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Posted by on April 18, 2011

UPDATE 5/5/11: ALBUQUERQUE Extras Notice “As Cool As I Am” for MONDAY 5/9/11 AND TUESDAY 5/10/11. MUST be available ALL day, BOTH days!! Pay rate for this show is $64/8 ($8-hr). OFFICE WORKERS: male & female, all ethnicities, ages 20s-50s, with office attire (doesn’t have to be suits but should be work clothes). MUST be in OLC database with updated profile. Please post here ONLY if you fit specs and are available.

UPDATE 4/22/11: EXTRAS CASTING for As Cool as I Am is set to begin in New Mexico conducted by mega casting AGCY On Location Casting. Shooting will take place in the Albuquerque area 5/9/11 through 6/10/11. WIDE RANGE of PAID extras and stand-ins will be needed. Check OLC on facebook for specific types and more details or click here or here.

NM – Principal casting for this film is being handled by Jo Edna Boldin C.S.A.

The live action star of this weekend’s top box office flick will be next month’s Indie film hunk, NM Style.

Fresh off his success in the Spring Spheres Holiday movie Hop, James Marsden is New Mexico bound! Marsden will co-star with Gen-X teen angst queen, Claire Danes in As Cool as I Am.

Written for the screen by Virgina Korus Spragg, Max Mayer (The West Wing, Alias) will direct the movie based on the contemporary coming-of-age novel by Pete Fromm. The story centers around Lucy Diamond, the spirited teen daughter of self-absorbed parents played by Marsden and Danes.

Shooting is set to begin May 9 right here in New Mexico. The Wrap reports today that the lead role of Lucy Diamond has yet to be cast. Full character description(s) and recent submission info. after the jump >>

Craze Agency released casting details for the role of Lucy Diamond and her teen cohort Kenny Crauder with a submission deadline of April 8.

Their listing for these roles are posted as open to talent signed to their agency only. Crazed directs those interested to call 801-438-0067 or 208-433-9511 for representation.

From Craze Agency April 7, 2011:

“As Cool As I am” Feature Film
Casting 2 Teen Roles, Male and Female AS COOL AS I AM (Regional Release)
Feature Film/SAG
Producer: Anthony Mastromauro, Judd Payne, Matt Williams

LUCY DIAMOND CAUCASIAN. 16 (PREFER LEGAL 18 TO PLAY 16) Whip smart and with the perceptive observer’s outlook of an only child and a wry sense of humor, Lucy is our protagonist. Despite, Lucy’s maturity, she cherishes a desire for the normal family that hers can only occasionally resemble. Lucy is just finding out, mostly to her dismay, how attractive she is, despite the close-cropped hairdo her father has imposed on her all her life. And along with being noticed, she is awkwardly and occasionally recklessly starting to explore the power and desire of her own sexuality. Importantly, she has a private and passionate devotion to cooking, the presentation of food and an imaginary relationship with Mario Batali that nurtures her and keeps her in touch with a brighter vision of the future. The course of the movie for her is in learning that she finally must be the one to take care of herself and developing the confidence that she is up to the task. LEAD. SHOULD BE A GOOD PHYSICAL MATCH FOR CLAIRE DANES.

KENNY CRAUDER CAUCASIAN. 16 (PREFER LEGAL 18 TO PLAY 16) Skinny, a bit of a misfit, with short hair, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, Kenny is Lucy’s best friend in Great Falls, Montana. They’ve been buddies ever since kindergarten, and everyone in their community is used to them being together. A smart, well-spoken, thoughtful kid who’s a devotee of Buddhist philosophy, Kenny is inching towards a love affair with Lucy, and vice versa– but they’re so quiet about it that neither knows what’s going on between them until something…explodes. Abruptly inflamed with an urge to neck with Lucy on pretty much every occasion, Kenny has a hormone eruption that annihilates his Buddhist rejection of passing worldly pleasures. Once the parents of Kenny and Lucy find out what’s going on, Kenny is exiled to another town in Montana–but his steady stream of postcards sent to Lucy all let her know that his respectful love for her is untouched by distance or the pain of separation…LEAD

If you are interested in being submitted to Casting for consideration, email crazeagency@sisna.com or bookings@crazeagency.com with your:



Your updated Acting Resume

We will submit your info. to Casting for consideration. If they are interested, we will let you know.

We need your submission by Friday, April 8, 11:00am

Craze Agency

oneheadlightink.com assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or outcome of any classified listing. Please do not contact oneheadlightink.com regarding any of the classified listings above.

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