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Hecho En Nuevo México

Posted by on July 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Hecho En Nuevo México
FilmNMNM's OwnTrailer

AVENGERS, NM – The biggest production the state has ever seen has wrapped its New Mexico run for the hotness of Cleavland…

Though gone they’ll doubtfully ever be forgotten…top secret as it was ;)

Just in time for their farewell to New Mexico we get this first peek at the film and the promise of perhaps a soupçon more if you hustle into theaters NOW to see Captain America: The First Avenger…

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Pets in Prizeland

Posted by on July 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Pets in Prizeland

8/12/11: CONGRATULATIONS Alethea! The WINNER of our Pet Prize Pack from ABQ Dogtown and Bath Brush and Beyond!!! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED!!!! More fun stuff to come from the best in NM Businesses!

Nothing makes us happier than New Mexicans helping New Mexicans!

And now these two lovely NM businesses have teamed with us and provided an amazing gift pack for YOU!

Enter to win a ~ton~ of goodies for your special pooch from NM’s Own:

ABQ Dogtown Pet Boutique
Bath Brush & Beyond

Just post “Puppy Love” on our new Facebook fan page to be entered!!!

One winner will be drawn on Friday August, 12


1 33lb bag of Timberwolf dog food ($70 value)
1 package of Dogswell treats “breathies minis” for nice breath ($6.50 value)
1 package of Canyon Creek “Yam Good” ($15 value)
1 package of Fromm Grain Free Treats ($4.75 value)
1 Box of Natures Variety INSTINCT Grain Free treats ($12 value)
1 Disney Pluto frisbee, 1 Disney Stitch tug frisbee, 1 Disney Mickey Rubber tug toy, 1 Disney tennis tug toy (value $25.50)
and last but not least
1 Gift Certificate for grooming at our sister store Bath Brush and Beyond ($25 value).

A $158.75 Value

Enter Here | GOOD LUCK!

Annnd, if YOU have a HOT New Mexico Business…POST your fine self! Get listed there & be featured here!

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Video of the Day: Rx Chronic Edition

Posted by on July 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: Rx Chronic Edition
AlbuquerqueEventsNMVideoYouYour Momma

IT’S ON: New Mexico’s First Annual Marijuana & Natural Healing Expo, As heard on 94 Rock, As seen on KOB-TV, As Seen on KRQEGOING ON NOW!!!



I don’t have to be gay to support basic and equal human rights, just as I don’t have to partake to know that medical marijuana is a politically vilified, holistic, medicinal alternative to the big money market of pharmaceuticals that can be a very real threat to overall health and well being.

Hint: When the list of side effects is longer than the list of benefits and includes DEATH and/or increased risk of suicide PAUSE, rewind, STOP!

As a chronic pain sufferer myself I’ve been legally prescribed some of the most sought after pain meds on the market – used ever so sparingly and now not at all (WARNING: NSAIDS are baby killers), the effects of America’s legal narcotics have hit home & heart far harder than naturally herbal remedies ever could (and that’s coming from a fatherless child whose dad was an abandoning, deadbeat and dope peddler – drug mule much).

I also don’t have to escape the throws of agoraphobia to know that an event of this kind generates tourism dollars for my beloved home state – GO NEW MEXICO!

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Have You Seen This Man?

Posted by on July 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Have You Seen This Man?

Well here’s your chance!

Live and in person, at the hideaway that is New Mexico’s most prestigious best kept secret, YOU can meet & greet the great Jackamoe Buzzell.

While some of our recent posts have brought to light a few sad partings as some of NM’s talent pool are leaving the nest, THIS EVENT is a celebration!

NM’s Own Jackamoe is not only this speakeasy’s “Front” man and muscle – his dramatic talents were recently flexed in USA Network’s New Mexico production, In Plain Sight.

The hit series is in the midst of its fourth season and this Sunday night we’re all invited to a very special viewing party:

Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse
VIP Cigar Lounge and Patio
Sunday, July 31
7:00pm – 11:30pm

Complimentary Appetizers
Drink, Food and Cigar Specials

“It’s about film and television professionals getting together for some good old fashioned fun!” – Jackamoe Buzzell

RSVP here! See you there!

