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Breaking Bad: Do-gooding champs?

Posted by on February 27, 2013 | One comment

As it turns out, Breaking Bad may be more than just the best scripted drama on cable television. The production is also going out with a bang of charitable heroism, on top of their consistent community activism!

NOT ONLY has the show spotlighted New Mexico as a brilliant place to film*, and highlighted the beauty of our landscapes (I’m looking at you God Mr. Slovis), but throughout production the cast, crew and studio have quite literally stepped up to the plate in taking care of those in need in our area!

RIGHT NOW there is not one, but at least FOUR charitable endeavors aimed at helping the show’s backdrop and home base:

  • Our own WORLDWIDE Raffle benefiting the Barrett Foundation, building futures for homeless women and children for over 25 years
  • The YDI “Farewell Tribute”, meet & greet opportunity, raising funds for youth arts education
  • Joy Junction, the state’s largest emergency homeless shelter, is NOW selling show donated items in their thrift shop!
  • AND the production has also donated to our designee’s site store!

If this isn’t goodness for goodness sake, we don’t know what is! To bring a world to light, and then to light up that world is quite a feat.

We will miss you Breaking Bad – soon to wrap, but NEVER EVER to be forgotten. THANK YOU!

*Vince Gilligan has conveyed more than an affinity for the Land of Enchantment…to be continued…

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OLC Now Casting: Enemy Way starring Forest Whitaker

Posted by on February 27, 2013 | Comments Off on OLC Now Casting: Enemy Way starring Forest Whitaker

UPDATE 2/28/13

From Kathryn Brink: ENEMY WAY is seeking 3 cast members!

40’s-60’s MIDDLE EASTERN MALE, distinguished looking

Anyone interested in being considered should email a headshot, resume and contact information to: >>> casting505@gmail.com <<<

Casting Enemy Way starring Forest Whitaker

Extras Casting Director: Tina Kerr – On Location Casting

Project: “Enemy Way” – Feature Film starring Forest Whitaker

Shoot dates: Monday – Saturday schedule from 4/3/13 – 5/30/13. Various time requirements depending on role cast in.

Shoot times: Times vary depending on role cast in. Extras should be prepared to work a 12 hour+ day on the day chosen.

Shoot locations: Deming, NM and Albuquerque, NM

Compensation: NON-UNION Extra Rate is still TBD but will be minimum wage or higher with overtime paid after 8 hours. Lunch and snacks provided.

Talent Specs

STAND-INS: Forest Whitaker MOTORCYCLE DOUBLE – male, African American, age range 25-50, height range 6’0″-6’3″, medium build. MUST be an experienced motorcycle rider with motorcycle license.

EXTRAS: male and female, all ethnicities, all ages!! Although, there will only be a minimum number of children hired for this project.

Some specific types include:

-Drivers with vehicles that are not red, white or black

-Fire Fighters

-Police Officers

-Prison Guards


-Men with Military experience

-Mexican Immigrants

-Pregnant Hispanic Women (should be noticeably pregnant but still able to work)

-Parolees and Gang types (rough looking)

-Border Patrol

-Restaurant and Coffee Shop Customers

-Waiters/Waitresses and Bartenders with experience

-Hispanic Laborers

-Mexican Cumbia Musicians

-Hispanic Latin Dancers (salsa, Cumbia, etc)

-Upscale Politician types with professional attire


-Mosque Attendees

…and many other general extra roles!

Overall Talent Considerations: NO professional acting experience required! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!


Send submissions to background casting director website ASAP at:

Enter on Talent, Click Register and Talent Application. Complete application and upload 1-2 photos. It is FREE to register so you should NOT pay for the suggested ‘active’ account upgrades that will be offered twice a month. There is NO charge and you can be booked for work with the basic ‘not-active’ profile. DO NOT PAY FOR AN ‘active’ ACCOUNT!!!

-Recent photos of yourself (taken within the past six months)

-**PHOTOS should be of clear good quality, facing forward to camera, NO sunglasses, NO hats, NO silly gestures or faces, and should include ONLY those being submitted for the project.

-In the “”Referred By section please list Enemy Way

If you have additional questions about this project or On Location Casting – please feel free to email us at: onlocationcastingNM@yahoo.com

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Brick & Mortar Bistro Closing its Doors

Posted by on February 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Brick & Mortar Bistro Closing its Doors

bathbodybistro-ericw-photographyimage via EricWPhoto.com

Albuquerque, NM – EVERYTHING MUST GO! The sun is about to set on one of New Mexico’s own Nob Hill storefronts. The deliciousness that is Bath & Body Bistro will be closing its coveted brick & mortar storefront doors at the end of next month.

