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From waste of time to $10,000 prize!

Posted by on July 22, 2011

Exploitation much?

National news outlets covering the sitting New Mexico Governor’s summer tourism promotion are calling foul at rattling at the proverbial grave of the long lored, long gone “outlaw” Billy the Kid.

From rabid condemnation of the former Governor’s talk of a pardon for “The Kid” to launching a Palin style publicity stunt/hunt, replete with high cost billboards, television radio and print ad campaigns, propping and popping “The Kid’s” likeness, where’s Waldo style, into all form of New Mexico tourist destinations….Classy.

Local news thus far is lobbing out a far rosier spin of the “promotion”…up to and until possible investigative reports are to follow if this surely very costly campaign is a bust…If and when that forecast comes to fruition a culprit other than the Governess will likely be locked into the cross hairs of blame – NM Film perhaps?

Where are the Avengers tourism promos (Royals style)??? The NM Film destination packages? THE BREAKING BAD Winnebago tours?!?!?! FARK!

Let “The Kid” rest already!

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  • @One agree agree agree

  • Honestly New Mexico can’t afford to use the Avengers in it’s advertising. Most likely can’t afford to use Breaking Bad. Billy The Kid is in public domain. Not to mention our previous Governor started all the Pardon talk. I’m not saying she’s right, or good, or anything like that, but we can have better arguments than this.

    • My perpetual disclaimer is this: I know nothing…HOWEVER I’d imagine that California didn’t have to pay to publicize the fact that “the royals” were coming to CA and they profited from that campaign (see link)…the Avengers are here…it’s the biggest movie of its kind and we’ve got it…there are entire websites (http://marcvaldez.blogspot.com/2010/08/breaking-bad-locations-part-2.html) dedicated to tracing filming locations of Breaking Bad much of which can be at least seen from public drive…we’re missing the boat in my unintelligent, landlocked opinion…p.s. it is spelled out in the post (and linked) that it was the previous gov. who looked at the pardon…

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