Cutting-room floor be damned!

UPDATE 7/29/11: This just in from Jackamoe himself, “A great party needs music right? Well here you go then!!!”

Jazz, R&B and Soul Artist
Amy Faithe
Performing at 7pm

Blues and Rock Guitar GOD
Ryan McGarvey
On stage at 9pm

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CHRONOS – New Mexico

Posted by on July 28, 2011 | One comment




“It’s About Time”


NOVEMBER 3RD, 4TH, & 5TH, 2011


The mission of Chronos is to celebrate the art of altered time perception cinematography including time-lapse, slow motion, and stop motion photography. The Chronos Film Festival will create a forum for innovation, technology, digital media and education that will encourage youth involvement through film scholarship. We are proud to partnered with YDI Digital Arts Outreach as our main beneficiary, and will also contribute monies to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of New Mexico.

The Chronos Film Festival will launch with a showing of Godfrey Reggio’s “Koyaanisqatsi” at 1200pm (noon) on Thursday, Nov 3, 2011 at the Historic KiMo Theatre in Downtown Albuquerque, with a second showing at 4:00 pm. We are also proud to announce the 2pm showing of No Restrictions Entertainment film “Mother’s Red Dress” a social issue film written and directed by Edgar Michael Bravo and Produced by John Paul Rice. We will close the evening with a film with “Commentary” a film by John Kapelos, showing at 6:00 pm. The Albuquerque Film Office is a special sponsor and contributor to these events.

The Chronos Film Festival is honored and proud to present an impressive *lineup of altered time perception photography and film-making talent from all over the world!

Chronos Film Festival... "it's about time..."

Featuring: » Read the full post

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Repost: Jojola Has Left the Building

Posted by on July 28, 2011 | One comment

Originally Posted June 2, 2011
You know that good kid who you sort of watched grow-up, doing the right things right and making everyone from his mama to your own abuela proud of ’em?

My own little brother is out doing well in the world having left the Land of Enchantment quite a few years ago…since he’s been gone I look for and see shades of him in everyone from his doppelganger and fellow axe-man Ryan McGarvey to the fella who’s brought us all so much in the way of investigative journalism, social media awareness, ho-highlarious Facebook posts and a blog o’fire.

Like so many milestones whether it be the time you see your brother graduate from college and move on further into the world or the last time the nation watches a broadcast of a beloved TV veteran, chapters close and new ones begin.

Yup, one of your faves and mine, my adopted TV bro is up and running with mic all the way to Den Co.

After nine years with KOB-TV, Jeremy Jojola will be signing-off to go to bat for a bigger league at KUSA Denver.

Jai-ho won’t be saying his official, “Hasta Luego” until late July so for now take your chance to rib him as much as possible about everything possible here, here & here and know that this homegrown boy will be taking New Mexico with him wherever he goes!

“I’ve been asked over the years why I haven’t left Albuquerque. A big reason is my wife and my love for New Mexico. I got comfortable here. I became attached. I grew roots. My ancestors looked upon the same sunsets and vistas for the past several hundred years. I can almost feel their souls and spirits around this place. Sorry about the cheesy cliché but its how I feel about this state. People who know me know how much I love New Mexico. I found my identity here. I know what enchantment really means.” – Jeremy Jojola

Congratulations Jeremy – all the best to you and Cheryl!

UPDATE 7/27/11:











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Posted by on July 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Hauslash
FilmNMNM's Own

A is for Albuquerque Actor, Erik Hausmanis who has taken to La La Land for a spell.

The long-time OneHeadlightInk fave and MI native had hit the NM scene running – landing several indie movie roles and television & movie spots.

Hot in the Q and beyond in New Mexico productions like Fright Night, Tiger Eyes and Breaking Bad

You should be able to catch him now in NMDOT PSAs buckling-up like a champ in heavy rotation, in Disney’s Lemonade Mouth and in the upcoming movie A Bird of the Air.

B is for the baad things that have happened to NM Film since the new administration at the roundhouse has taken aim at the industry opening the door to losing productions during these times of flux and pointing to the exit for talent that comes or strives from within to be a part of a sustainable workforce in local arts & entertainment.

