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Jesus Photobombs Pres. in NM

Posted by on September 28, 2010 | One comment

Check-it! The Lord’s name, or the son of God or whatever…One of NM’s Own purdy butterflies jets by our Pres. every time he says Jesús.

“Damn” if everyone ain’t coming to NM lately! Go New New Mexico!

p.s. Erryone pls. msg. Brian Williams here or here to inform a brother that that is a Ristra…red hot chile peppers!?!

¡Ay dios mio!

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Demi Breaking Back?

Posted by on September 27, 2010 | 4 comments

May-haps if guided by the lights of Alien aircraft en route to Roswell, teamed with visuals of the Q we now know Demi has mind-banked (thanks to the confirmation that she watches the Emmy winning NM Production Breaking Bad)…we have a chance of NM’s Own Demi Gene Guynes finding her way back to her home state in support of the local film industry.

Norma Jeane worked at home

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Tea is the new Kool-Aid

Posted by on September 25, 2010 | One comment

From sea to shinning sea – not so much. More like from G.O.P. to OPP.
You’ll pick my religion, my life partner and reign over my body?!?!?

“No big Government”, EXCEPT for no separation of church and state, no gender or orientation equality, and no choice!

Whatever your label, don’t scream “No big Government” with one face and force your religion, orientation and hypocrisies on my body, heart and soul out the other!

If the money you’re incensed over is stamped “in MY God only we trust”, you don’t agree that we’re free to love he or she, and you want to regulate the very body that is me, then I cannot drink your tea, join your GOP or ignore your OPP.

Tea for two in New Mexico? No.

Not for equality
Not for public education
Not for NM Film
Not for renewable energy and technology
Not for me…


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Hammer, Hammer & Bros. Know New Mexico

Posted by on September 24, 2010 | 2 comments

This is the just released teaser trailer for Hammer’s forthcoming NM Film, The Resident as ~chronicled here.

The Resident starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hilary Swank and Christopher Lee is scheduled for release later this year.

This is the newest Television promo for Hammer Films NM Production, Let Me In. All your ©Sindicated coverage here, including the full length red band trailer.

Let Me In starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloe Moretz and Richard Jenkins opens October 1.

The press tour is set to commence for this Warner Bros. New Mexico movie.  Ger your fully ©Sindicated production coverage here, including the full length theatrical trailer.

Due Date starring Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, Zach Galifianakis, Michelle Monaghan opens November 5.

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A King & His Court Living by Golden Rule

Posted by on September 24, 2010 | One comment

UPDATE: Eldorado High School wins their homecoming game 29 to 21

We would all be remiss to allow an event demonstrating such respect and equality, rarer than should be, simply pass us by:

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Eldorado High School Crowns Young Man with Down Syndrome Homecoming King

“Abe Assaad was crowned Homecoming King in a coronation ceremony held in Eldorado High School’s gym today. Assaad, who has Down syndrome, was happy just to be named to the Homecoming Court. To be crowned king was more than he ever imagined.

As the announcement of King was made, Assaad immediately jumped up and yelled, “That’s me!’ Then, as he made his way to the front of the stage, his knees buckled and he collapsed face down on the floor. Looks of concern soon evaporated from on-lookers faces as Assaad could be heard saying, “I did it! I’m King!” After a moment, he regained his feet and, with a million-watt smile, claimed his robe, crown and scepter to a standing ovation by the student body.

Assaad, who is active in Special Olympics, Best Buddies, DECA, and drama, finds the experience inspiring. “Being King at Eldorado is awesome! I get to wear a crown, and a cape and I get to stand in pictures with a lot of hot babes. At Eldorado, it’s cool. It doesn’t matter who you are if you just do your best and try hard, people respect you,” said Assaad.

Assaad’s senior escort was Ms. Alex Griffith. Assaad’s parents credit her for much of the success their son has achieved over the years. “Alex has been a good, loyal friend and sort of head cheerleader for Abe since middle school,” said Vicki Assaad, Abe’s mother. “She’s been there for the most important moments of his life. She has always seen Abe as a worthwhile person. Her gift is that she’s able to see beyond his disability to the person underneath. She has been instrumental in the acceptance of Abe by others, both at school and beyond.”

Assaad and the other members of the Eldorado Homecoming Court will be introduced during half-time at tonight’s Eldorado versus Cibola High School at Wilson Stadium. Kickoff is slated for 7:00pm.”


