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Tiger Eyes Casting, NM

Posted by on September 16, 2010

As we told you here the Judy Blume novel Tiger Eyes is being committed to film and is set to begin shooting October 15 here in NM.

Barden Schnee Casting is NOW taking electronic submissions for the following role:

20 years old, Hispanic/Native American, handsome, well-built, smart who carries the weight of being the first in the family line to go to go college. And some college: he’s going on full scholarship to Cal Tech, studying to be a physicist. However, his father is coming to the end of his life and Wolf has come back to be with him. A private person, Wolf spends much time hiking in the canyons around Los Alamos. It is here he first meets Davey, whom he comes to know as Tiger. Their connection is immediate despite her prickly introduction. For the longest time he doesn’t understand that she is walking through the same grief he is. But once he learns of her loss he invites her to the Pueblo, to a Native American “Making of Relations Ceremony” that he is part of. It is a reminder for both of them that they are part of a larger whole; that life goes on and is not lived alone… – LEAD

STORYLINE: After the senseless murder of her father, 16 year-old DAVEY WEXLER struggles to accept the loss. At the invitation of an aunt and uncle, she and her mother and little brother travel to New Mexico in hopes that a change of location will help. But for Davey, it’s only made things more confusing, leaving her feeling isolated.

Submit directly, at www.actorsaccess.com

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  • I remember reading this book as a kid. It was one of my favorite Judy Blume books. I think I read them all.

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