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Posted by on June 30, 2011 | Comments Off on GODBLESS N. MEX!

The goodness and strength of everyday citizens in communities all around New Mexico reign down upon us…let us beg the skies above to do the ~same while donating to imminent fire fight and disaster relief efforts!

Any good New Mexican in-the-know is hoping, helping and praying for relief from the dangers of the fires sweeping the state!

Here’s one creative and productive way some ABQ metro KOBers are presenting as a way to give to and to aid the state we all love:

Tomorrow morning 93.3 KOB-FM and the Mackenzie in the Morning Show “Summon the Rain” to help New Mexico!

Wildfires rage around the State! So this Friday from 9am to noon Mike Mackenzie, Kiki Garcia and Danny V of the 93.3 KOB-FM Mackenzie In the Morning Show will summon the rain. It will work. How can this be? Simple … Whenever you wash your car, it Rains!!!

So everyone must get their car washed tomorrow!

For a (minimum) $5 donation to Red Cross New Mexico, you’ll get a clean car for the holiday weekend….help with the fire relief effort…and hopefully make it rain!

It’s gonna rain! Tomorrow!!

Date: Friday, July1
Time: 9a-Noon
Location: Ultimate Express Car Wash – 9935 Lomas Blvd NE (just west of Eubank)

Thanks in advance for your help!

– Mike Mackenzie, Kiki Garcia and Danny V, 93.3 KOB-FM

More/updated links to help and get help…after the jump >>
» Read the full post

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Post Avenger

Posted by on June 30, 2011 | One comment

Renner back to NM in 3…2…

Looks like HAWKEYE will be NYC bound post AVENGERS to take-up the reins of The Bourne Legacy from Matt Damon…the “whole new” action, suspense thriller is set to shoot in New York this September.

The Hurt Locker star is also gearing-up to produce, direct and star in the Rally Race film Slingshot, expected to shoot in New Mexico.

More on the Paramount Pictures backed film based on the true story of racer, Bill Caswell and the latest on more upcoming Renner here.

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Miscellaneous Fact of the Day: Wife By The Numbers Edition

Posted by on June 30, 2011 | Comments Off on Miscellaneous Fact of the Day: Wife By The Numbers Edition

Scottish inventor, John Shepherd-Barron, originator of the ATM and the concept of a personal identification number first intended a six-digit numeric code for what is now the universal practice of a PIN. His wife however preferred four digits, which became the most commonly used length.


Auditions/Extras Feature Film Santa Fe

Posted by on June 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Auditions/Extras Feature Film Santa Fe

Story of an U.S. Army soldier struggling with the horrors of the Iraq war.

Middle Eastern type Male – 18 to 55 – Latino, or any ethnicity that passes.

Send headshot or photo and contact info. to:
Nick Andrus at naandrus@gmail.com

US ARMY types – Male 16-26 – With or without uniforms.

Send headshot or photo and contact info. to:
Nick Andrus at naandrus@gmail.com

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Posted by on June 29, 2011 | Comments Off on ONE HEADLIGHT WHAT???

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Drive My Car – NM Commercial Casting

Posted by on June 28, 2011 | 2 comments

From On Location Casting:

We are now casting Non-Speaking FEATURED TALENT for a European Commercial which will be filmed in GHOST RANCH, NM mid-July.

This is a ONE DAY – NON-UNION shoot.

Tentative shoot date will be either Tuesday 7/13/11 -OR- Wednesday 7/14/11. MUST have both dates available if submitting.

Talent will SELF TRAVEL to GHOST RANCH, NM (about an hour North of Santa Fe). $20.00 gas allowance provided. No accommodation provided.

Pay rate is $400.00/day. Non-Union. No buyout since it is for European television only.

SEEKING: FEMALE DRIVER – Caucasian, age range 28-38, brown/black/red hair – NO BLONDES, very attractive, gorgeous, European looking, great body. NO cropped hair, NO visible piercings or tattoos. MUST know how to drive both an automatic & a stick shift and have a valid drivers license. NO lines for this role but will need to have some acting ability to react to principal actor.

