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State Address Pits Film Against Classroom

Posted by on January 18, 2011

UPDATE 1/19/11: KOB-TV Fact Check on *hot button statement in Governor Martinez’s State of the State ATTACK ON FILM Address here.

While Louisiana, Texas and the very birthplace of “Hollywood”, among other states ramp-up their Film Incentives (already landing several projects that have pulled out of NM due to the uncertainty of state film futures) to COMPETE with New Mexico, our new leader proposes lowering our incentives and ranking as a leader in global Film Production, i.e. sending NM film jobs and revenue to our competitors.

“In order to protect classroom spending in education and basic health care for those most in need we must find savings elsewhere. That’s why I propose reducing the state’s film subsidy from 25 percent to 15 percent, which is where it first started. This has been incorrectly referred to as a tax credit. It has nothing to do with taxes. The way it works is when a film is made in the state, New Mexico taxpayers cover 25 percent of the costs. It’s a simple and straight-forward subsidy – 25 cents on the dollar. And it’s been taken advantage of … One film company spent $100,000 chartering an actor’s private jet and New Mexico *taxpayers paid $25,000 of it.

–  Governor Susana Martinez, State of the State Address 1/18/11  Source

This very intentional and direct link obviously means that there is absolutely no other way to provide health care and improve education in the state but to effectively annihilate the New Mexico Film Industry…

Except for maybe those ideas forwarded to our Governess upon her invitation to do so (@ CutWasteTips@state.nm.us) that are not being taken into consideration.

Let’s send film into the open arms of the 43 other states clamoring for it before any comprehensive “audits” of the programs, which she campaigned on, are conducted…

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