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Another NM Production Starring Cameron Diaz on the horizon?

Posted by on July 29, 2012

The gorgeous, Nordic looking Latina who captured and held onto our hearts since The Mask and Something About Mary, will be headed back to NM!

Cameron Diaz was New Mexico way right about this time last year shooting the upcoming comedy Gambit with Colin Firth. This time out Diaz is set to star in, Agent: Century 21, the story of “a real estate agent [who] gets caught-up in a Mexican drug lord’s kidnapping plot”.

Benicio Del Toro is also rumored to co-star in this purported NM production! Yay!

Gambit is slated for theatrical release this October. Keep it here for Agent: Century 21 updates through the end of the year…

Sidenote: Diaz is also lined-up for a starring role in The Counselor, a film with NM ties from producer Nick Wecshler, writer Cormac McCarthy, to Penelope Cruz and Dean Norris..And that’s one helluva Big Screen String, New Mexico Style.

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  • It’s good to see Cameron coming back to our great state of New Mexico. She is a smart, hard working professional. I had the pleasure of photographing her when she was a model. Cameron is a talented and hard working pro. Welcome to New Mexico Cameron!

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