C is for…uh, I digress.

Haus is one of the many who have gone and are planning to go where the very mobile film industry finds a supportive home – but he says he’ll always be one of NM’s Own – agreed.

Look for him in future projects out of CA and beyond (break a leg jetting to Chi-Town) we (I’m looking at y’all) will be holding-down the homefront by looking out for New Mexico Film so as to retain talent, maintain & sustain business for all!

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Dubiously Yours – New Mexico Style

Posted by on July 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Dubiously Yours – New Mexico Style

ICYMI: Capitol City New Mexico recently landed spot no. 16 on GQ’s Worst-Dressed Cities List.

Not so dubious considering that the top 40 boasts basically one city or major metro from almost every state in the nation, including San Diego, CA, Orlando, FL, Buffalo, NY, St. Paul, MN, Detroit, MI save Texas who seems true tops with at least 3 major cities named…

So sits Santa Fe New Mexico sandwiched between Atlanta, GA and Provo, UT.

Fresh on the heels of that prestigious recognition, comes a native take on some of our own.

From the makers of the Palin/Brewer line of vocational toys (not really) comes the New Mexico Inspired line of “Barbies”:

Thanks Willy

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Who Wore it Best: Incognito Edition

Posted by on July 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Who Wore it Best: Incognito Edition

Back in the day this look could get a cook damn near executed…and back when these two polar opposite actresses played equally different sisters apartment pants were all the rage (not really).

Here both ladies are sporting new accessories – Academy Award winning actress Reese Witherspoon with her husband, Hollywood Agent Jim Toth and Jennifer (1shot) Aniston with her latest boyfriend, actor/screenwriter Justin Theroux show us what the new airport chic looks like from both ends of the celebrity totem pole.

So the next time your incognito needs an update remember, new man, classic shades and the airport scarf are IN.

[polldaddy poll=5283039]


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Video of the Day: Una película de Nuevo México

Posted by on July 25, 2011 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: Una película de Nuevo México
Coming SoonFilmNMTrailerVideo

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Cowboys, Aliens and Reviews…

Posted by on July 25, 2011 | Comments Off on Cowboys, Aliens and Reviews…

The world is just days away from the grand, wide opening of NM’s Own Cowboys & Aliens

OneHeadlightInk friend, soul sister, past life comrade and current Michigan State Professor, Dr. Laura Birou is one of the select few who’ve been privy to a screening at this year’s just wrapped Comic Con International Convention.

Here is what the good doctor has to say of the film in her very smart, special and concise way:








“…it is not of the same caliber of Iron Man. The Craig-Ford dynamic was wonderful. The Craig-Wilde dynamic, not so much. Rockwell was awesome, had some of the best lines. Script was under developed, a lot of holes.” – Dr. Laura

More Reviews: Cinema Blend, Indiewire, The Hollywood Reporter, Slash Film, Geek Tyrant, Variety, Movie Bit, Screen Junkies, Crazy Critics

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Voice of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation, TX

Posted by on July 25, 2011 | Comments Off on Voice of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation, TX

In the immortal (paraphrased) words of George Lopez, “We got this!”

NM may well be the capitol of paranormal activity not to mention (except to mention) a favorite landing spot among extra terrestrials…

Well, now our neighbors out in Austin, TX are exploring the wide world of the paranormal X-Files style…

Gravel Productions presents:

“Voice of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation”

Chasing disembodied spirits, intriguing celebrity guests, and a brother’s pursuit for the truth. Voice of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation is a feature length documentary about skeptic Will Scoville and his paranormal research team’s journey into the forbidden world of the supernatural. Teamed with the Central Texas Paranormal Society, his researchers examine some the most dark and disturbing haunted locations in central Texas.

Visit them here where they are just a few clicks away from giving away THIS super cool, exclusive movie T.

Support NM’s Own Tina Borek, Investigator and team correspondent!

“Get with this” innovative, independent production company to keep up with their intriguing film NOW IN PRODUCTION…follow the progress of the shoot and watch for your chance to be a part of the filming!

