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Storm brewing on New Mexico Weather front

Posted by on March 29, 2013

UPDATE 5/15/14: And now we know where Jason Stiff will go…Adios Amigo!

“I don’t think I’ve deliberated any decision more in my entire life than this one: I’ve accepted a job at KCOY to forecast the 5, 6, & 11PM weather for the Santa Maria / Santa Barbara / San Luis Obispo area in California. I’ve lived in New Mexico longer than any other state (other than my home state of Montana), and there was a tremendous amount to consider. I loved forecasting the weather for everyone in New Mexico and enjoyed trying to brighten your days if I could through television, radio and social media. I’m looking forward to a fresh start and a new challenge. I can’t thank you enough for your friendship, support and viewership over the last decade. I don’t know exactly when I’ll start…it all depends on moving availability. Thank you again everyone…take care…” -Jason Stiff

Jason Stiff Fired

Local media personalities often feel like a part of our families or circle of friends, what with waking-up with them, or spending part of our evening with them, they share news and entertainment with us, we become accustomed to them, even look forward to seeing or hearing from them.

When we read their interesting and/or informative social media posts we can all imagine the sound of their professional voice, maybe even picture their friendly face…well now that’s all you can do if and when you’re looking for your weather updates from arguably the state’s favorite weatherman, because KOB-TV has gone and unceremoniously FIRED meteorologist Jason Stiff.

After more than three years of upstanding work, amassing a substantial fan base all over the state, the veteran WX man is out of a job and likely out of the lives of New Mexicans entirely. Due to a 12 month non-compete clause in the broadcaster’s contract, if Stiff wants to work in his chosen profession he’ll have to leave the market, i.e, New Mexico for an entire year. Outrageous.

Yes, it happens. We’ve seen television and radio shake-ups before, disgruntled with other drop kicks to our media landscape and oftentimes it’s a damn shame. True, these career setbacks don’t take away from the talent of those who garner our admiration and respect, and their stars do and will go on to shine. But if you, like we are mad as hell and want to let your voice be heard, please exercise your right to free speech and contact KOB-TV general manager Mike Burgess at mburgess@kob.com or call the station at 505-243-4411.

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Comments (10)

  • I loved Jason stiff! On TV and on the radio talking to “Fatback” he was a really funny guy who I felt loved it hear abd doin NM weather! Damn shame!

  • WHAT? Jason Stiff was THE best—always professional and funny, and had to deal with the ridiculous Tom Joles all the time. I’ll never forget Tom Joles’ lead in to Jason Stiff a couple of Valentine’s Days ago–talking about the zoo animals and watching the animals “go at it” (his words). Jason Stiff looked stunned but smiled and continued with the weather. Low ratings are because of Joles, and I only watched because of Jason Stiff, and that’s the truth. What idiots.

  • There are 10 other personalities that need to be fired for their quality of work.. Jason was the best in town.

  • “Tonight’s forecast: Dark. Continued dark throughout most of the evening, with some widely scattered light towards morning.”

  • They should fire Mike Burgess! Goes to show you stupid is behind the wheel of things!

  • You might try asking him @ https://www.facebook.com/StiffWeather

  • Exactly what Ivan said. Why was he fired?

    • As for a “reason”, what we’re hearing is indeed pointing toward overall low ratings for KOB. Provides some measure of cost savings I suppose…doesn’t make much sense to us to eliminate one of the most beloved on air personalities. It will remain to be seen if that move will translate into even lower ratings. Not fair to the remaining talent pool. Anyone on the inside care to comment here anonymously?

  • I beleive it is due to low ratings. They fired the wrong person in my opinion!

  • Why was he fired?

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