his faith and the nature of evil. Helping him on the rocky
road to manhood is his elderly grandmother, ULTIMA, a “curandera” who
possesses formidable knowledge of herbs and healing, but whose ultimate
power derives from her loving sympathy for the earth and all its


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