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Ummmm, HELLO!

Posted by on August 25, 2010

Ummmmm okay, so WWE makes movies – I did not know this. And it looks like before this hawt former wrestler hits the city otro vendrá…

WWE’s latest production, currently titled Blood Brothers is slated for a 2012 release. The movie is set to shoot in the Q starting in early October. Woot!

John Cena (uh, humina humina, above) will star in the story of three brothers, a Police Officer (Cena), a Bail Bondsman and a thief seeking a reward the FBI has offered for the return of a kidnapped American billionaire being held in a Mexican dungeon (because we play that and the apocalypse so well).

The PW Insider exclusively reports that this is the first WWE film…that has not been shot in New Orleans (one of our top competitors in film production).

As always more deets to follow, ollow, ollow…

Here’s the cute, muscley goodness on hosting duty at TMZ just a few weeks ago: (¡Bienvenida a Albuquerque!)

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  • The link you have for Blood Brothers is incorrect. The Blood Brothers currently listed on Imdb.com for a 2012 release is from Spyglass Entertainment & is a buddy comedy about two of the earth’s last remaining vampires who have grown to be friends over 1000 years and are now living in Miami. We have not yet submitted the WWE’s listing for our movie called Blood Brothers.

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