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NM Says: Governor Martinez Sign HB 379 for the sake of #NMFilm

Posted by on March 14, 2013

UPDATE 3/15/12: Newly re-formed House Bill, 641 has emerged at the Legislature in a last ditch effort to salvage the New Mexico Film Industry. Friday evening the House Business and Industry Committee voted to pass the new bill, which mirrors our beloved HB 379 as vetoed by the Governor earlier in the day.

Stay tuned…

#1174 Albuquerque, NM
A film production bill such as this is a win-win for all involved. New Mexico is in a perfect situation both location, crew and talent wise to allow professional production to continue to grow. This State needs all the advantages it can use to bring more production here. Governor by signing this bill you would put more New Mexicans to work and bring in more revenue for big and small businesses.

#1173 Placitas, NM
Please sign HB379. The film industry is good for New Mexico … good for jobs and all the folks who provide services for the productions. Heaven knows we need the jobs.

The word on New Mexico Film - Click the pic to add Your VoiceClick here to add your voice

#1164 Albuquerque, NM
This is really important for the state. If this goes away, its going to make it harder for everything else. We have something special here in NM that other states don’t. Lets keep it that way. Sign the bill.

#1031 Albuquerque, NM
The Feds will be cutting the military, Los Alamos and Sandia Labs. This is an industry to build upon. Personally, I know of out of towners who to come to Albuquerque because of Breaking Bad and it is not for meth! It’s for the beautiful skies and mountains. Please consider signing this bill. Respectfully…

#1048 Albuquerque, NM
Film work bought my home/vehicles, and paid off my student loans

#1078 Albuquerque, NM
tv film and art endeavors are pollution free revenue and job producers in our state and attract tourism- a clean source of income…. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU??????

#941 Albuquerque, NM
I work in the film industry in NM. Let’s do what we can to keep the work coming.

#940 Albuquerque, NM
Excited for more work to come in! I’m ready!

#937 Albuquerque, NM
Dear Governor Martines I have been working in the film industry for the last 6 years and primarily in the state of New Mexico! I was born here my family lives here I love to work here!!! Please don’t let are great industry with high paying jobs leave here becuase it will cause me and several other people like me to relocate as well!!! Thank you

#934 Albuquerque, NM
Pro-business. Pro-movie-business!

#931 Santa Fe, NM
I have family members whose jobs are strongly tied to the industry and would face financial hardships if the industry is not able to participate in New Mexico.

#928 Santa Fe, NM
As a Santa Fe gallerist, daily I recognize the positive impact & fiscal contribution of New Mexico film & TV production on our state and local levels. Keep the cameras on NM!

#923 Las Cruces, NM
We need this! Its good for the entire state! Please keep film making in the state!

Quezada Call to Action - Breaking Bad Fan Explains what the bill means for NM on the national stage

#763 Tijeras, NM
Please sign this petition. It’s the difference between me having a job and being homeless. It may not matter to you but to thousands of your constituents it’s extremely important.

#759 Albuquerque, NM
I truly believe these productions not only add to the state economy, but also serve to keep New Mexico in the public eye as a diverse and valuable location for attracting other outside business interests.

#696 Santa Fe, NM
Film helps keep this ranch a float as a movie location. Agriculture is tuff, film helps

#925 Albuquerque, NM
I’ve had an opportunity to work and contribute to an industry I thought I’d have to leave home to be a part of. Here’s to it’s continued growth.

#749 Tijeras, NM
Do the right thing this time around!

#684 Keep the film industry and work here in New Mexico. Jemez, NM

#681 Thousands of NM employed through movies and TV! Albuquerque, NM

#676 I support the proposed new tax incentives for film and television. Please stand behind this much needed proposal to create good New Mexico jobs. This is a outstanding industry for our state. Thank you for your time. Algodones, NM

#675 House Bill 379 must pass! New Mexico made a brilliant economic decision bringing the film industry here-lets keep it going strong! Albuquerque, NM

#668 New Mexico is perfect for making movies, we should pull in all the outside money we can, into this state! Ruidoso, NM

#665 this good for new mexico and for people of new mexico ojo caliente, NM

#653 Bring back all the film and TV jobs (and more) that were driven away to other states, and work outsourced to our neighboring countries. How can we help heal our state and the US economy when OUR WORKERS WHO PREVIOUSLY WORKED HERE HAVE MOVED TO OTHER COUNTRIES? THEY’RE NO GOOD TO US OVER THERE. I’m sure that makes THEIR economy good, but we need to worry about OURS! Let’s make this state a great one, because right now all the faith I used to have in it is gone. La Union, NM