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Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on September 24, 2010 | 2 comments

Git’ the teaser here

As heard on Coyote 102.5 September 24, 2010

Weekend picks:
Comedy Friday – Tonight is Comedy Night at Howie’s Sports Page with James Marrow, Michelle McGregor, Sarah Kannedy, Matt Peterson and their headliner…Roger”Rodney Dangerfield” Peterson!! Doors open at 7:30 Montgomery & Tramway

Time Travel Saturday with The Fall Follies Burlesque Extravaganza! The night of Burlesque is Downtown at Low Spirits and promises Burlesque Queens; Belly Dancing Wonders, Hot Jazz, Thrills, chills, and amazing sideshow treats! Hmmm, sounds freaky, sexy, cool…

Salsa Sunday w/a Salsa Social – 3 solid hours of SALSA starting at 6 w/the 5 most important things to know in Salsa! Open dancing at 8 w/ DJ Pancho and a performance by Evelyn D and The Salsa-Babies! at Salsa Baby Dance Studio, 307 Central Ave NW.

Casting for the feature film Bless Me Ultima, and the sure to be sexy WWE movie Blood Brothers are in full swing both films are casting multiple ages and ethnitcities – Bless Me Ultima is also looking for vintage cars for the Santa Fe shoot Oct 29th thru Nov 3rd.

Casting & productions are very much alive in NM for now! Keep-up with us at OneHeadlightInk.com where we post as they happen – the globe (right) is watching – get it first New Mexico!

Quote…Unquote Inc. with UNM Continuing Education are offering a certificate course in TV Production. The 6 session training includes studio camera operation, overhead grid lighting, screen production equipment, audio boards AND Registration includes one year annual membership to equipment and facilities meets November 1 – Dec. 6 $199

If you want to sharpen your craft or break into comedy NM’s Own actor/writer/director/COMEDIAN extraordinaire Steven Michael Quezada of TV’s Emmy Winning Breaking Bad is putting on a 4 wk. comedy workshop concluding with a live performance on Nov. 12 as with pretty much anything the Quezadas do the workshop benefits the community by supporting YDI’s Actors Core program! Register here. Steven Michael Quezada

Shout Outs: NM’s Own Actress/Model/Sign Language Interpreter Diana Gaitiria will be signing The Red Carpet Celebration of Latinos in the Media. This 1st Annual Event presents Awards to Latinos supporting the Film Community here in New Mexico – October 8 at the ABQ Convention Ctr.

NM Actor Jesus Jr. just booked a role on Blood brothers, my “Mucho Mas” Manny Baca is on stage and screen for Bless me Ultima & two local child actors were bumped from extras to speaking roles on Disney’s now wrapped Lemonade Mouth – go NM!

And not to mention (except to mention) three time Emmy Winner Bryan Cranston has said he’s set to host SNL October 2

When you tune in to Erica on Monday she’ll be joined live, in studio by the the hosts of the MAKING STRIDES ART BENEFIT PARTY 2010, the event will raise funds and awareness for the fight against cancer. Tuesday, September 28 · 6:00pm – 10:00pm at The Place in Nob Hill.

Listen to the Q Spot every Friday with me & my girl Erica Viking on Coyote 102.5

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Picture of the Day

Posted by on September 22, 2010 | Comments Off on Picture of the Day

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Nospheratu in the Q

Posted by on September 21, 2010 | 2 comments

N. Mex don’t need no stinkin’ pappos! This ©Sindicated Fan Photo, captured the skittish Fright Night star who’s none-too-fond of a renegade camera’s lens. But no doubt this shutter-bug was as frightened by the sight of the reclusive stud as he happened to pass ’em by in Albuquerque en route to another day at the office last week…

Looking good Jerry! Nothing new to see here, Farrell’s a sexy mess as usual in tight jeans, pointed toe boots and appears to favor the crips over the bloods


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What’s App.’ening ABQ

Posted by on September 21, 2010 | 2 comments

Just 10 days and counting (literally) until the Albuquerque International Balloon FIESTA is upon us once again! Don’t call it the Balloon Festival, but do grab the app. that is your officially mobile guide to ALL things Fiesta!

From New Mexico based APPCityLife™, Inc., ABQCityLife is your ultimate iPhone guide to the Q. Git’ your maximum Balloon Fiesta experience ON here!

“Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Licensed Guide:
We’re working closely with the Balloon Fiesta to bring you free mobile content for the world’s largest Hot Air Balloon event. Access the complete schedule, buy tickets, map Park and Ride locations, check out maps, and find out what to do and where to stay during your visit. And best of all, we’ll be working with Balloon Fiesta officials to bring you on the fly notices about events. Know immediately if an event has been delayed or canceled or if the show will go on as scheduled, so opt in for Notifications to gain instant access to exclusive notices.”

iTunes, App. City Life

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Hollywood, New Mexico Adjacent

Posted by on September 20, 2010 | One comment

Film in Lincoln County – filmlcnm.org

There actually is a Hollywood, NM. Nestled between the Lincoln National Forrest, Ruidoso and Cloudcroft you’ll find Hollywood 88345- and we’re primed & at the ready for YOUR NM Productions.

One of our great state’s candidates for Gov. come Nov. may not be so ready to aknowledge & maintain N. Mex as a leader in North American film production but Double, double toil and trouble be damned (or at least not be elected post-primary) because from So. Nem. to N. 25 and everywhere in-between we say, GO NEW MEXICO!

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They Mated

Posted by on September 20, 2010 | One comment

UPDATE 1/26/11: According to multiple outlets, including the LA Times, Penny and Javie have welcomed a son into the world! ¡Felicidades!

Penny Cruz/Javier Bardem/Progeny Projections

Besides both having starred in New Mexico movies (All the Pretty Horses & No Country for Old Men) and a pair of Oscars between them…

Penelope “I told my father we were lovers,” Cruz and Javier “Friendo” Bardem have congealed their DNA and now the world wonders what that co-mingling will yield.

Thanks to the fun and good times found at Morph Thing we have a visual guesstimate of the {adorbs} offspring soon to be and down the road.
Congratulations & best wishes!

Here’s Bardem (below) in Spain last night, with NM res. Julia Roberts for the Eat Pray Love premiere, fielding a rush of questions re: the “very happy” news! – via the Daily News/Getty Images

for Jamie

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Extras, Extras

Posted by on September 19, 2010 | 4 comments

UPDATE 10/07/10:
“THIS IS A RUSH CALL – this is for the WWE FILM “BLOOD BROTHERS- IF YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE TODAY we need cars also on Saturday -if this is you or know anyone please call us ASAP 505/366-9863” – OLC

UPDATE 10/06/10: ALBUQUERQUE Extras Notice “Blood Brothers” for Thursday 10/7/10: MEXICAN/HISPANIC men and women with BEAT-UP or OLDER CARS. Ages 21-60. MUST have an older car in not so great condition and have the WHOLE day free. IF not in OLC database, send email to: onlocationcasting@yahoo.com with subject line BEAT-UP CARS. If in O…LC database, post here with year/make/model/color of vehicle and we will contact you.

UPDATE 10/01/10: ALBUQUERQUE Extras Notice “Blood Brothers” for TUESDAY 10/5/10 AND TUESDAY 11/2/10. MUST be available BOTH dates. FBI, ATF, DEA Agents and Mexican Soldiers – Male, all ethnicities, clean-cut, military/law enforcement experience preferred, professional with own suits. MUST be in OLC database. Post here and we will call you on Monday to book you if you are right for this part. – OLC

As we told you here this pretty bag o’ muscles (above) is NM bound. Shooting on the WWE feature Blood Brothers starring John Cena is moving forward and currently ramping-up extras casting.

To be considered for these roles you must be registered in the OLC database (if you’re not already), register for FREE here.

On Location Casting just announced:

“We are getting ready to begin casting Paid EXTRAS for the WWE Feature Film “Blood Brothers” to be filmed in the ALBUQUERQUE, NM area from 10/5/10-11/1/10.

We will be in the office for this project starting on 10/1/10 – office number will be posted once we are moved in.

We will be looking for ALL types, ALL ages of local New Mexico/Albuquerque area talent to work on this project. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!! **If you are already registered with us – please DO NOT fill out another profile, you will automatically be considered for this project! PLEASE make sure you log-in to your profile and update all contact information, special skills, resume, vehicle info, etc.

Full deets… » Read the full post

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How to Score a D in the Q

Posted by on September 19, 2010 | 3 comments

Memmer that SATC episode where Carrie taught that ill advised class on ‘dating’ at the NYC learning annex, you memmer…Well this is like that, but better.

Local woman about town – really, she knows all about Albuquerque as she is the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, Director of Event Planning and featured speaker for Ignite New Mexico, @misskristelle a.k.a. Kristelle Siarza takes to the stage to share her expert 5 minutes on dating in the Q.