In order to be considered for this role, you will need to visit our company website at www.onlocationcasting.net and complete a TALENT Application. Please make sure to upload 1-2 photos to your talent profile. It is FREE to be in our talent files. The optional upgrade offered to an Active talent account brings you many additional marketing benefits and website services, however please note that the optional upgrades are not required in order to work on this nor any other OLC project. **DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE PROFILE if you are already in our database – simply update your photo & contact information!! We will ONLY book people who have updated profiles and current photographs!! PLEASE make sure you log-in to your profile and update all contact information, special skills, resume, vehicle info and most importantly a photo appropriate to submit to our European Clients!!! (appropriate photos will be of you ONLY, facing forward, NO hats or sunglasses, full makeup, looking naturally beautiful.

If you have further questions – you can reach us via email at: onlocationcastingNM@yahoo.com. Please DO NOT contact us regarding this project if you do not fit the casting specs. There are NO other roles available!!

ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED (or UPDATED an existing) On Location Casting profile, Please EMAIL US letting us know you want to work on this project. Make sure to put “EUROPEAN COMMERCIAL” as your subject line.

(**ONLY email us if you fit the casting specs!! There are NO other roles available and if you submit inappropriately we will block your emails from future submissions!)

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NM Friends Engaged in NYC

Posted by on June 28, 2011 | One comment
AnnouncementMusicNMNM's OwnTV



Click here for ©Thatcher Dorn Photography Wedding album via @antoinetteA

As any good Friendsophile will tell ya’ LOBSTERS ROCK!

And as another local lovely lady in-the-know, who happens to be partnered with her own strapping blue-eyed man can tell you, these two best friends for life are as beautiful a pairing of souls as they are easy on the eyes!

Congratulations to NM Media Darling Antoinette Antonio and her charming & talented fianceé Mr. Jeremy Fine!

We ALL know & love Antoinette from her KOB-TV anchor seat. Jeremy too is a KOBer, behind the scenes as a Chief Photographer and Broadcast Engineer by day and a musician extraordinaire by night with Of God and Science!

All the best to you friends!

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The Host, NM Style

Posted by on June 27, 2011 | One comment

Open Road Films has announced that the film based on the 2008 best selling novel, The Host by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, is set for release on March 23, 2013.

Of course before film hits reel production will get underway next winter in both Louisiana and right here in New Mexico!

The sci-fi thriller will center around a “lone human holdout trying to survive after a species of mysterious entities invades Earth and takes over the minds of their human hosts…”

Gattaca director Andrew Niccol will craft the movie expected to star Academy Award® nominee Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, The Lovely Bones).


“Studios have been looking for another big-time franchise to replace the Harry Potter and Stephenie Meyer’s own Twilight Saga franchises. The former will come to a close this year; the latter ends in summer 2012.”
– Zac Gille, Alt Film Guide

Thanks Chris

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IMDb This – Go Jesse!

Posted by on June 27, 2011 | Comments Off on IMDb This – Go Jesse!

“My heart is storytelling. My goal is to aid the Director and/or Editor in telling the best story possible. I have a lot to learn and a lot to share. Hope you enjoy.”
– Jesse Averna

Now a New Yorker, New Mexico’s Own Jesse Averna was just awarded a Daytime Emmy® for his work on the iconic, educational children’s television series Sesame Street!

Averna takes home the prestigious award this year for Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing – Congratulations!

Visit Jesse’s website icutfilm.com to keep-up with him and his award winning career!

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Much Ado About Katt

Posted by on June 26, 2011 | 3 comments

UPDATE 9/3/11: In the latest debacle from the Summer Comedy Tour that just won’t quit being anything but funny, backlash from Williams’ perceived hateful rant to a Mexican American/Mexican National during a show late last month draws an apology…of sorts, “Katt Williams apologizes to Mexicans but not NEW Mexicans nor Arizonans…” Full story here.

UPDATE 7/5/11: Apparently the Chicanery of the Katt Williams tour of warped did not start in the Q.

Just days before the comedian struck the Land of Enchantment with a case of the WTFs (below), the “tour” had rolled on into AZ where TMZ is reporting that a member of Williams’ staff shot dead the canine life of a retired AZ Police Dog who got too close for the comfort of said employee (hopefully former employee at this point).

But the odd train doesn’t end there…to make it “right” a mastiff puppy was produced from the tour bus to ~replace the K9 who was killed!?!?

The full story here.

Katt Williams in Albuquerque hours before his increasingly infamous New Mexico “appearance”.