The Bistro will continue to sell its signature “fab stuff” in the Market & Craft Fair circuit for the time being. So very sadly, the store owners say, “We have put so much time and effort and love into our quality products for our customers…We thank all of you who shopped with us and we appreciate you so much!”

And don’t count them out just yet, Debra and Michel have something up their sleeves! The storefront will be closed as of April 1st and they will be SELLING EVERYTHING IN THE STORE! Desks, file cabinets, bottles, jars, cupcake boxes, tins, high heel shoe chair……EVERYTHING!!!

“We love NM and wanted to bring an great alternative to commercial brand products…we love what we do and we do it well. We tried so hard to compete with the commercial brands and unfortunately we lost the battle, BUT we have not lost the war! We would love to thank all the customers who supported us for over 2 year and we are very grateful for each and every one of them.

We developed relationships with our customers, and it will be truly sad not to see many of them again. From the bottom of our hearts Thank you, thank you so much! Michele and I are friends of 35 years and we work great together and will continue with another venture of a Mobile food Truck called, “Hot Off The Press Paninis”, so we will mobile through the streets of NM and [we] hope to meet many of you! When one chapter is over a new one begins…Here’s to new beginnings.”
-Debra Taylor de Sanchez

Visit their facebook page here to keep up with the one-of-a-kind products and one-of-a-kind New Mexcio small business women!

Gallery images via FollowEric.com

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Breaking sad? Get yourself the ultimate Breaking Bad fan pack!

Posted by on February 26, 2013 | Comments Off on Breaking sad? Get yourself the ultimate Breaking Bad fan pack!

TOTAL RAISED AS OF 8/10/2013: $1,860



CURRENT TOTAL: $1,860 GOAL: $2,000 THANK YOU M. Steele $50, K. Shaw $25, D. Nightingale $5, L. Kain $5, C Ortiz $5, K. Talley $10, A. Holden $20, Scoutbugle.com $50, A. Bhatia $5, T. Standifer $20, R. Arimoto $5, Cook Acquisitions / BooyahMedia $25, E. Booth $5, M. Jackson $10, S. Bloom $15, L. Reule $35, Lion Arch Enterprises $10, M. Cabrera $25, J. Rexer $25, B. Holder $20, A. Rael $10, A. Cook $5, A. Stang $5, A. Von Mohr $25, Bath Brush and Beyond $30, C. Bronson $25, N. Zambrano $10, C. Bronson $25, G. Gustavson $50, L. Schatz $25, M. Cabrera $25, lightgreenish designs $5, d. mansini $10, L. Wofford $10, J. Barr $5, M. Hess $5, S. Green $20, W. Powell $20, R. Thompson $10, k. mclaughlin $5, S. Martin $50, kimmelman w. $40, L. Cook $25, 10-18 Voiceover $20, J. Howell $25, S. Shelby $50, S. Shelby $20, K. Silva $5, D. Gaitirira $5, w. lippert $50, i. gonzales $10, A. Floreal $40, J. Hendry $50, C. Quezada $25, K. Schlie $5, W. Forbes $50, J. Thomas $10, M. Greenberg $25, C. Benning $20, W. Lumsden $5, A. Reeves $5, S. Moreau $20, F. Daily $10, L. Reule $50, P. Caster $50, B. Storey $20, M. Evans $25, J. Bell $10, M. Cabrera $20, Bath Brush and Beyond $30, E SCHNEIDER $20, J Barr $5, J Carpenter $25, E Romero $15, R Anglada $5, L Arch Enterprises $25, J Carpenter $25, J Martinez $5, S Fischer $5, M Cabrera $20, G R Justice $5, P Caruso $20, S Spletzer $20, M Greenberg $20, l designs $5, M O’Connell $5, l designs $5, K Raemer $10, l designs $5, M Greenberg $5, M Cabrera $20, M Conroy $5, M Smith $25, S Martinez $25, R Paz $50, A Beauchamp $5, S Bloom $10, R Palmer $25, a bone $5, CURRENT TOTAL: $1,860 GOAL: $2,000

As New Mexico braces to say goodbye to the global sensation created by “the best show on television”, YOU can have a piece, hell you can have a whole load, of New Mexico specific Breaking Bad swag!

Along with EXCLUSIVE items sent to OHI direct from the show’s studio, cast and crew have contributed ultra-limited edition items straight from the production! And from the very heartbeat of the show, ALBUQUERQUE itself, local businesses have given their own special brand of Breaking Bad items & experiences – all up for grabs!