Voice of the Unknown, A Paranormal Investigation premieres this OCTOBER at the Palace Theatre in Seguin, TX.

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This Happened: NM Pepper Edition

Posted by on July 23, 2011 | Comments Off on This Happened: NM Pepper Edition



While we were out:

Thanks to our friends at Disney Film Fan Review we didn’t miss the news that Pepper Potts did indeed get to work in Nuevo México recently.

As we were able to report to you here last week the nutty professor character Erik Selvig from Thor, aka Stellan Skarsgård, has been in the Q for Avengers filming.

And now it’s been confirmed from DFFR secret sources that Paltrow made an equally super secret trip into the Land of Enchantment, working for two whole days in reviving her turn as Tony Stark’s main squeeze and right hand woman for the current Avengers shoot.

No specific deets were shed on what the fluent en español GOOPmeister did partake of during her short stay in NM other than the fact that her two children with hubs, Cold Play frontman Chris Martin did accompany her.

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Beige is the New Vanilla

Posted by on July 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Beige is the New Vanilla

Yes Beige is the new Vanilla and New Mexico is full of it!

Funnyman extraordinaire and consummate New Yorker, Jerry Seinfeld gives his particular view of Albu-quirky as only he can:

Thanks to Chris for this clip and thanks to Seinfeld for not pulling a Katt Williams on the Kiva Auditorium crowd…though the spectacle that was Katt did make all kinds of dubious news…

Not every review of the Seinfeld show was a rave, and “beige heat” is not exactly a ringing endorsement that the Department of Tourism can splash all over the city…at least it wasn’t an awkward slap Captain America style.

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Rush Call: Feature Film Extras, Military Soldier Types

Posted by on July 22, 2011 | One comment

via Nicholas D. Ward

ATTENTION NEW MEXICO…Looking for males, 18-40, short hair and fit. Need extras to play soldiers for The Boys of Abu Ghraib, shooting now at the old Santa Fe Prison. Need individuals for tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd of July, and on Monday and Tuesday the 25th & 26th. Contact info below…

If you are interested please call Michael Combs ASAP at 909.605.3174. If you are available Saturday, CALL RIGHT NOW!!!

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From waste of time to $10,000 prize!

Posted by on July 22, 2011 | 7 comments

Exploitation much?

National news outlets covering the sitting New Mexico Governor’s summer tourism promotion are calling foul at rattling at the proverbial grave of the long lored, long gone “outlaw” Billy the Kid.

From rabid condemnation of the former Governor’s talk of a pardon for “The Kid” to launching a Palin style publicity stunt/hunt, replete with high cost billboards, television radio and print ad campaigns, propping and popping “The Kid’s” likeness, where’s Waldo style, into all form of New Mexico tourist destinations….Classy.

Local news thus far is lobbing out a far rosier spin of the “promotion”…up to and until possible investigative reports are to follow if this surely very costly campaign is a bust…If and when that forecast comes to fruition a culprit other than the Governess will likely be locked into the cross hairs of blame – NM Film perhaps?

Where are the Avengers tourism promos (Royals style)??? The NM Film destination packages? THE BREAKING BAD Winnebago tours?!?!?! FARK!

Let “The Kid” rest already!

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Posted by on July 15, 2011 | Comments Off on Werd

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Breaking Bad Best Everything

Posted by on July 14, 2011 | One comment

Because he’s one of the greatest actors of all time and for his general awesomeness we’ve taken to often asking ourselves WWBCD – What Would Bryan Cranston Do?

I can tell you he won’t win his FOURTH consecutive Emmy for playing Walter White come September…

And for those of you wondering when Breaking Bad will go ahead and take BEST DRAMA series at the Emmys, it also won’t be this year!

Breaking Bad didn’t air during the year’s nomination period and isn’t eligible…lucky for the rest of the nominees (I’m looking at you Jon Hamm).

Take-in the season premiere of Breaking Bad THIS SUNDAY NIGHT on AMC.

