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Posted by on November 7, 2014

UPDATE 11/19/14: CONFIRMED! As we told you FIRST, Variety now confirms that NETFLIX will indeed carry 10 episodes, comprising the fourth, full season of #LONGMIRE!!!!

Netflix Picks Up ‘Longmire’ for Season 4 – Variety

Latest word is that production will resume in New Mexico next spring!

Longmire-Second Season-cast-promo-NM

The #LongmirePosse has been anxiously waiting for the popular New Mexico made series to find a new network home. Weeks ago insiders were hinting to OHI that a Netflix production would be headed to NM for a full season shoot. And while a filming incentive dust-up in Maryland put the popular Netflix series, “House of Cards” in contention for a visit, the more-sensical, already New Mexico outfitted production shakes out to be the pending series shoot.

A cross check with additional OHI sources quietly screams that it is the beloved A&E ousted series which should be all but set to soon saddle-up in its old stomping grounds and resume filming in New Mexico for a long awaited season four!

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Comments (44)

  • Great news for Longmire fans…have had Netflix for awhile..Can’t wait for the new season…You should read Craig Johnsons books on Longmire…they are great..you think your there.

  • Yay! Glad to hear it! We love Netflix and watch it almost exclusively! You might find you can live without regular TV by using Netflix! Come on over, former A & E fans! Can’t wait to see Longmire on Netflix!!! We’re ready!

  • Yay! have missed it so much. And best part of it being on Netflix – NO COMMERCIALS!!! And won’t have to beep out any of the language.

  • Yep I will be getting Netflix soon. Come on up to the Bighorns were weighting for you.

  • i sure hope this is confirmed soon. Kinda prefer Netflix so I can binge watch with no commercials.

  • If this is true I can hardly wait. Best news ever!!! Fingers crossed.

  • Awesome news!!! Thanks Netflix!! Long live Longmire!!!

  • congrats so glad can’t wait to start watching it again. thank you so much

  • I am so glad someone is stepping up to get this show back in the saddle. The shows they are putting in place of one like Longmire, are junk, non truth and are following bad morals. The concept of a “younger crowd” needs to be looked at.. I get the feeling it’s a “younger panel” for the networks, not the actual population accountability/record. Who pays for all this stuff anyway.. it’s not the “younger crowd” alone…

  • Thank you, thank you!! I am praying this is true! #LongLiveLongmire!

  • Please let this be true! Longmire is a quality show for everyone and there is so very few on TV now! I haven’t been so in love with a show in many years… Please be true! A&E are idiots and I’ve quit watching them and will NEVER go back! #LongLiveLongmire!

  • Fantastic news!!!!

  • Keeping my fingers crossed that this is true!!

  • so it’s almost a go for the return of Longmire????

  • Longmire is so relevant such a new western for us cowboy and cowgirl fans. I am so Glad they represent the Native Americans in this show as well what a great story line – I have shared this story via DVD with many friends who didn’t catch it on the network – and recommend it to everyone. It Must remain alive for many more seasons the posse is not all “old” and ready for pasture! We are in for the drive
    keep Longmire Alive!

  • Woohoo! Can’t wait to see my #Longmire family again. #LongLiveLongmire

  • Please Netflix go ahead with the Longmire project. It is so unfair to leave the series unfinished.

  • this is wonderful news, love this show. watch all the time I have netflix and cant wait for it to appear.

  • I so enjoyed Longmire and would be willing to out Netflix membership if it is really true that the show will be on Netflix. When will it be official?

  • will subscribe to internet & Netflix if this is true. Use my cell for everything

  • Sure glad they’re bringing Longmire back, especially since they’re dropping so many good shows and putting on so much stuff to be avoided.

  • Can’t wait!! Great show.

  • This show is so well written and glad to see it may return. As a mystery writer myself, while the show diverges from the books in many ways, each stands on its own.

  • Sure hope this is true. And then hope it will be a network that will come show where I can watch it here in South Florida.

  • YAYYYYY! Need I say more. Love, love, LOVE the show and am SO anxious to be able to continue watching.

  • thus is great. Longmire is one of the best shows on tv.

  • If Netflix gets the rights to Longmire, I will not be able to view it. My TV bill is already out of sight. Can’t handle any more expense. God, I do so want another network to step in and give us poor folks a chance lot watch Longmire.

  • If Netflix picks up Longmire, this additional cost will keep many people from watching this wonderful program.

  • What would be the additional cost of Netflix?

  • Really hope this is true, thankfully I already have Netflix.

  • I don’t have TV and always watched it online. Moving it to Netflix will really make it better for me since I already have the service. I truly pray this is true.

  • SO SO glad to hear this. GREAT SHOW!

  • Oh YES. I so love Longmire. I can watch w my family and not have to turn it off I love the storyline. They truly care about each other and have morals and integrity. Whomever brings them back to us will not be sorry. It is worth every penny and our fans are the most loyal anywhere.

  • Please, please let this be true. Longmire deserves to be back on t.v. It is the best!!!!! #LongLiveLongmire

  • So, Longmire will be coming back via Netflicks? If that’s the case, i will subscribe to Netflicks asap! As soon as it is officially announced, i have a feeling Netflicks will gain thousands of new customers…most, if not all, former A&E watchers!

  • Wahoo! Great news. I’ve missed you all horribly.

  • I certainly hope this is true – really want to see Season 4 and more! #LongLiveLongmire!

  • I will have to get netflix, but hoping its on a network other then netflix

  • I’m happy that Longmire has a home. I am disabled and can’t afford Netflix. I will ask my children to get it for me at Christmas.

  • This is such good news! So is it Netflix that get our thanks?

  • I hope this is true!!!

  • I would certainly gave to take a Netflix subscription if this is true.

  • I’m so glad Netflix picked up Longmire I love this show!
    I love Cassidy Freeman so I hope season 4 shows more of her
    Character! And your loss A&E

  • This is the best news ! Thank you ! I am taking out a Netflix membership as we speak ! I can’t wait to see season 4 ….!!

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