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Ode to Susana: Runaway Wagon Wrangler?

Posted by on December 27, 2010

UPDATE 1/10/11: It was announced today that New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez proposes DECREASING the NM Film Tax Subsidy to 15% from the current 25%…

It is just as unlikely that Governor-elect Susana Martinez will up and abandon her post as the head of our great state, as it is that she would be relegated to Reality TV infamy – ours is leading-lady material – Will she step-up to the role?

Sometimes starlets don’t have the right people around them à la Loca Lohan, and sometimes they’ve got a few screws loose à la Debra Winger.

Well NM can’t afford to let our latest star fall. Come Jan. 1 our principal player is Susana Martinez, when she takes center stage as our new Governor. We will then be her cast & crew – this show hinges on her success so let’s get behind her and in front of her – at the sound stage that is the Roundhouse.


Early this month Los Angeles flexed its tax incentives to try to curb the industry’s blood letting into the runaway Chuck Wagon that’s made so many trips here to New Mexico – Make sure our leading lady and her round house know you want them to hold these reins and keep a wrangle on what’s ours!

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