Fan Pack includes (but is not limited to):

  • Full size “Hail to the Chief” poster hand signed by Bryan Cranston
    (reads: “Hail yes!”)
  • Hand signed cast photo
  • Hand signed season one script cover
  • Pollos Hermanos restaurant apron
  • Breaking Bad engraved Santa Fe Railroad coin
  • Better Call Saul matchbooks
  • Official Season Four Cast & Crew Hoodie
  • Two passes for the Official Albuquerque Trolley “BaD” Tour in Albuquerque
  • Great Face & Body Bathing Bad themed spa & beauty products
  • Pollos Hermanos commissioned seasonings
  • The Candy Lady made “Blue Crystal” candy, as supplied to the show

If just 400 of the 2.9 MILLION Breaking Bad fans out there put-up five dollars per entry for their chance to WIN this amazing prize pack OneHeadlightInk.com (OHI), and those who contributed will be able to present the Barrett Foundation with at least $2,000.00 to help their amazing work in creating brighter futures for homeless women and children right here in Albuquerque!

The raffle IS NOW open online, WORLDWIDE!

CURRENT TOTAL: $1,860 GOAL: $2,000 THANK YOU M. Steele $50, K. Shaw $25, D. Nightingale $5, L. Kain $5, C Ortiz $5, K. Talley $10, A. Holden $20, Scoutbugle.com $50, A. Bhatia $5, T. Standifer $20, R. Arimoto $5, Cook Acquisitions / BooyahMedia $25, E. Booth $5, M. Jackson $10, S. Bloom $15, L. Reule $35, Lion Arch Enterprises $10, M. Cabrera $25, J. Rexer $25, B. Holder $20, A. Rael $10, A. Cook $5, A. Stang $5, A. Von Mohr $25, Bath Brush and Beyond $30, C. Bronson $25, N. Zambrano $10, C. Bronson $25, G. Gustavson $50, L. Schatz $25, M. Cabrera $25, lightgreenish designs $5, d. mansini $10, L. Wofford $10, J. Barr $5, M. Hess $5, S. Green $20, W. Powell $20, R. Thompson $10, k. mclaughlin $5, S. Martin $50, kimmelman w. $40, L. Cook $25, 10-18 Voiceover $20, J. Howell $25, S. Shelby $50, S. Shelby $20, K. Silva $5, D. Gaitirira $5, w. lippert $50, i. gonzales $10, A. Floreal $40, J. Hendry $50, C. Quezada $25, K. Schlie $5, W. Forbes $50, J. Thomas $10, M. Greenberg $25, C. Benning $20, W. Lumsden $5, A. Reeves $5, S. Moreau $20, F. Daily $10, L. Reule $50, P. Caster $50, B. Storey $20, M. Evans $25, J. Bell $10, M. Cabrera $20, Bath Brush and Beyond $30, E SCHNEIDER $20, J Barr $5, J Carpenter $25, E Romero $15, R Anglada $5, L Arch Enterprises $25, J Carpenter $25, J Martinez $5, S Fischer $5, M Cabrera $20, G R Justice $5, P Caruso $20, S Spletzer $20, M Greenberg $20, l designs $5, M O’Connell $5, l designs $5, K Raemer $10, l designs $5, M Greenberg $5, M Cabrera $20, M Conroy $5, M Smith $25, S Martinez $25, R Paz $50, A Beauchamp $5, S Bloom $10, R Palmer $25, a bone $5, CURRENT TOTAL: $1,860 GOAL: $2,000

The minimum fundraising goal is the a fore mentioned $2,000.00. The raffle will run March 9, 2013 – midnight June 1, 2013, provided the minimum fundraising goal is reached, otherwise entries will remain open until that goal is achieved.

Entries starting at $5 on up will be fully accounted for and verifiable through secure online PayPal payments. Every $5 dollar increment counts as one entry, i.e. $20 = 4 entries, etc.

100% of payments received will go to the Barrett Foundation (minus the nominal PayPal processing fees/.30 per transaction).

Within 72 hours of the raffle end date one winner will be drawn and notified of their WIN! OHI will then promptly ship the winnings to the lucky contestant!

Breaking Bad has always worked hard to give back to the Albuquerque community and beyond. We are honored and humbled for this opportunity partner with locals, and appreciate the generosity of the production itself, to bring the world wide web a chance to have these coveted items and services while striving to help those in our community, just as the beloved show has and will continue to do!

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An Inspiring Way Out of Homelessness for New Mexico Women and Children

Posted by on February 26, 2013 | 2 comments


Homelessness is a devastating experience for families. It disrupts virtually every aspect of family life. It damages the physical and emotional health of family members and interferes with children’s education and development. The sooner a family is stabilized and able to return to permanent housing, the more successful the family will be in breaking their cycle of homelessness. With less income available for housing, food, and necessities, many families are only an accident, illness, or paycheck away from becoming homeless. Nearly 40% of the homeless population consists of families with children.