Your ©Sindicator would also like to add the following locations on where to meet prospects:

  • Book Store
  • Lowe’s
  • Comic Book Stores or other nerd friendly environments; Comic Con, Midnight Sci-Fi Releases, etc. (not anime porn forums)
  • Auto parts stores
  • Fund raising events (non political)
  • Casting Calls

And remember, obtuse is the new charming and too Charming often means, “I’m cheating on you!” – ©Sindication

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The Noose is Loose

Posted by on September 18, 2010 | Comments Off on The Noose is Loose


Local news, and the social net are all abuzz with both outrage and outcries from the Albuquerque community, who seem ready to hang middle school teacher Kathi Hunter for her hefty crop of “medicinal” greens.

In the very same broadcast after the breaking news of Hunter’s arrest, condemnation, banishment, etc., etc., one of the next stories straight off the teleprompter was some fluff liner about the (and I quote), “antics” of “actress” Lindsay Lohan (tra, la, la, la, la, ha, ha antics, tee, hee, hee).

So kiddies, feel free to watch mediawhores at their finest like Parasite Hilton (allegedly) smuggle coca in her cocha across international borders; Coca Lohan drive drunk, fail court ordered drug treatment/testing, etc., etc., and Kardashian Family post porn gazillion dollar payoffs.

Official ©Sindicated Statement: It’s illegal, it was wrong. (butsoisdrivingandtalkingonyourgoddamncellphone)

“And also too” – Sheri Shepard
We have violent crime parolees, double digit DWI offenders, child molesters, hard core narcotics dealers, corrupt public officials and cracked out chitlins addicted to the surplus of your Nana’s Rx cabinet walking our streets but throw away the key on this memaw looking pot head.

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Video of the Day – Double Feature

Posted by on September 17, 2010 | One comment

UPDATE 7/6/11: Apparently this is happening and people care, Chipotle “Mexican” Grill has announced they will be opening two locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Y’all know how I feel about this…

“TWO Chipotle Mexican Grill locations are opening this Fall in Albuquerque!!! Paseo del Norte/San Pedro (Near 5 Guys) and Menaul/Lousiana (Uptown)!!!” – Erin, Beautiful Facebooker & Local Chipotle Enthusiast

“Yep, first one should open around the end of October, if all goes well.” – Joe, Chipotle Guy via Facebook

American ingenuity at its finest – in a series of (bring-on-the-yawns) segments GMA gives us a behind the scenes look at the geniuses behind some successful U.S. businesses. Above, Bianna Golodryga takes a look in my grandma’s pantry, I mean at the astoundingly simple success of Chipotle Mexican Grill (heave).

Bianna needs to eat more and be mystified less, girl used to be so purdy now she’s looking like a flea market, parts bin, Brats doll knockoff, with her giant head and spaghetti stick limbs.

P.S. that’s called a WIC approved list of food items; block cheese, onions, beans, rice, tortillas – HELLO! Damn I hate when gringos steal from Mexicans and make bank on it.

This high-lariously gross crap that’s in your makeup story was much more entertaining! How can you not smile at dried whale vomit?

and p.p.s. I guess I can’t complain about the gringos too much. They take their own white-trash stuff and call it Messican too!

!hola! – cheese whiz, potted meat, canned bean dip, cheetos with cinnamon instead of cheese dust for dessert and gallons of Mountain Dew – !Horale run for the hills border (press play on the Deliverance theme song in your head in 3-2-1)!

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Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on September 17, 2010 | Comments Off on Your Friday Q Spot

Git’ teased

As Heard on Coyote 102.5 September 17, 2010

The Duke City Darlins and Archetype Dermagraphic Studio/Gallery present “Domestic Disturbance” at the Launchpad 8 p.m. $5 for 5 awesome bands – Voice of December, Caustic Lye, When Darkness Falls, The Ground Beneath & Simphonic Plague!

The show benefits S.A.F.E. HOUSE New Mexico Where they shelter and empower survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner abuse & work to improve NM’s response to this violence.

These hot ladies put on incredible events always benefiting the community much more info on them coming soon…

The second of the new ABQ Tolley Company’s special Trolleywood Tours is this Saturday with special guest guide Rebecca “Puck” Stair, a NM Film location manager who’s worked on local Productions including:
Sunshine Cleaning, 3:10 to Yuma, No Country For Old Men, Fan Boys, Due Date, The Killer Inside Me, The Spy Next Door, Terminator Salvation, Gamer

Casting and the rest of our weekend recs >>> » Read the full post

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Tiger Eyes Casting, NM

Posted by on September 16, 2010 | 2 comments

As we told you here the Judy Blume novel Tiger Eyes is being committed to film and is set to begin shooting October 15 here in NM.

