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Film Fest Founder’s Fight for ‘Likes’

Posted by on August 17, 2013

The Original Albuquerque Film Festival

Recently, the original Albuquerque Film Fest Facebook page was hijacked.

Friday morning, followers of the longstanding “Albuquerque Film Festival” Facebook page were notified that the page, “is changing its name to “Indie Film is Better” on August 29″.

Albuquerque Film Festival founder, Rich Henrich and his partners were the originators of the page back in 2009, since that time it has amassed over 4,000 ‘Likes’ or fans. Friday’s notification to each of those fans, follows at least a few weeks worth of work someone has put in to eliminating all previous content put into the page and adding mostly all new, largely unrelated information, and a glaring founding date revision.

Henrich is in contact with Facebook to try and take back ownership of his event page, or have the stolen page shut down and has legal representation working toward a resolution to the problem. He has also taken to the scene of the “crime”, posting warnings on Facebook stating that the page has been taken over and revamped without his prior knowledge or permission saying, “this is not coming from me or anyone involved with the real ABQFF. This site has been illegally taken from our organization by some unscrupulous individuals in an effort to steal our Facebook fans for their own gain.”

The current ABQFF team has started a new page for the Albuquerque Film Festival here. A 2013 Albuquerque Film Festival is in the works for the fall, with a large scale, revamped fest coming back with a vengeance in the spring of 2014.

Unfortunately their experience in losing control of their all too important and valuable event page is a cautionary tale for social media users in that we should beware of organizations and groups who start-up or suddenly experience major changes on their social media sites – and most of all, a painful reminder to diligently guard your account access and passwords.

If you have New Mexico Entertainment Industry related issues to report or inquire about, you can post your comments here (below) or anonymously email local industry watchdog group, Watch E Dog at wegotyourbacknm@gmail.com.

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  • Just deserts: Hacker broke into Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account and posted on his wall to demonstrate FB security problem. http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/Responsible-Tech/2013/0819/White-hat-hacker-breaks-into-Mark-Zuckerberg-s-Facebook-account

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