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Posted by on March 3, 2011

UPDATE 3/8/11:

“We are hurting the one growth industry in New Mexico by imposing such a cap without adequate information, so I am working to take it off during our Senate work on the budget. The Governor needs to hear from you about this to avoid a veto if we are successful in changing this in the budget.” – Jerry Ortiz y Pino, State Senate Dist. 12 on 3/5/11

UPDATE 3/3/11: via Nicholas D. Ward – “I am finding that DIRECTLY stating the fact that were the $45M cap to be currently in place, Avengers alone would eat $37.5M, or 83.333% of the $45M cap is actually making people in the legislative offices take a pause. PLEASE CALL AND DISCUSS THIS DIRECTLY WITH YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! GIVE THEM THIS TALKING POINT!”

“We need to stay competitive and $45 million is $15 million below what we spend, so we’re sending a huge message saying get out of New Mexico,” said Keller. “Make no mistake, the film credit is about jobs, and its being towed into politics because there are $1.5 billion in credits we are giving to other industries and no one is talking about those.” Senator Tim Keller


“Tough day. The House voted to cap the film program in New Mexico, despite   warnings that it would kill film in New Mexico. My amendment to raise the cap from $45m to $60m barely failed, with two Dems voting with the Rs. Then, the House failed to pass my amendment to apply the same $45 million cap to oil and gas industry subsidies and tax breaks. The Governor has won a battle in her war to kill film in New Mexico.”
– Rep. Brian Egolf 3/2/11

It’s not too late. Everyone in that roundhouse works for YOU New Mexico. Join The Motion Picture Association and countless other groups and organizations in fighting for fairness and the future of Local Jobs, Arts Education & Vocational Training that NM Film has built.

Contact YOUR members of the Senate Finance committee and ask for their reasonable and responsible support. Ask them to aid our Gorverness in keeping her word to allow for a full and complete review of NM Film BEFORE making any changes – as promised.

John Arthur Smith
505) 986-4365

Carlos Ciscneros
505) 986-4362

Rod Adair
(505) 986-4385

Pete Campos
(505) 986-4311

Carroll Leavell
(505) 986-4278

Howie Morales
(505) 986-4863

Steven Neville
(505) 986-4701

Gerald Ortiz y Pino
(505) 986-4380

Mary Kay Papen
(505) 986-4270

Nancy Rodriguez
(505) 986-4264

Sue Wilson Beffort
(505) 986-4395

Ask why the pocket lining special interest groups & predatory lenders aren’t being held to the same ATTACK accountability – oh wait, I suppose the answer is in the question. And it just isn’t right. Do your part to make it right – may the voices of many reason with the few elite who hold the fate of thousands of existing NM jobs and the future of building a sustainable work force for generations to come in their hands.

john.smith@nmlegis.gov, carlos.cisneros@nmlegis.gov, radair@dfn.com, petecampos@newmexico.com, leavell4@leaco.net, howiemorales@yahoo.com, nmsenate@msn.com, jortizyp@msn.com, marykay.papen@nmlegis.gov, nancy.rodriguez@nmlegis.gov, sue.beffort@nmlegis.gov

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