#649 The industry is a fantastic way to create jobs, opportunies and revenue for the state. Sunland Park, NM

#641 Absolutely would not have survived single Mom years without film work! The income helped provide for my young family and allowed me the necessary income to complete (and continue with) my college education. I will forever be grateful not only for the work but the friendships I have formed and will keep throughout my lifetime. Please, keep NM films alive! Albuquerque, NM

#624 This is my future line of work! Please! Let New Mexico Come back to it’s former Glory! Albuquerque, NM

#620 Please support the movie business, best job I ever had in my own town!! Santa Fe, NM

#618 I am 100% dependent on the Film Industry. This includes for my pension, Health Insurance and all benefits associated with having full time employment. After becoming a crew member my average income more than doubled. I am one of at least 5,000 that have chosen this industry as out Career. Please Sign HB 379 Thank you!! Albuquerque, NM

#612 it is very important to help New mmexico economy by adding more jobs and revenue Albuquerque, NM

#606 Television production in New Mexico is steady work which allows my family to purchase a home, put our child through school, and afford to frequent NM owned businesses. Please sign this bill! Albuquerque, NM

#605 This bill is absolutely essential in ensuring a thriving film business here in New Mexico. As someone who works in film, this means that I can have continuous employment. Please sign this bill. Albuquerque, NM

#602 It’s a win,win for all of New Mexico! Albuquerque, NM

#601 New Mexico ppl need the jobs and the revenue that the film industry brings to us. Please sign HB 379 Albuquerque, NM

#598 I am native New Mexican- support HB379, good paying jobs, clean industry, great for NM economy, it’s all good. Albuquerque, NM

#595 Monticello, Please do not end film and television work in New Mexico! When I lived there, I worked on a couple different things and met some amazing individuals that loved there jobs! New Mexico should be proud of this right! Thank you MN

#676 I’m working as a scenic painter in the film industry after being cut to part time in my job as an editor for the NNSA. Film makes a difference to New Mexico’s economy! Albuquerque, NM

#579 We need more filming jobs to help our economy! If this is not changed in 4 years, I will move to California to get a job. Las Cruces, NM

#566 I think this is a great band-aid. In the end, I really hope this current administration quits w/ the lip-service to film/TV production in “Albuquerque the Magazine” and on local TV segments and returns us back to our nationally-competitive and pioneering tax-break program which helped usher in oh, little projects like the 3rd-biggest all-time box-office blowout “The Avengers”… Albuquerque, NM

#570 Sign it, and also make sure long term New Mexicans get these jobs, not just somebody who moved here for a year to get the tax break. Albuquerque, NM

#565 A must for the future of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM

#563 Thank you for supporting this job creator! Albuquerque, NM

#557 I am a full time student and future entreupeuner working with film and I really believe that we as a state could really benefit from having the film industry here, so please help us to continue so, because some of us have hugh ideas that could bring this state alot of exposure.

#552 Film and Television has opened up a huge variety of jobs within New Mexico. Farmington, NM

#549 I am a NM Film worker. Please live up to your promises to bring jobs to NM. Without production hundreds of us will be out of work. Albuquerque, NM

#538 House bill 379 would benefit New Mexico !!!! It has brought great opportunity for our state!!! Santa Fe, NM

#525 Please sign the Breaking Bad Bill in order to further the employment of the many film technicians and workers in the state of New Mexico. Thank you

#520 lease sign this bill as it does support local small businesses. I am part of the NM Film Crew as well and this will allow me and many others to continue providing for our families.

#519 I am in the Film Technician Program at CNM and would like to see House Bill 379 get approved. Thank You…

#512 Deal Governor Martinez: Please do the right thing and sign House Bill 379 (aka the Film Business jobs creation bill). New Mexicans will be gainfully employed more often and the state will not only benefit immediately from its impact but also well into the future. Imagine being remembered as the far-sighted Governor who helped pave the way for New Mexico becoming a major player not only within the United States, but also on the world stage. Not a bad legacy to have.

#511 As a single father who also is the care taker for his elderly parents, I find that this is the only industry that will hire me and that I can work around my own busy schedule, so please sign the bill. Thank you.