Local Beauty Nicole B. ran into the comedian at Cottonwood Mall in NW ABQ, where she says he was “super cool” and even paid for her kiddos to ride the carousel with him.

Both candids show a wholly pulled together looking Williams, a far cry from what the crowed at Tingley Coliseum would experience much, much later in the night and the mug shot (center) from the performer’s arrest in CA earlier this month.

Showing shades of breakdown in these two episodes many fans are calling out for those close to Williams to intervene…

UPDATE 06/28/11 Katt Williams Ticket Holders:

For Immediate Release
Official statement from Str8lace Entertainment
RE: Katt Williams Show 06/25/2011

We would like to start by explaining our position in regards to the Katt Williams Concert on June 25, 2011. We have recently been inundated by questions and requests for ticket refunds due to the lack of professionalism displayed by Mr. Williams at the recent concert. We are equally upset by the antics that were displayed for whatever personal reason Mr.Williams might be experiencing. We went above and beyond normal measures to ensure Mr.Williams was in Albuquerque and went onstage. Our expenses in doing so far exceeded our original budget and ticket sales revenues, due to the extra expense brought on by delays, over time rent on the venue, sound, labor, etc. As promoters we did our job as per our contractual obligations. We booked, paid for and promoted the show. ALL of the acts Showed up and performed. Some better than others, but they were all there and performed. We have no control over the content or quality of their performances. While we are disappointed, we feel the liability lies in the hands of Mr.Williams himself. We feel your frustration, and are in the same space financially, At a loss. So we will not be offering refunds of any kind. We are very sorry for the circumstances.

Because we are a small locally owned Promotions company we would in good faith like you to keep your Katt Williams ticket stubs for discount on a soon to be announced show we will put on in an effort to show good faith and give something to our community that were effected by Mr.Williams “Performance”. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Str8laced Entertainment.

If you like me have been asking yourself, “Katt who?” amidst all the online & around town buzz today over his appearance in the Q last night…and if a quick Google search only leads you to the above TMZ story of this “the second most important black guy on the face of the Earth”, you may find it interesting to get the low-down from those who were there…

Two of New Mexico’s Own set the *record straight with deets of what happened at the Katt Williams show where yet another Avenger was out & about…

Luckily for Nick Fury aka Samuel L. Jackson and the rest of the crowed who showed for this event the consummate awesomeness that is The James Douglas Show and the rest of the NM crew brought it!

ABQ Kattastrophe,
The Truth From the Sidelines – by Marco Nunez

I have been reading all this stuff on FB about the KW show last night, and it’s funny to hear how all of the stories have morphed into such far cries from the truth! It goes from “he was late and High and didn’t put on a good show” to “He came in with Samuel Jackson Riding a zebra smoking heroin and threatened to rape all the white women and steal their pink fur coats!”

The whisper game is funny!! I helped the promoters do some tech stuff on this show ( I booked the Audio/Lighting and booked a tour bus for Katt To get here from L.A., and provided our van for ground transportation) So I was able to see what went on beforehand with all of them. AAANNNDD I wasn’t there for the show ( we left as soon as we were done with our show because we had to play at Hard Rock) so I know that when we left everything was fine and the only variable was Katt.

The truth is… Everyone from the Albuquerque side of things The promoters, The James Douglas Show & Dancers (Tracy & Glenda), Big Moon, Eric Martinez, The radio stations involved, Tingley staff, Stage company, Audio company, lighting company and even the girls who showed up to walk Katt onstage DID THIER JOBS!!!


I’ve heard Katt said last night that he didnt know about this show??? I personally booked the tour bus (WITH THE PROMOTERS MONEY) to get him here. The Hosts last night were faced with a crowd of 6k angry, frustrated (AND RIGHTFULLY SO) people, and still held it together.


As far as The JDS is concerned…WE HAD A BLAST!! THANK YOU ALBUQUERQUE FOR SHOWING US SO MUCH LOVE!! Both Tingley and Hard Rock last night were both great shows for us!!

Thank you very much for supporting us like you do!

Ok, normally I wouldn’t even say anything or get involved. But I want to say that Big Moon and I had nothing to do with the promotion, booking, organizing, or anything on this event besides hosting it.

Yes it was unfortunate what happened, and I’m not taking sides. However anyone who was there, saw Katt’s behavior for themselves. Spitting chewing tobacco in his hands and rubbing it in his hair, yelling at the audience, leaving the stage to pray, doing push-ups…the list goes on.

