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New Mexico’s Own Lone Ranger

Posted by on February 7, 2012

As we’ve been telling you since last May, most definitely riding into New Mexico is our very own Lone Ranger.

THIS is Armie Hammer, the guy who’s so hot they spliced him into TWO hot guys for The Social Network.

From Student #2 in Arrested Development to his role as “Prince Charming” (what elese) in the upcoming film Mirror Mirror…also starring NM’s Own Julia Roberts, the L.A. native has been scoring role after role, before landing in the saddle as everyone’s favorite masked man.

The Lone Ranger is in pre-production now right here in New Mexico! If you’ve just arrived on the planet Armie, takes the reins alongside none other than Johnny Depp as Tonto. Film is set to roll before the month is out!

Fact Check: He’s married and he was born in 1986

Latest Headlines: The Lone Ranger detained in TX

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