#504 I am a small business owner in New Mexico, Electrical Contractor, I contract from time to time with movie / television productions in the state. I support your signing of this job creating legislation supported by both political parties

#503 As a small business owner, as well as a NM Film Crew for years, I *need* the benefits that this bill provides. PLEASE sign this bill! Village Of Los Ranchos, NM

#502 I fully support NM HB 379. Thank you. Pecos, NM

#486 I would like to see you walk a movie set and actually see how many NM worker are really working and take a look at how many jobs are truely benfiting us here.

#483 Please sign the bill it keeps me and a lot of NM’s working and paying NM’s taxs

#481 Continue to support the film industry and the jobs it brings to NM.

#479 do what is right for nm rio rancho, NM

Fence Lake, NM
#477 As a retiree I enjoy working as an extra. Please sign HB379.

#474 Poughkeepsie, NY
Although not living in NM I thoroughly enjoy working there. Please support your film industry.

#470 Corrales, NM
My son, 28, is a SAG actor, and I do extra (background) work. We have both been working in the industry in NM since the early 2000’s. I would very much appreciate any efforts to keep NM competitive with regard to film and TV work. Thank you.

#468 It’s true and not only actors, and crew, support industries like catering, car and house rentals, cleaning serviuces,etc.

#462 Rio Rancho, NM
I work as a make up artist in the film industry. I was born and raised in NM and I love my job and need work not unemployment.

#449 Corrales, NM
Movie and television production companies bring much-needed revenue and additional jobs into our state. The arts are good business. Please support them.

#446 Albuquerque, NM
Please keep us working, thank you..

#440 West Hollywood, CA
I left nm because the scarcity of jobs. Lets keep New Mexicans working in New Mexico!!!!!

#437 sandia park, NM
as a 20yr veteran in the movie business I have gone thru the lean and good years. The current cap on our productions is totally unreasonable and affects way too many people in our wonderful state, both union and non-union

#430 Cerrillos, NM
I transitioned my career from music to film about six years ago specifically because there was so much enthusiasm, activity, and support in the state. After three years of education and training I woke up to find jobs going away and my prospects looking bleak. Now that new momentum is building from award winning recognition for our professionalism, help put us back on top competitively and sign this bill!

#423 Santa Fe, NM
Please pass HB 379. Put the 15 million back in the budget for state employees to have chiropractic care, HB2.

#415 Galisteo, NM
Just heard that another production was returning to New Mexico and although I cannot remember the stated number of jobs created, it builds on what has been accomplished thus far and is hands down, preferable to the gas industry and the risks therein.

#411 Albuquerque, NM
The money is spread through out the community. From home owners to every type of small business. It is the best thing to happen to NM. And keep in mind everyone who is in a movie union is required has health insurance and it is paid by the movie industry.

#402 Albuquerque, NM
We really need the work. Film generates quite a bit of revenue for the state and we are all better for having a big industry call NM home.

#394 Albuquerque, NM
Please sign HB 379. These long-term production shoots for television shows not only bring steady employment to the state, but also help with our state image and increase tourism i.e. the Breaking Bad tourism that we have experienced.

#391 Las Cruces, NM
This is a very easy decision. What a vital piece of legislation. It will bring a lot of opportunities to the people of New Mexico and will be a real boon for our economy.

#390 Santa Fe, NM
We in the antique Indian art business love having these people in our state because they are able to spend money on art and jewelry. Please encourage their return!

#389 Albuquerque, NM
The money spent on film in NM benefits our whole state!

#374 Albuquerque, NM
The film and television industry is vital to the employment of many people in New Mexico, both directly and indirectly, and incentives help keep it here. Approve HB 379.

#364 Los Lunas, NM
We are counting on you Governor Martinez. Thank you!

#335 Kirtland, NM
A lot of talented people all over NM would be grateful for the job opportunities this will create.

#354 Cedar Crest, NM
Please Madam Governor, help me stay employed and help me buy my materials from the local vendors so they can stay employed as well. Thank you so much for your time..

#347 Albuquerque, NM
Your fellow citizens need the income.

This bill will help bring more money and jobs to New Mexico. Please sign it!

#334 Rio Rancho, NM
We all will benefit from this.

#331 Albuquerque, NM
Please keep film in New Mexico !!! It makes money for us !!!!

#329 Albuquerque, NM
The television and film projects already operating here have brought a lot of life to the city. Keep it going.