The Barrett Foundation is a New Mexico not-for-profit organization established in 1984 for the purposes of serving Albuquerque’s homeless women and children.

Its first program was Barrett House, an emergency shelter founded in 1985. The shelter can house up to 23 women and 20 children and is located in a beautiful 12,000 sq.ft. facility that was built in 2005. Women can stay up to four weeks and receive meals, clothing, case management services, and emotional support.

In 1988 the Casa Milagro program was established. This program is designed to address the needs of women who are over the age of 40 and diagnosed with chronic mental illness. This is a group home setting, and clients can stay for up to 18 months while receiving psychosocial rehabilitation services.

In 1997, the Barrett Foundation added the Bridges to Self-Sufficiency supportive housing program to address the needs of non-disabled women with or without children. This program is a collaborative effort with three other agencies to provide supportive housing to clients who are motivated to move towards independent housing and self-sufficiency. Participants must be employed or attending school and can stay in the program for up to 24 months.

Through an incredible gift in 1999, the Barrett Foundation purchased a 16-unit apartment complex that provides supportive permanent housing to graduates of Casa Milagro. The Casa Verde program provides necessary Aftercare services to recent graduates and is complemented by an Art Therapy component.

In 2004, the Barrett Foundation added Casa Socorro, yet another permanent housing program that was started as a pilot project to serve chronically homeless women. This project is yet another collaborative effort with three other agencies. All of these clients were homeless for more than one year or were homeless more than four times the previous three years at the time of admission and have a mental disability. Clients receive case management services once a week.

The Barrett Foundation truly makes a difference in the lives of over 650 women and children every year. Although our clients come from many walks of life, they all have things in common – the need for safe housing, nutritious meals, counseling, emotional support, and hope for a better tomorrow.

-The Barret Foundation

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Breaking Bad Season Five Final Episodes Now Filming: Now Casting Youths

Posted by on February 24, 2013 | One comment

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Breaking Bad Casting Final Episodes

Albuquerque, NM – The fifth and final season of BREAKING BAD is now casting 18 y/o males and females who look younger for a scene coming up very soon. If you are over 18 and look younger email:


Title your email subject line, “18 LOOKS YOUNGER”. Please include your name, contact number, age, height, weight and a clear picture of yourself. No “blurry pictures” please.

Please share this link with anyone you may know who fits these specifications with availability in the Albuquerque metro area.

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New Mexico Star Turns: Blind Items

Posted by on February 24, 2013 | 3 comments

Guess Who's Coming to Film in New Mexico

BREAKING NM STAR NEWS 2/25/13: GUESS which “adopted” New Mexican is set to return to The Land of Enchantment???

Recent rumblings have surfaced about negotiations between this A-Lister and an upcoming New Mexico production…

As of early today it appears that the deal is all but INKED! Hint: Everyone will simply FLIP when this confirmed news breaks loose!

Stay tuned!!!!!

leading-men-1Photograph by Levi Brown

Leading Man Wanted 2/24/13:

With the incredible base of talent, expanse of land, abundance of top facilities, and hard working film industry officials always hard at work striking deals and building YOUR film industry from the inside out, more and more productions are rolling into the Land of Enchantment!

When the hits keep coming, some hard knocks are bound to follow…as we here at OHI strive to bring you the latest news, whispers in the wind, and underground radar blips about what’s coming and going on in New Mexico Film, sometimes we have to retract.

Every prospective project is exciting to hear about and report on, but winning some always comes with losing some, like in the case of the big fat covered wagon, handbrake being put on the hugely exciting prospect of an NM/Adam Sandler production, The Ridiculous 6.

Today we’ve learned that pre-production on one of the major motion pictures getting set to shoot here in New Mexico has been pushed out at least a few weeks because scheduling conflicts have hijacked the highly anticipated participation of its leading man…

Now, we’re not a liberty to say which pic it is which still has a firm grasp on its lovely leading lady, but suddenly a vacancy in the gorgeous leading man department – however, know that it will make a buzz on the web when it’s confirmed that this repeat NMFilmer is out, and everyone will be waiting to see who will step in to fill his boots.

Stay tuned

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IATSE 480 Announces more films in NM

Posted by on February 22, 2013 | One comment

New Mexico Film and Media Day Feb 22 2013

SANTA FE — State Representative Dona G. Irwin and Deming Mayor Andres Silva announced today that “ENEMY WAY” starring Academy Award Winner, Golden Globe Winner, and BAFTA Winner Forest Whittaker (The Last King of Scotland, Criminal Minds, Repo Man) will be filming in and around Deming April 3rd – May 3rd and Albuquerque May 7th – May 28th.