He did know about the show, he did get paid, he even did a drop on the air talking about how excited he was to come to Albuquerque. Shawty, AJ, The JDS and us all did our jobs to make sure everyone was comfortable and had the best time possible.

NO ONE had control over Katt but Katt. He showed up late, got served papers, and disappointed a lot of people. Again, I am not defending the actual promoters but everyone who was backstage including Samuel L. Jackson could see that everyone was doing what they could to accommodate Katt, his late arrival, his stage show AND could see that something was wrong with him.

I’m a huge Katt Williams fan and was sad to see him in that state. But no is responsible for Katt but Katt.

Eric Martinez, Katt Williams ABQ Show Host

More audio/visual from the mess that was Katt Williams last night,
Jump to 2:30 for the call out:
(R – Adult Content/Vulgar Language)

*Guest entries above edited for content

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Cowboys & Wedding Bells

Posted by on June 26, 2011 | Comments Off on Cowboys & Wedding Bells
EqualityFilmNM's OwnTV

It’s that time of year – Love, marriage and EQUALITY are in the air!

Before he walks the red carpet for the up-coming NM epic film Cowboys & Aliens, the gorgeous Daniel Craig walked down the aisle with his private bride Rachel Weisz in a secret ceremony in NYC last week.

Like his co-star Harrison Ford who took the plunge while here filming Cowboys ’round this time last year the screen icon keeps it quiet and keeps it classy with the down-low nuptials!

Homegrown class-act and global icon of all things goodness, New Mexico’s own Neil Patrick Harris took to twitter this weekend to confirm he and longtime love David Burtke have been engaged for some time now!!!!

With the passage of marriage equality in New York State the partners, parents and other likewise loving couples are free (as it should be!) to share in the commitment of marriage!

The only thing better than being a June Bride/Bridegroom is equal rights for all to bride/groom it up! Congrats to these happy couples and cheers to equality in coupling!

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QOTD: If Only Edition

Posted by on June 24, 2011 | Comments Off on QOTD: If Only Edition

“What I have learned in these months after the election is that my lifelong love affair with New Mexico, her people, her needs, and her politics won’t end. I promised to stick around and fight for our families and I intend to do so.”
-Diane Denish

Former Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico, Diane Denish reflects on where she’s been, what lies ahead and the issues facing our great state as she sees them since she’s been charting a course outside the Governor’s seat where she and many of us were passionately compelled to see her – if only.

Chief among her current concerns for the overall health & well being of New Mexico, just as during her 2010 campaign for Governor, is job creation naming, “technology, arts, culture, film, Labs, and human capitol” as a few of our most valuable assets in achieving sustainable employment for New Mexicans.

Read the full article here.

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Posted by on June 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Marvelicious

As the biggest production get of the outgoing NM State Film commission nay the biggest production get in the history of the state the Avengers have brought New Mexico global recognition, excitement, jobs and an influx in tourism!

Now CHECK-OUT the above poster for Marvel’s Avengers as on display at the International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last week – all three Avengers who recently rocked out with Mötley Crüe in the Q are shown as they will appear in the movie and in the plethora of merchandising sure to follow…

Movies.ie also notes, “Captain America’s modern suit which has wings on the helmet along with an idea of what Hawkeye will look like…the Iron Man suit has been updated too.”

These and more of the Albuquerque adopted super heroes are still in our midst as production rolls on this week. Meanwhile New Mexico represents on the big screen as host to some of the highly skilled hands of Sony Imageworks that touched-up the current box office topper The Green Lantern.

YOU still have a chance to put YOUR hand, face and/or feet in The Avengers if you can make it out for what’s really, really HOT IN CLEVELAND:

Producers will see people 18 and older
12-4 p.m. July 15
10 a.m.-4 p.m. July 16
at the Holiday Inn
6001 Rockside Road
Independence, OH (just outside the land of Cleve.)

As in the case of casting in the Q this call sheet too advises that people “come well-groomed…wearing your best business executive outfit,” Adults may submit “current pictures of children under 18” for consideration as possible extras.

The Avengers will shoot for approx. two weeks within 30 miles of Cincinnati – Enjoy your influx O-hi!

People should “come well-groomed and wearing your best business executive outfit,” the call sheet said. Adults also may submit “current pic tures of children under 18” for consideration as possible extras.