#327 Albuquerque, NM

#323 Albuquerque, NM
The NM film industry needs this. In order to get the industry back to its once booming state, we must match and surpass the other states with this bill

#322 Albuquerque, NM
Film in New Mexico is a job-creating industry worth supporting.

#314 Valle Escondido, NM
I have worked in the film industry first hand for 3 years in New Orleans. It improved my life and made me love that city. I see the jobs and hope it brings to all classes of people Dem. or Rep.

#312 Albuquerque, NM
Keep film and T.V. shooting in NM!!

#308 Dixon, NM
Please sign. NM needs the business and our Film Workers need the work. Thanks…

#296 Albuquerque, NM
The film industry is a vital part of our economy. Please say yes to film in N.M.

#288 Albquerque, NM
We respectfully ask, Governor Martinez, for your support of this bill that means so much to New Mexico residents, both film crew and the many vendors who will profit from the continued work opportunities in “The Land of Enchantment” that this bill makes possible!

#275 Albuquerque, NM
Television productions bring much needed notaritiety to this state. Not only the jobs they bring here, but the tourists that it also brings.

#274 Rio Rancho, NM
Please bring jobs to NM! Film incentives bring money and jobs to our beautiful state.

Gov. Martinez said “New Mexico is ope[n] for business” so now she should stand by her words

#264 Bosque Farms, NM
Thank you so much for your consideration Governor. TV production has meant a long term, well paying job for myself and my family. We appreciate everything the State has done to welcome TV productions to the state already. Thank you.

#246 Ithaca, NY
I broke into the film industry in NM and would probably have spent many years toiling without gain if it weren’t that opportunity. Keep NM film friendly!

#242 Rio Rancho, NM
We need all the industries we can get to buy from our vendors, which makes more jobs.

#231 Rio Rancho, NM
The film industry is a large portion of our business, Dr. Vinyl of Central NM, LLC. We NEED to support its efforts in NM. Thank you.

#229 Albuquerque, NM
Please pass this bill! My job depends on it!

#227 Albuquerque, NM
We need this kind of clean jobs in New Mexico. Please sign House Bill 379.

#226 Albuquerque, NM
Help keep New Mexicans working in one of the few growth industries in our state.

#222 Albuquerque, NM
Ms. Martinez please ensure my livlihood by signing to keep these jobs in NM. Thank you

#221 Albuquerque, NM
Please! I want to stay in my home.

#218 Albuquerque, NM
The film industry is my main source of income. It has been for the past 8 years. If the industry were to dry up in New Mexico my wife and I would possibly lose everything a second time. I don’t want that to happen. Please sign this bill. Thank you

#202 Roswell, NM
Definitely want to keep and attract more projects to our state instead of losing out to others. Thanks for hearing our voice.

#192 Santa Fe, NM
Please support the breaking bad bill.

#195 Rio Rancho, NM
I support the Film industryin NM, both TV and Movie. Please keep them both in NM.

#186 Albuquerque, NM
Film and television are important employers in New Mexico. Help make this a good place to film!

#184 Albuquerque, NM
The film industry is a huge part of culture and people’s lives. As well as the number of amazing jobs it could offer those just as interested as I am.

#181 2013 Las Cruces, NM
We need this, Governer Martinez. Please listen to your film constituents, we’re a big group!

#178 albuquerque, NM
NM needs the film industry it’s a good thing for this state

#177 Santa Fe, NM
Please? You will have a lot more people on unemployment if this bill does not pass. Thank you

#176 Santa Fe, NM
The film industry is incredibly important to New Mexico. The millions spent here trickle down to nearly every New Mexican.

#174 Albuquerque, NM
Imagine, jobs for New Mexico. An industry that can grow and be here for many many decades…imagine jobs….

#171 San Patricio, NM
As a film student I’m looking forward to having jobs here in state when I graduate. If not, I’ll be forced to move out of state for work.

#168 2013 Rio Rancho, NM
I am retired. The money I make as a background extra supplements my shrinking fixed income.

#167 Albuquerque, NM
Let’s keep New Mexicans employed! Thank you!

#161 Los Padillas, NM
Support HB 379 for the Film Industry. We are extras and spend our money in New Mexico. Thanks!!

#160 Santa Fe, NM
Please sign, and restore the lucrative Film & T.V. industry in N.M. Thank You!

#156 Albuquerque, NM
We’ve screwed ourselves once already, let’s fix this and bring back money and jobs to NM!

#154 Albuquerque, NM
Movies make money for New Mexico

#143 Los Alamos, NM
I support my family by working full time as a medic in the film industry.