The film is directed by Rachid Bouchareb (True Justice, Maximum Conviction) nominated for an Academy Award and 2 Oscar as well as the Palme D’or at Cannes. Rachid’s “Outside the Law” was released in the US in 2011 and has garnered Rachid his third Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. He just completed “Just Like A Woman” with Sienna Miller and Golshifteh Farahani, which shot in Chicago and New Mexico. The film is slated for release in the US in 2013.

“ENEMY WAY” is a story that takes place in Deming, New Mexico. Willie Garnett finds himself fighting his inner demon. Garnett must persevere, but will he be able to take on the most powerful man in Luna County?
“ENEMY WAY” Plans to spend over a month in Deming plus a month of wrap. $5 million dollars are to be injected to the Deming economy.

“The Runaway” Balliwood meets Tamalewood in this road film to be shot entirely in New Mexico. Award winning filmmaker Brad Littlefield from Open Range pictures is crewing up once again!

Extrordinary filmmakers from around the world come to New Mexico. Director Semir Banerjey from Hotel New York, from Russia Assitant Director Anna Zaitsevah, Japanese Director of Photography Katsumi Funihashi, and casting director Farrah West who worked with Lost and Dark Blue work with Littlefield to bring up to 50 jobs to New Mexico and will employ up to 50 cast and crew.

Jon Hendry, IATSE local 480 the film technicians union, said, “This is a game changer for Deming. This high profile project not only will spend millions but put Southwest New Mexico firmly on the movie map. My members look forward to spending their money and the movie’s money in Deming “

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Friendly Reminder from a Top NM Casting Director

Posted by on February 20, 2013 | Comments Off on Friendly Reminder from a Top NM Casting Director

Film and Media day casting call:
EG Casting Line

From Elizabeth Gabel –

PLEASE, all interested actors MUST attend the film and media day casting call. I sadly will not be there because I have to be in CA that day, but Lorrie Latham will be there to represent EG casting and Latham Casting.

We will cast both our projects: The Homesman with Tommy Lee Jones and A Million Ways to Die in the West with Seth MacFarland from that casting call so if you wish to be considered for those project, please be there.

REMEMBER: Men with great mustaches, women with natural long hair.

When: Friday, February 22 8:00am-4:20pm

Where: New Mexico State Capital, 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM

FEATURING: 11am -4pm – Open Casting Call at the State Land Office Auditorium @ 310 Old SF Trail

If you cannot make the call, please update your photo and profile at www.egcasting.com

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UNM Play: Call for Native American Actors

Posted by on February 20, 2013 | Comments Off on UNM Play: Call for Native American Actors

Fadeaway at UNM Words Aire Festival

Native playwright Zee Eskeets, is currently casting Native American Actors for a new play to premiere at the UNM Words Afire Festival.

By Zee Eskeets
Directed by Joe Alberti

Jason Black is stuck. Since the death of his sister he has only been certain of one thing: he will never leave Gallup, New Mexico. His only comfort is his beautiful and talented girlfriend Kai, but as he struggles to hold on to her, he begins to lose his grip on reality, leading to deadly consequences.

Auditions are this Saturday the 23rd at 11am in the Robert Hartung building (that is located on the corner of Stanford and Central, next to the Frontier), room 206.

JASON BLACK, 17- 18, a lonely boy that tries to fill the void with his idea of love but darkness constantly creeps in through the cracks.

SHARON YAZZIE, 40s, Kai’s Mother. Well educated, strong Native American woman. After obtaining her PhD, she teaches at the UNM branch in Gallup, NM.

GRANDMA YAZZIE, We can go with an actor in her 40’s or older and age her as needed, if necessary) 60s? (Unknown. She states when she was born, snow as on the ground) Kai’s grandma. Feisty old lady. Loves margar-eats. Sometimes speaks in broken English as many Elders do on the Rez having never been properly “assimilated”.

SHERMAN BEGAY, 40s, the Voice of the Navajo Nation. It’s as if he is everyone’s own private radio DJ.

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Prom Dress Boutique 2013

Posted by on February 18, 2013 | Comments Off on Prom Dress Boutique 2013

Prom Botique 951

The Prom Dress Boutique is back!

Ladies, it’s time to clean out those closets and donate your old prom dresses, cocktail dresses, or bridesmaids dress.

You can donate your dresses an ANY Starbright Cleaners in Albuquerque.

They will take those dresses off your hands and get them to a young lady who needs them this fall!

The Prom Dress Boutique 2013 will be held on March 7th at 4pm Coronado Center (Exact Location TBD).

