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Jackamoe, Drinks & Jams

Posted by on April 3, 2011

More fun than a night with Charlie Sheen…click here for an R-rated review of what happened with the violent torpedo of nonsense that was unleashed on Detroit last night, read below for a recap on a night out in ABQ to see one of NM’s finest.

We were spared the billy club, by managing to stay on the good side of one Goodfella who keeps all things and all people in-line at the Los Ranchos area hidden valley steakhouse, we were served amazingly shaken and stirred beverages by the cracker-jack staff in the jazz club and we were bathed up close & personal in the transcendent jams of the incomparable, the one, the only, Ryan McGarvey.

Vernon’s definitely delivers that prohibition era, speakeasy feel they purport, complete with a wide array of characters, both staffed and hosted – we saw all manner of people from crazy and sexy, to charming and cool.

But far and away what more than met our already high expectations, of the featured performer who we’ve seen rise in rank and expertise over the years, was the fact that “ain’t nobody got nothing” on Mr. McGarvey.

From Beethoven to Vaughn, comparisons will continue be made but none will suffice, and in this most intimate view we’ve ever had of McGarvey and his beloved band mates, any praise we’ve heaped on him before was solidified yet now seems insufficient and we could not recommend strongly enough that you catch your own glimpse of this New Mexico star.

Video coming soon…

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