#142 Albuquerque, NM
Thank you for supporting NM Film and keeping New Mexicans employed!

#139 Santa Fe, NM
Please keep our jobs in New Mexico! Thank you!

#131 Albuquerque, NM
Let us keep our jobs!!!

#128 Santa Fe, NM
I work in the industry and would hate to loose incentive to film here. New Mexico has become my home, and I like working at home.

#125 Albuquerque, NM
Please support film and television! I want to keep working!!!!

#124 Albuquerque, NM
The film industry keeps me employed and I work for a furniture store…. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease sign this bill.

#120 Albuquerque, NM
Please sign, I’m a local that has made more money in the last year than I ever have before. Happy new mexico filmmaker

#117 Las Cruces, NM
There’s no reason that our state should be denied this opportunity.

#116 West Bend, WI
Please sigh HB 379. You are a leading state for being a great example to the rest of the country.

#114 Rio Rancho, NM
Thank you so much for your consideration on this bill.

#113 Albuquerque, NM
Well worth the tax breaks. The movie industry has brought well paying jobs to NM that wouldn’t be here without the state incentives.

#910 Albuquerque, NM
Dear Governor, Please sign Bill 379 so important to jobs in New Mexico. Aquila Travel supports this bill as we do over 50 percent of our business with the wonderful film industry. I want to keep my employees fully employed. Thank you Governor Martinez for signing HB 379.

#903 Albuquerque, NM
I think this would help an industry that is clean, brings millions to the state without harming the land, animals, etc. Its important that we keep this industry in NM as it provides hundreds and hundreds of jobs to New Mexicans as actors, production, building trades, rentals, etc.

#905 Las Cruces, NM
This is clearly a win-win for the state.

#902 Would be great for the economy…right now we need all the help we can get! It would also put NM back on the movie/t v show making list!

#897 Tesuque Pueblo, NM
I need a job.

#894 Albuquerque, NM
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you governor.

#893 Rio Rancho, NM
New Mexico welcomes this work and can provide talented folks.

#891 Santa Fe, NM
Keep film alive

#890 Santa Fe, NM
I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in the movie industry from the age of 13 (now I am 54). In the past few years I have been able to work steadily in the industry and I would love to continue to do so.

#889 Santa Fe, NM
This is such a no brainer! NM needs more film and tv jobs, period!

#884 Albuquerque, NM
This bill is important for the financial security of myself and many New Mexico residents and businesses. We will loose Millions of dollars to other states with incentives.

#881 Rio Rancho, NM
Governor Martinez, This is not just about jobs (which the state needs) but also about a population that pays taxes and votes. Since your alleged stance is about education, if you don’t have people working and paying taxes to support education then this seems to be a lose/lose situation. I am happy to live and work in my home state where I pay taxes and buy local. If the fillm business does not move forward, I would either have to move or go on the dole, both of which are ideas I would prefer not to entertain. Just doesn’t make sense to kill jobs and send taxpayers away. Thank you

#880 Cerrillos, NM
Thank you in advance.

#878 Albuquerque, NM
No veto to the breaking bad bill

#857 Albuquerque, NM
Dear Governor Martinez, I have small business here in New Mexico, renting film production equipment to the Film & Television business. Please sign HB 379. It is so important to my employees, their families and so many more! Sincerely…

#863 Roswell, NM
New Mexico people need a job for food and gas!!! Thank you

#854 Santa Fe, NM
I am a recent film school graduate here in Santa Fe, and I haven’t been able to find work in nthe industry since she cut the incentives offered by the former governor. Birng back the industry, so that we may bring jobs to many others here desperate for work in this state.

#848 Los Alamos, NM
Bring Film & TV jobs back to New Mexico.

#845 Santa Fe, NM
These jobs are important you should get more involved and really think about what the movie industry has to offer. I can a sure you if you start taking jobs away from New Mexico you won’t be getting a second term.

good jobs in our state

#839 Albuquerque, NM
Yes, Governor Martinez, please sign this for the good of our state and New Mexicans.

#835 Albuquerque, NM
Doesn’t giving an incentive to these production companies promote added exposure to New Mexico and this bring more money to our state? Something we desperately need? Seems like a step in the wrong direction to veto it.

#833 Albuquerque, NM
We should not have to fight to save our jobs every year! Do a study stick with the facts… Filming creates revenue for the entire state! Stop this ridiculous fight! We have movies and money to make!