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Boys will be Boys: One Night Only at The Guild Cinema

Posted by on February 18, 2013 | Comments Off on Boys will be Boys: One Night Only at The Guild Cinema

UPDATE* 3/6/13: OHI has tickets to give away for this comedy extravaganza!

Get entered to win YOURS! Email your name and contact info. to win@oneheadlightink.com.

Be sure to title your email, “BOYS”. Winners will be drawn and notified on *Wednesday March 13 – NM Comedy, GET INTO IT!

Boys Will Be Boys Albuquerque Comedy

Friday, March 15, 2013
The Guild Cinema
10:30 pm $10 (cash only)

Six of Albuquerque’s top stand-up comedians are prepared to go all out to make you laugh on Friday, March 15th at The Guild Cinema.

Think of six of the funniest guys you know. Now give them each a stage, a microphone, and years of finely honed material performed almost nightly in front of audiences all over the country. With the line-up starring at The Guild Cinema on March 15th, that’s exactly what you’ll have. It takes years and years of hard work and consistency to become a professional stand-up comedian and these men have put in their time, all working towards the noble goal of making a room full of strangers laugh.

“To take an audience through a set is a beautiful thing… You’re providing them an emotional experience, and one of the least understood in human behavior; laughter. It comes from a place deep inside of us and sometimes it is completely inexplicable, but that’s the goal. That’s what we do. We make you laugh.” says comedian and publisher Mike Long.

These are comics who have committed to the lifestyle of a stand-up, sacrificing privacy, personal comfort, and security to go out of their way for a good joke. No topic is too close to the heart and no subject is taboo. The material for their acts is culled from their very lives and the thought processes that make them tick as human beings.

The Guild Cinema provides a perfect backdrop for this performance. This isn’t a bar show, it’s not an unruly open mic, it’s a nice, dark theater with perfect audio and a great stage. It’s the environment that stand-up comedy thrives in. It’s the setting that the art was meant for. This will be a chance to see six professionals performing at the top of their game for your amusement.

Life these days is difficult, and real entertainment is sparse. To be able to take in a live performance that makes you forget about your problems and concerns for an hour and a half, to be immersed in something else; pure, genuine, laughter, can be a blessed escape from reality.

It really is something to get to take a night off, sit down in a comfortable theater and have six trained professionals try to make you laugh. Your enjoyment is their main concern. The fact that you have a good night and a great time is their utmost goal. It’s why they’re there. It’s what motivates them to put in the “blood sweat and tears” that it takes to get to this level in their profession.

Albuquerque has an amazing stand-up comedy scene, and these are the best of the best out of it. It’s a group of individuals that have cut their teeth at local open mics and showcases for years, and then taken their acts on the road to perform in front of varied and sometimes vicious audiences.

Matt Peterson has been producing top notch shows in town for the last five years, including shows at the Guild Cinema for the last year and a half. He has garnered national attention for his starring role in the feature film “The Bigfoot Election”, along with roles on Television’s “Longmire” and “In Plain Sight”.

John Cuellar is one third of the comedy production team “Young Dumb and Full of Comedy” and hosts a weekly open mic at Nexus brewery. He has become a true master at crowd work, bringing each and every audience member personally into his act as he crafts a set that engages the entire room.

Joe Quesada is another third of “Young Dumb and Full of Comedy” who hosts a monthly showcase at Elliot’s Bar and Grill. Joe has created a seemingly endless amount of material drawing from his own insecurities and struggles in life, baring his soul to the audience in search of the perfect bit.

Rusty Rutherford hosts Albuquerque’s longest running comedy contest every month at Terrene Hookah Lounge. His upbeat and energetic performances have been described as “structured insanity” as he jokes, raps, and freestyles his way into a crowd’s heart.

James Morrow has been performing all around Albuquerque and the Southwest for over four years. He has been referred to as a “comic’s comic”, being able to turn even the coldest room inside out with laughter.

Mike Long is a published author who has dedicated his creative efforts towards stand-up comedy for the last three years. His somewhat twisted view of the world and dark sense of humor have generated rave reviews, having audience members say “I didn’t want to laugh at that, but he made me.”

This group has spent many a night together both on and off stage, perfecting their art, honing their craft and embodying the lifestyle of a comedian. They, each in their own unique way, are exceptionally adept at bringing an audience into their minds during their time on stage and generating a laugh that may even surprise the listener.

The show’s host Matt Peterson says “There is nothing in the world like being a comedian. We get to see the world and report it back to you, all in the hopes of laughter! Albuquerque Comedy is alive and well!”

