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Cyphers, NM

Posted by on May 16, 2011

The New Mexico Museum of Art is co-presenting the launch of the new pilot for CYPHERS, a web series eco drama.

Friday May 27, 2011 6 p.m.
St. Francis Auditorium, in the New Mexico Museum of Art
On the Plaza, Santa Fe, NM

Enter the future of entertainment with the cast and crew of CYPHERS and be a part of this cultural shift in entertainment.

Featuring Bee Shaman McKelvey Dryden and singer songwriter Sean Healen, Panel Discussion with award-winning Director Peter Kershaw and the cast, moderated by Mary Charlotte – Radio Cafe/KSFR.

In conjunction with the New Mexico Museum of Art show Earth NOW, CYPHERS reaches across the globe from the iconic St. Francis Auditorium. Coining a new phrase in entertainment, calling itself an “eco – drama,” CYPHERS cuts an innovative path involving the audience in the exciting technology of internet entertainment. This event invites the audience to be “the first to socialize the story right from their seats in the St. Francis Auditorium and watch as CYPHERS goes live.”

CYPHERS is a web series that reveals the danger that lies just beneath the surface of an average New Mexican town, where serenity and blissful innocence mask a sinister reality. Based on true life controversial corporate stories, CYPHERS reveals a diverse group of conflicted, predominately female characters. All the characters are drawn together by a series of inexplicable phenomena, and must struggle to decipher and expose a dark corporate conspiracy that reaches far beyond their town. The one certainty is that their lives will never be the same again.

Shot as a series of short episodes and broadcast on the World Wide Web, CYPHERS weaves a mystery in the style of “Lost”, “Damages”, and “Twin Peaks” — but with an ecological twist. Each episode reveals another piece of the puzzle with the intent to engage the audience in not only solving the mystery, but to influence and change the way they interact with our food, water and environment. The action takes place in New Mexico, a land rich in mysticism and seemingly far from the clutches of corporate America.

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This engaging evening will include an exclusive screening of the CYPHERS pilot, giving this audience the first view of the new look for Season Two, while weaving their participation throughout . Instead of asking people to TURN OFF their phones, we ask them to TURN THEM ON and reach across the Earth NOW. Rounding out the night, Sean Healen will play selected songs featured in the episode, Bee Shaman McKelvey Dryden will give a short talk about what is happening to the bees and a short panel discussion moderated by Mary Charlotte will follow.

Director Peter Kershaw is an international award-winning writer/director & producer with over 20 years in film & television in Europe and USA. Owner of the Santa Fe production company Duchy Parade Films LLC. Peter’s previous credits in NM include the animation The Astronomer’s Sun and NM New Visions 2010/11 award winning comedy/drama WHAT?

Co-writer/Actress Debrianna Mansini appeared in “Crazy Heart”, with Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, and the cult mini-series, “The Lost Room.” She has worked with such luminaries as Alan Arkin, George Clooney, Kim Stanley, Jose Quintero, Guillermo Arriaga and Edward Albee. Her short film PICKING UP FEETS was selected to represent NM chapter of WIF at the 2011 International Women in Film and Television Film Festival.

Co-writer/Actress Lori Romero is an award winning screenwriter, as well as a published playwright and poet. She has appeared in numerous film, television, and theatre productions in New York, Los Angeles, Denver and New Mexico. Her script “Surreal Estate” was a finalist in the prestigious 2010 DC Shorts competition and is currently in pre- production.

Singer Songwriter Sean Healen~ With music and lyrics reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and a style at once intricate and eloquent, Sean Healen is rapidly achieving the national stage. A long time resident of New Mexico, his recent album “Flood Plain” was awarded the Best Rock CD 2009 at the New Mexico Music Awards. Notable producer Malcolm Burn (Emmy Lou Harris, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Iggy Pop, Jeff Buckley etc…) just produced 8 of his songs for his upcoming release.

Mary-Charlotte Domandi is producer and host of the Santa Fe Radio Cafe on KSFR 101.1 FM (santaferadiocafe.org), a program of interviews on subjects including politics, the environment, literature, art, science, and the local Santa Fe scene. She is also a Latin music DJ, has studied social and folkloric dance in Cuba, and has interviewed many distinguished Latin musicians.

For more information and complete cast list: http://www.cyphers-episodes.com

Contact: cyphers@gmx.us

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