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Tea is the new Kool-Aid

Posted by on September 25, 2010

From sea to shinning sea – not so much. More like from G.O.P. to OPP.
You’ll pick my religion, my life partner and reign over my body?!?!?

“No big Government”, EXCEPT for no separation of church and state, no gender or orientation equality, and no choice!

Whatever your label, don’t scream “No big Government” with one face and force your religion, orientation and hypocrisies on my body, heart and soul out the other!

If the money you’re incensed over is stamped “in MY God only we trust”, you don’t agree that we’re free to love he or she, and you want to regulate the very body that is me, then I cannot drink your tea, join your GOP or ignore your OPP.

Tea for two in New Mexico? No.

Not for equality
Not for public education
Not for NM Film
Not for renewable energy and technology
Not for me…


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