Come out to The Guild Cinema on Friday, March 13th to enjoy a comedy show like no other. Admission is only $10 for this 18 and over show that will begin at 10:30pm. Boys will be Boys, and they’ll make you laugh along with them in the process.

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Vaya Con Dios Ridiculous 6

Posted by on February 17, 2013 | One comment


NM can press pause on the upcoming western comedy from actor, producer, director Adam Sandler. No details are available on the reset date or if the film plans to mosey on back at that unspecified time.

New Mexico is gearing-up for a busy shooting schedule this summer with crew and talent at the ready. Be sure to attend YOUR Film & Media Day 2013 coming-up this Friday at the state capitol.

Film industry exhibitors and advocates will be on hand, including those on the front lines working for your film jobs! Be sure to attend for the latest information available on upcoming projects, events and organizations available for your future in #NMFilm!

Click here for the full schedule of events!

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New Mexico Film “The Host” – New Trailer

Posted by on February 14, 2013 | Comments Off on New Mexico Film “The Host” – New Trailer

In theaters March 29

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Official Events Schedule for Film & Media Day at the 2013 New Mexico Legislature

Posted by on February 14, 2013 | One comment

From New Mexico’s International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees:
(IATSE 480)

Film & Media Day will be on Friday, Feb. 22nd this year. We start with a Women In Film presentation on the evening before. A full schedule can be found below.

The Halls of History at the State Capitol will be full of exhibitors from communities, colleges, and film vendors from around the state. “Breaking Bad” star Steven Michael Quezada will introduce Friends of Film, Warriors for Film workers at noon in the Rotunda to be followed by a showing of “Carmen & Ben: A Love Story,” our documentary tribute to Speaker Lujan.

Background casting call will take place from 11am-4pm in the auditorium at the State Land Office, 310 Old Santa Fe Trail. The public is encouraged to attend. For casting session questions please call Hillary Baca at 974-8058.

The industry reception for legislators will follow at The Dragon Room in the Pink Adobe from 5-8 pm.

Jon Hendry said, “After ten years, Film & Media Day has become one of the biggest and most well-attended lobbying days during the session. Schools and communities from all over the state send students and businesses to meet their representatives and thank them for their continued support of this exciting industry. It’s a great day to come to the Capitol, and this year you could even become an extra!”

Schedule of Events

Thursday, Feb. 21st:

NMWIF and IATSE Local 480 kick-off event at the New Mexico Federation of Labor (NMFL) Legislative Office 7pm.

Friday Feb. 22nd:

7:30am Exhibitors being to set up tables in the Halls of History

8am – Exhibitor tables continue until 4:30pm

9-10am – Mayor’s Welcome Breakfast hosted by IATSE Local 480 at the NMFL legislative office, 410 A Old Santa Fe Trail

10am – Reel Working America class on lobbying at the NMFL office – open to all

11aqm -4pm – Open casting call at the State Land Office auditorium – 310 Old Santa Fe Trail

Noon –1pm – Press conference in the Rotunda with Steven Michael Quezada. We will also be screening IATSE 480 Business Agent, Jon Hendry’s tribute to Speaker Ben Lujan.

1pm – Sky video systems demo of their camera drone outside on the Old SF Trail side

2-5pm – Lobbying

4:30pm – Vendors break down their displays and tables and chairs are loaded out

5pm – 8pm VIP Legislative reception at the Dragon Room, Pink Adobe, Old SF Trail

7pm – Sundance Film and CCA present, “Upstream Color” at the Lensic.

IATSE Local 480 is participating by offering discounted tickets to NM film makers, available at the Roundhouse on the day for $5, first come first served.

Contact: Linda McDill, NMWIF President
505.424.3757 LMcDill100@aol.com


New Mexico Actors/Extras Documentary Call

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From J. Nathan Simmons:

Attention all Background Actors & Actors – We want to hear your story! Why did you decided to go into acting? Tell us!

In partnership with Chiliwood Productions we are planning to make a documentary showcasing why people in New Mexico love working on film.

Send a brief description about you and your story to background.story.documentary@gmail.com

UPDATES TO FOLLOW >> Stay tuned for more information…

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Screenwriter Dr. Helen Jacey in Santa Fe: ‘The Woman in the Story’ Film & Media Day Kick-off Events

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Dr. Helen Jacey, renown British screenwriter, author and story consultant will speak in Santa Fe on February 20 and 21, 2013. Her book The Woman in the Story is considered the international handbook for creating strong female characters. Her two appearances in Santa Fe are made possible by a collaboration of Duchy Parade Films, New Mexico Women in Film, IATSE 480 Filmworkers Union and Santa Fe Community College Film Department.