Full list of 2011 Primetime Emmy Noms as cut & pasted directly from Michael K. as he cut and pasted from the official Emmy site after the jump>>

» Read the full post

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Men at Werk: Paradigm Edition

Posted by on July 14, 2011 | One comment

Eric Martinez, pictured here on set with Sean Astin, in Luke Moran’s Indie drama The Boys of Abu Graib.

As the world knows the mega budget, tour de force production of Marvel’s Avengers is also in town…global movie star Stellan Skarsgård here on that shoot pictured with Martinez at Albuquerque’s Hotel Andaluz.

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Guest Post: New Mexico Film Indie Style

Posted by on July 13, 2011 | 2 comments
AlbuquerqueArtFilmIndie FilmNMNMExposéYouYour Momma

Michael Palombo on NM Film


Guest Post
by Michael Palombo
Artist | Writer | Director | Producer | PMD
On the state of NM Film

Thank your for the opportunity to guest here on OneHeadlightInk.com and thank you to all who have given so much to the growth and prosperity of the New Mexico Film Industry, I say that with a focus on the independent film community and those who stayed.

About Me:

At 42 I’m a 30 year resident of New Mexico, published artist with an Associate Degree in art, design and marketing from “The Albuquerque Arts and Design College”.

I’ve been working in the New Mexico film industry since 2007, with more credits than I can think of (tried to keep up with my IMDB but what a hassle sometimes).

Now my time is focused on my own film projects and working to promote filmmakers on Twitter @FansOfFilm which has become one of the most recognized film profiles there is listed in the top 20 movie profiles on all of Twitter.

As far as I know I’m the only one promoting myself as local PMD/producer of marketing and distribution and social media consultant in the state.

I really got started on the path to film when I started making videos of my glass blowing, and posting them on a Youtube channel that I don’t really visit much anymore, http://www.youtube.com/beadmanglass. Some of the videos I know are at over 12,000 views.

That spiraled into getting involved in the growing film scene where my 1st experience was with the Duke City Shootout, a local film event that involved making a film in 4 days. Wow what a way to break in, I had no idea it could get so bad, upon the 3rd day of eating sugar from the limited craft services that was provided and taking way too much crap for working for free, I lost [it] and walked off the project.

The next year I knew what I was in for and ended up on the winning team with a credit for boom, the film was called “Food For Thought” written and directed by Will Hartman. Since then I’ve been working as a camera opp and now directing my 3rd short film.

For a more personal interview go to johnhoff3.com here.

My Opinion of some of the good and bad on the New Mexico film community:

Hollywood came into New Mexico in a big way when the tax incentives were good, as many as 30 films being shot around New Mexico at any given time, people that had never been on a set in their life were finding themselves on Hollywood sets doing things they had never done. Local business, casting directors, experienced and non experienced film people were making money, it was like a gold rush and people had the fever.

Well we know that story way too well here in New Mexico, the gold goes away and the native people lose their jobs, homes, businesses and do the best they can to readjust. There is a good side to this story and that’s that the miners, I mean film people that got left behind had talent and new found skills that they applied to their own lives and projects, which brought a lot of film people together and groups were formed like the IndieQ group, started by Ann Learner from the Albuquerque film office “thank you Ann”.

There’s an independent film movement here that has come from both filmmakers that were here before Holloywood and will be here after, and for those it’s a great time to be a filmmaker in New Mexico, as long as you know who the sharks are, “they know who they are” the ones that call themselves producers or filmmakers for the glorified title of it, just so they can get down some actor’s pants, targeting beginners to get projects done, project after project praying on new blood just so they can produce more crap and never doing anything great, but hey they had a good time playing producer or filmmaker.

You can still find great opportunities to break into the film industry here in New Mexico as more independent production grows and more indie producers get into the game for the right reasons, creating cool quality projects that display the talents of all involved with integrity and honesty.

These producers and filmmakers need more support from local investors, sponsors and the general public, because when Hollywood is gone, it won’t be coming back in any big way for a long time.

Michael Palombo
CEO at Fans Of Film, LLC
Community fan site for the best of #Youtube & Vimeo filmmakers,
reviews, free full feature films and shorts! We are fans of online film.

Artist | Writer | Director | Producer | PMD
Bringing production and distribution together like never before.

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