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Premiere Event – Join Us!

Posted by on June 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Premiere Event – Join Us!

From your host Stephen Cuomo: Please join us for an evening of FUN in an Ultra Lounge environment where you will experience more about the Culture of Fine Wine!

Super sexy sounds provided by “Planet X” featuring Chicago DJ/Producer, DJ Shatta & Chef DDT from “The After After Party/The James Douglas Show!” Performing a fusion of Deep House & Funk with an Urban feel and a splash of sexy!

Rock this Wine – TONIGHT!
Thursday, June 23
6:00pm – 9:00pm

One Up Restaurant & Lounge
301 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM

$15 per person includes wine tasting, Redbull, Live Jazz and Salsa Music…followed by Latin Tinge at 9
For more information, please contact 505-550-3868

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State of the State Film Biz

Posted by on June 21, 2011 | Comments Off on State of the State Film Biz

businessman stock imageALBUQUERQUE (AP) – An Albuquerque man who has been involved in the TV and film industry since the 1990s will take over as director of the New Mexico film office this week.

The New Mexican reports Nick Maniatis, a longtime member of the New Mexico Film and Media Advisory Board, takes the job Thursday. He replaces Lisa Strout, who left the director’s just before Gov. Susana Martinez took office.

Maniatis takes over as many are questioning the state’s commitment to the industry.

Lawmakers — at the request of Martinez — this year imposed a $50 million cap on tax credits for TV and film productions in the state.

In 2003 and 2004, Maniatis was executive producer of a film that got a zero-percent interest loan through a program the state recently cut.

Read more juicy detailed info. on our incoming State Film Office Director from NM Business Weekly here.

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Behind the Scenes: Cowboys & Aliens (WOOT!)

Posted by on June 21, 2011 | Comments Off on Behind the Scenes: Cowboys & Aliens (WOOT!)

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Jersey Shore – New Mexico Style

Posted by on June 21, 2011 | Comments Off on Jersey Shore – New Mexico Style

Click it…

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Rush Call: Actors & Composers

Posted by on June 21, 2011 | Comments Off on Rush Call: Actors & Composers

Call For Talent!!!!! Actors and Composers!!!!!

Trailer/ Short Film/Feature Supernal Darkness…

A disturbing look at the seeds of psychosis created in an impressionable young black child by the combination of religious doctrines and secret sexual abuse. Channeling himself into a sepulchral world of death, denial, and self destruction in adulthood, he remains on an unusual path to redemption, where the unlikely love if an innocent woman and the unraveling of twisted shadows, holds the key to his true salvation.

Executive Producer: Medic 13
Executive Producer: Garin Wolf
Producer/Creator: Lovie Johnson
Screenplay by: Garin Wolf
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Production Company: Medic 13

Can you compose the soundtrack to an intense psychological thriller? We want all original, all encompassing music to play a huge part in telling this dark tale. We already have a banging title track ! Compensation is TBD on funding and based on experience.

Actors, this trailer and short film will be produced under the SAG New Media Contract, payment is deferred. We are seeking dedicated, reliable actors to be a part of a very special project, working with some of the most talented locals in the industry.

Casting: Wednesday 22nd
Time: TBD
Location: 1020 Coal SE, ABQ 87106
(half block east of the Highway, next to Weisberg Prosthetics)

Principal Character Breakdown after the jump >> » Read the full post

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Casting RODEO Crowd

Posted by on June 20, 2011 | Comments Off on Casting RODEO Crowd

New Mexico’s own über casting agent Elizabeth Gabel needs paid background for a Rodeo scene in a feature film being shot in Galisteo, NM on June 28th.

Experienced players preferred, but not required.

Call Elizabeth at 505-exp-ired to inquire about submitting for these parts.

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Wanna Bet?

Posted by on June 20, 2011 | Comments Off on Wanna Bet?

Save that scratch and spare that slot…get-in on these great odds!

Donate to the youth of NM for your prime-chance to win $10,000 in ca$h!!!

ALL proceeds benefit Youth Development Incorporated (YDI) – A nationally recognized 501 (c) 3, non-profit charitable, youth service organization that provides educational, developmental and humanitarian assistance to children, youth and families in central and northern New Mexico.

Click here NOW!!!

ONLY 500 tickets will be sold…get yours!

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