As a professional screenwriter, Jacey has developed projects for numerous UK, European and US producers, including Gareth Wiley, Harbour Pictures, BBC, UK Film Council and others. She is currently developing several feature film screenplays for producers in the UK and the US, including a screenplay for Santa Fe’s Duchy Parade Films.

Wednesday, February 20, Dr Jacey will present a three hour seminar, ‘Writing the Heroine’s Story’. This intensive workshop for professionals and beginners brings knowledge and inspiration of characterization to new, imaginative levels. Registration opens at 6:00PM. Seminar begins at 6:30PM sharp. Santa Fe Community College, Room # 216 in the West Wing of the main campus. Parking in main SFCC lot; short walk to West Wing. $30 at the door.

Thursday, February 21, Dr Jacey will speak at the Official Kick-Off Event for NM Film & Media Day 2013. Co-hosted by IATSE 480 and NM Women in Film, she will speak on ‘Gender Politics in Film: Finding the Woman’s Voice’. Lecture and reception will take place at 7:00PM at 410-A Old Santa Fe Trail, between Pink Adobe and Rio Chama restaurants. Seating is limited. NMWIF members free. Guests $15 at the door.

More information on the Dr Helen Jacey seminar and lecture: www.NMWIF.com.

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Your Oscar Options in New Mexico…

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Oscar Events New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

Oscar Event – LET’S MAKE NM #1 AGAIN

Help raise funds to LOBBY Santa Fe for HB-379 and SB-468. raising film and TV production incentives to carryover and to increase TV incentive to 30%.

Come watch the Red Carpet at Far Horizon Studio, 304 Washington SE, Sunday February 24, 5 to 8 pm. $20 per couple.

Email Lloyd Cummins at abbxnet@gmail.com

Santa Fe, NM

Oscar viewing party at ZIa Diner on Sunday, Feb. 24th, 2013. Will include a special menu, no host bar, two big screens, time to mingle, and your chance to win the voting pool! Voting forms provided.

If you are so inclined, come dressed as your favorite actor or movie role. Or just glam it up. Red carpet at 5pm.

Seating for 45 people so RSVP early here.

Event organizers: Belle Starr Productions & Native Stock Pictures

Also note that annual Oscar sanctioned parties and events held all over the country benefit charities and cities every year, including this year’s local beneficiary, The New Mexico BioPark Society, Albuquerque, NM

From this year’s official Oscar Experience, Albuquerque:

The excitement and glamour of Hollywood are coming to Albuquerque on Oscar Night®. Residents of Albuquerque can experience the thrills and surprises of the 85th Academy Awards® on Sunday, February 24, 2013, at the Oscar® Experience: Albuquerque party benefitting the New Mexico BioPark Society. The Albuquerque event is one of 47 parties officially sanctioned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that will be held across the country on Oscar Night®. Please join us for this Red Carpet / Black Tie Optional event.

Free parking will be available in the VSA Garage on the corner of 5th and Copper.

Drop OHI a line info@oneheadlightink.com or give us a call to let us know about YOUR NM Oscar event!!

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Casting Real Skiers, Santa Fe, NM

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UPDATE 2/13/13: The casting directors are also seeking a family of four. “At $299/day each that’s $800/day for the family for up to four days!” -Angelique Midthunder

Email pics and contact info. to: MidthunderCasting@gmail.com

Casting Skiing Couple New Mexico

Open casting call:

Friday 2/15

8376 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507

commercial shoot

RATE: $200/ per person per day

Shoot dates: 2/28 – 3/3


Age 30-40ish year old Skiers

Midthunder Casting is looking for an attractive and athletic man and woman to play a couple. Fit, active and enjoy the outdoors in winter. They will need to be real SKIERS and comfortable in the snow.

Email pics and contact info. to: MidthunderCasting@gmail.com

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Reel Working America 2013 – Get into it!

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Reel Working America is a joint project with Working America and IATSE 480 (The Film Technician’s Union) – it is the new home for working people in the film industry.

The goal is to give independent film makers, film students, and others aspiring to be in this exciting business a voice on the issues that affect the film industry and an opportunity to work collectively to influence the process.

Come voice your thoughts and ideas for the future of New Mexico Film in the first Reel Working America meeting of the year!

Friday, February 15, 2013
5:00pm – 7:00pm

201 Coal Ave.
SW Albuquerque, NM 87102

Also on the agenda is frank discussion on current legislation to help improve the film industry and the ways you can get involved with the always exciting annual Film and Media Day at the legislature on February 22, 2013.

Organizers strongly encourage you to invite any friends and family members who might also be interested in attending. Food and refreshments will be provided.

Facebook event page | Join Reel Working America

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