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Corey & Logan: Excellent Avenger Adventure

Posted by on April 5, 2011

UPDATE April 8, 2011: LOGAN IS IN!!

New Mexico Film made global news when Marvel’s Avengers decided on NM to follow in the superhero footsteps of Thor and so many other successful New Mexico productions.

We watched our own visitor globe light-up with inquiring minds wanting-in on this, the largest production the state has ever seen. One query came from a fellow in Norfolk, VA who said:

“I would just like to verify that this is open to non-NM residents also. About to buy a plane ticket.” – Corey, VA

And buy plane ticket(s) they did! Below is the synopsis from just one dynamic duo who made their way across the country for the Avengers casting call in Albuquerque, NM a couple weeks ago and a review of their trip that the The New Mexico Tourism Department could/should be proud of!

Big ups to those ABQ businesses that got special shout-outs from our cherished guests, sirs Corey & Logan! Here is their story:

On a normal Tuesday night like any other, I received a text message from my friend Logan saying: “Want to go to New Mexico this weekend to try to be extras in the Avengers movie?” I immediately had to call. “Are you for real?!?”

Yeah, he was for real. As soon as I saw the web posting, I couldn’t book a flight and hotel fast enough. We got our schedule set up and were leaving that Thursday morning. Nothing like the last minute, huh?

After two flights and a layover occupied with nothing but comics and sleep, we finally get from Norfolk, Virginia to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We just hung out at the hotel that night and talked about how awesome of a situation this was: in a completely different state across the country and just being where they were going to film The Avengers! I mean, it’s THE AVENGERS, man! Couldn’t sleep too well that night through all the excitement, but managed to get a little shut-eye.

Friday was the big day. We woke up early to try to get there as soon as possible. The description on the site said to dress in your “business/executive best,” so we did just that. A good 30-minute bus ride later, we arrived at the Hotel Albuquerque for the casting call around 10am. We knew it didn’t start until noon, but we grabbed a seat and had plenty of comics to read to take up time. When they got started, Logan and I realized how good of an idea it was to get there early, because they had a line outside wrapped around the entire hotel, and we were sure there would have been even more people the next day.

Eventually, our group got called in so we filled out the paperwork and had our pictures taken mugshot-style. Once we walked out, all we could do was celebrate the occasion, so we talked to some people that knew their way around the town to see what ABQ had to offer. They mentioned Old Town as a close place to get some food and that it would be cool to hang out later in Uptown. Sounded like a plan!

The rest of Friday and all of Saturday was spent getting to see what Albuquerque was all about, and we had a great time! From Nob Hill with the Frontier (for the best burritos I’ve ever had) to the Astro-Zombies comic shop; from the Route 66 Malt Shop and the awesome rockabilly band playing outside to making our way Downtown to Launchpad to see some incredible bluegrass, it was an unbelievable experience! Even if we don’t get called to be extras, the trip was well worth it and I will definitely be going back.

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