Barden Schnee Casting is NOW taking electronic submissions for the following role:

20 years old, Hispanic/Native American, handsome, well-built, smart who carries the weight of being the first in the family line to go to go college. And some college: he’s going on full scholarship to Cal Tech, studying to be a physicist. However, his father is coming to the end of his life and Wolf has come back to be with him. A private person, Wolf spends much time hiking in the canyons around Los Alamos. It is here he first meets Davey, whom he comes to know as Tiger. Their connection is immediate despite her prickly introduction. For the longest time he doesn’t understand that she is walking through the same grief he is. But once he learns of her loss he invites her to the Pueblo, to a Native American “Making of Relations Ceremony” that he is part of. It is a reminder for both of them that they are part of a larger whole; that life goes on and is not lived alone… – LEAD

STORYLINE: After the senseless murder of her father, 16 year-old DAVEY WEXLER struggles to accept the loss. At the invitation of an aunt and uncle, she and her mother and little brother travel to New Mexico in hopes that a change of location will help. But for Davey, it’s only made things more confusing, leaving her feeling isolated.

Submit directly, at www.actorsaccess.com

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Lemonade Upgrades

Posted by on September 15, 2010 | 6 comments

Via On Location Casting, Albuquerque:

“CONGRATULATIONS go out to CHIARA BROKAW and NICHOLAS MARTINEZ – two of our New Mexico OLC extras who were upgraded to speaking roles on the set of the Disney project “Lemonade Mouth” in Albuquerque, NM this last month. Nice to see some of our younger talent getting recognized!” – OLC

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Casting Call Bless Me Ultima

Posted by on September 15, 2010 | 10 comments

UPDATE 9/22/10 CASTING SANTA FE, NM: “Hispanic and Caucasian children from 1st grade to 6th grade and High school teens to be in a school scene in Bless Me Ultima from Oct 29th 2010 thru Nov 3rd 2010 [needed].

…Adult Hispanics to be in a Chuch scene, Farm scene and angry mob scene in Bless Me Ultima from Oct 7th thru Dec 8th 2010

…Cars and trucks dating from 1930 thru 1944 for background in Bless Me Ultima from Oct 4th thru Dec 8th 2010”

Marian Hall, 3rd Floor
224 East Palace Drive
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

E-mail: blessmeultima10@gmail.com for additional information.
Or contact Robert Baxter at (505) 310-3404

UPDATE 9/18/10: NEXT CALL >> Another open call for northern N. Mex.

“Bless Me, Ultima! is having a casting call. We are looking for all ages and all ethnicities!

When: Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Where: Abiquiu Elementary School, Hwy 84

Abiquiu, New Mexico 87510

If you are interested in being in the movies come to the casting call.

Or contact Robert Baxter at (505) 310-3404

E-mail: blessmeultima10@gmail.com for additional information.”

From the New Mexico Film Office

Bless Me, Ultima! is having a casting call. We are looking for all ages and all ethnicities!

When: Saturday, September 18th

Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Where: Marian Hall

224 East Palace Drive

Santa Fe

If you are interested in being in the movies come to the casting call or contact Robert Baxter at (505) 310-3404 or e-mail

bbaxbox@yahoo.com for additional information.

» Read the full post

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Wholly NM Award Winner

Posted by on September 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Wholly NM Award Winner
AwardsFilmIndie FilmNM

From i-Newswire:

Becoming Eduardo was recently nominated for Best Feature Film at the prestigious Burbank International Film Festival. The Festival has a good reputation for serving as a platform for emerging and talented filmmakers such as Director, Rod McCall and Producer, Brad Littlefield.

Presented by Open Range Pictures, in association with The Creative Media Institute, Becoming Eduardo has already won numerous awards, most recently, the New Mexico Film Festival Award. The film has also picked other awards, including the Milagro Award at the Santa Fe Film Festival and went on to receive several others including, The Tamalewood Award for Best Latin Film; The Audience Choice Award and Best New Mexico Film award at the White Sands Film Festival. “I’ve always maintained that as long as this film touches another young life, and helps someone avoid experiencing pain or mistakes, the project was worthwhile” said Littlefield. He further commented, “I am so deeply honored that our film has gone on to receive the respect, admiration and recognition of the greater film community.”

Film industry veterans, Elizabeth Pena and A Martinez and Julian Alcaraz,(the Latino Marlon Brando) alongside Elizabeth Blanco and Mike Dunay were the combined elements for bringing this story to life as well as infusing their rich American/Hispanic heritage.
» Read the full post

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