#831 Albuquerque, NM
Keep New Mexicans working and spending money in New Mexico! Support House Bill 379! Thank you

#829 Belen, NM
This bill will shortsight some money, but the long term effects are so much broader. Sign the bill and help us recover from this depression. Don’t make it worse with short-sighted view.s

#815 Rio Rancho, NM
We’re counting on you to create jobs.

#813 Santa Fe, NM
I am a local 700 Film and Television professional living in New Mexico.

#812 Albuquerque, NM
I’m one of the people who these jobs employs. The continued ability to live and work and raise my family here is of great importance to me. I hope you’ll show all of us who benefit from these programs how much it matters to you too.

#791 Santa Fe, NM
It’s an honor to be the to go place for the film making industry.

#786 Quemado, NM
Throughout good times and bad, the human desire for entertainment is a constant. I support House Bill 379 because TV and film production is a steady and reliable provider of across-the-board employment in NM. Also, our stunning vistas, blazing across the screens of millions of TV’s every week, promotes state tourism in ways like no other.

#781 Village Of Los Ranchos, NM
Please keep this going. Its lots of money and jobs for our state!!

Gov. Martinez, House Bill 379 “BreakingBadBill” means more jobs for New Mexico workers from the film workers on set to the multiple restaurants and local shops that benefit from the productions!

#772 Marshall, TX
New Mexico is a lovely state with many opportunities for film production.

#766 Albuquerque, NM
I was hired to work on 12 films last year in NM. If films leave, so will I.

#747 Santa Fe, NM
We need to keep film coming in new mexico- tv is great cause it comes for LONG perionds-I run a hotel in Santa Fe – tourism is not back – film keeps my employees working!!!!!!! Please sign HB 379

#744 Albuquerque, NM
Think big..think long range benefits..think opportunity

#743 Albuquerque, NM
Please pass New Mexico needs the work

#739 Santa Fe, NM

#728 Albuquerque, NM
Please pass HB379

#724 Roswell, NM
I believe the filming industry brings revenue and jobs to the state,Thanks

#719 Santa Fe, NM
Please sign. Our family benefits greatly from the film industry here in N.M.

#714 Albuquerque, NM
I believe this brings business to Albuquerque when production teams are here they stimulate the economy and they also fall in love with NM which makes them buy houses and stay.

#711 ABQ, NM
Please sign this bill. Thank you.

#710 Albuquerque, NM
Keep clean jobs here in n.m.!

#709 Albuquerque, NM
Today their are so many people out of work. The Film industry brings in so many jobs for people on the film as well as people who have their own business that the film industry uses. This industry puts more money in the state pocket as well as the small business person as well as the persons who are out of work.

#708 Albuquerque, NM
Please sign this bill it is very important for the whole state of NM.

#684 Jemez, NM
Keep the film industry and work here in New Mexico.

#945 Rio Rancho, NM
This industry has a well known track record of bringing revenue and jobs to this state

#1036 Albuquerque, NM
Please pass the bill HB 379. It means jobs for us!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you even have to think about this!! JUST DO IT!!! We need jobs!!!

#1020 Albuquerque, NM
The television and film industry has brought so much to our state, chiefly JOBS!!!! As well as some notoriety for our beautiful state. We need to SUPPORT efforts to do business here, not discourage them. Please sign bill HB 379 without delay!!!!

#1053 2013 Albuquerque, NM
It’s New Mexico jobs! Then we all go to see the films at the movies, or on TV. It’s good for the state!

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Comments (4)

  • A lot of people here use their extra $ (no pun intended) doing background to help make ends meet! This is a wonderful state with beautiful scenery and locale for just about any type of film or tv. I was here when Young Guns, Wyatt Earp and White Sands were filmed and enjoy seeing older movies like Truth or Consequences…..all filmed here! I want to be here when they make a live version of the Jetsons so we can see cars flying in the sky!! Our economy is hard enough…please sign the bill so we can ALL reap the benefits!!

  • Please pass the bill HB 379. The film industry has brought many jobs to New Mexicans, helped our economy and brings in tourism. The film industry is a Win Win situation.

  • I have been privilaged to be part of the NM Film Community since “No Country For Old Men” in 2006. Over 50 motion pictures and TV shows later I’m loving it. I’ve made lots of hard working friends in that time, and everyone of them will be hurt by if this bill is vetoed.

  • The state needs this …. Sign the bill !!!

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